Our mind is spinning

This image is so Salvador Dali as though it was pulled out of one of his paintings.
1st painting: “Galatea of the Spheres” ;2nd painting: “The Persistance of Memory” ; 3rd painting: “The Temptation of St. Anthony”

Salvador Dali Museum – St. Petersburg, Florida


Salvador Dali Museum, St. Petersburg, Florida, USA, America black and white architecture photography atrium spiral staircase, glas grid structure roof

Salvador Dali Museum, St. Petersburg, Florida / Source

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4 thoughts on “Our mind is spinning

  1. In my teenage years, I loved Salvador Dali. His influence was profound, and influenced psychology. In later years, I found some of his images jagged and harsh, Important: Yes! Always a love of mine: No! Having thoughts that look like those Dali depicts is a phase of thinking I am glad to leave behind. Our poor ravaged minds! And doesn’t he capture our distorted views of reality with genius?


  2. i always wished i were able to express myself on a canvas with Dali’s mental genius when i was in school. but in actuality his art shows a certain free fall madness. so in order to release these images from his unconscious he had to let go of the cautiousness of protecting his sanity. it’s like that with all artists that they have a certain period which is most praised and through their development they start out clumsy then profound and either go mad or lose their connection to their muse while looking for a further form for their creation. it was true for jackson pollock and he chose self destruction and then suicide by car and drink. what is it that the most amazing art is abstract or surreal or a profound demonstration of a tripping mind. i think in these cases the images are a mind set free from boundaries. the distortions are what make the art so great. Dali, Pollock, Kandinsky are my favorites but i can’t forget vanGogh, he is the ultimate artist. and recently, i have found that i rather like Monet. Picasso is also a genius but does not excite me the way the first four i mentioned. is this art the Rorscharch test of our psyche? then i would say my mind has been ravaged by some very unusual images. have you ever seen the Hitchcock film “Spellbound” with Gregory Peck and Ingrid Bergman. they actually use a Dali image to present a dreamlike sequence when the amnesia patient is tryijng to recall what set off his forgetting something traumatic that he witnessed. certain images kept recurring but their significance was not clear. highly recommend.


  3. I love the madness of the inside of Dali’s museum!! It feels overwhelming n chaotic, yet there is beauty. Wouldn’t want to have a panic attack in there! lol!!!
    Rach did a lot of research into Picasso and wrote a 20 page term paper on him in school, never really “liking” any of his art. Then we saw the National Gallery of Victoria (Melbourne, Australia)’s ‘Weeping Woman’ by Picasso. It’s one of four of his weeping women, I think. We now go to see it every time we can, every time we need to FEEL someone else truly feeling our pain. It is haunting to see it in real life, 100% different to seeing a print of it. It brings us comfort that no other kind of empathy can bring. It screams sadness and pain. Picasso KNEW. He knew how it feels sometimes. Miss D. X


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