Happy Chanukah–L’Chiam!

Happy Chanukah
Trans-Graphic Design
By Shawn MacKenzie
mackenzie’s dragons nest

4 thoughts on “Happy Chanukah–L’Chiam!

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    • I am so happy to hear that this cheered you up. Thanks are to go to Shawn MacKenzie, my partner, who originated and created the Chanukah Dragon Mennorah and eight days of Chanukah posts. I was trying to enable the video to work together with the art work of the lit flames and so posted on my blog successfully with full permission from Shawn. We are both delighted that it has ignited your holiday spirit. It is a beautiful design for a mennorah and the song by the Mackabeats is quite clever. I discovered that video last Chanakah. If you want other songs that are related just follow the link back to Shawn’ blog mackenzie’s dragons nest. Happy Holidays Darlene. It is a rough season this year, to be sure. <3 jennifer xoxox


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