Meditation and Comtemplation

Energy Flowing Through the Seven Chakras

By Jennifer Kiley

After travelling backwards through my blog, viewing each post, reveiwing and updating it has led me to a place of remembrance and inpsiration. It has awakened glimpses of memories that I might reconnect with through feelings and thoughts that are buried oh so carefully within me. It is time for me to go inward through meditation and contemplation to retreive from my subconscous and unconscious all that is hidden from my conscious awareness, so that I might proceed to access the assistance of my muse while I go forth in the work I am attempting to do in the creation of a screenplay that relates in many ways to the experiences that have touched my life.

The page I create, I hope to use as a place to find those videos that I have worked with in the past while I meditated. This is an experiment that I am hopeful will work in centering me each day prior to my entering into a colaboration with my muse in our work together. The first of the videos will follow.


Chanting Om II – Splendour of Yoga

Chanting Om II – Meditation Music

Chanting Om II – Meditation on the 7 Chakras

Air – Paul Collier – Relaxing Music

Slow Down – Paul Collier

Smoothing Meditation Music – Paul Collier

No Mind – Piano – Paul Collier

Self Esteem Affirmations with Music – Paul Collier

Sounds of Rain and Thnder on the River

Relaxing Rain on a Metal Roof – 1 hour

These are all videos I’ve listened to while letting my mind settle down as I was going into a state of meditation. Thoughts would travel through my mind but I would just try not to attach myself to any of them – just let them go. When I felt my self drifting back to engaging in my thinking I would start to listen to my breathing as it guided me back on track to the goal of letting go of my thoughts and emotions and drift into a place where I am free from this space we call reality. I work on letting go of the sensations of my body that distract me. I just keep letting go. Whenever I return to this reality I would work on my breathing again and let that be my focus. Eventually, without realizing it I am not with my body and mind i have floated onto a different plane of consciousness that I am not aware of. It is more like being set free from all physical connections of the body and mind. These are very soothing videos to work with to bring one into a state of relaxation so that you are able to let go into your meditation. The contemplation is the act of meditation. A focusing on one thing so that all else slides away. In this instance we contemplate on meditating so that all of the world slips into another realm away from that which we are actively seeking to find so that we can also let that pass away from our awareness. Some call this attainment Nirvana. Sometimes reachable but also elusive like a butterfly. Sometimes the relaxation of the meditation drops us off into such a relazed state we actually drift into a deep and restful sleep. Which is a perfectly fine end to the crescendo of meditation.

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