Effects of Yelling at Children

Effects of Yelling at Children. This is a particularly sensitive subject for me but I feel the message in this post needs to be communicated to all people who have any contact with children. It does crush a child to be yelled at and makes them feel that they must have done something terribly wrong for someone to shout that way. A child needs nurturing and made to feel safe and foremost that they can depend on their caregivers for protection and not the destruction of their emotional well being. Dr. Niamh Clune has demonstrated in this post a clear understanding of what children need from adults and what happens to those children if they get the opposite of what they need. Well, written and well said. j.k. the secret keeper

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Yelling at a child shows that we, the adults, are out of control of our own emotions.

Children need safe boundaries within which they can explore, make mistakes, try and fail, win, lose and learn. Inquisitive children push boundaries, both physical and emotional. This is necessary if a child is to develop its own identity.

If adults are emotionally dysfunctional, they react when personal boundaries are breached. They lash out and blame the little one.

When an adult is out of control, the little one’s world is rocked; his or her sense of security is destroyed. In that moment, a child stands alone, abandoned, unable to cope; its identity is under threat, made wrong. A child’s will is thwarted, twisted and subverted. Innocence is emotionally raped by the adult’s displaced anger. Emotionally abused children are made responsible for the adult’s rage.

Surrounding reactions shape a child’s developing Psyche. When an adult…

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