Why I Do Theatre

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Why I Do Theatre
Speaker: Patsy Rodenburg
Notations by Jennifer Kiley
Created Monday 11th November 2013
Posted On Thursday 21st November 2013

Patsy Rodenburg — Why I Do Theatre

If you play the truth.

Why I Do Theatre
Part One

The Second Circle: being present, being in the moment, being engaged, and being connected. As a society we are losing our presence.

Playwrights & actors we need them now more than any other time. The healers of society. The people who witness the truth. Actors are often tortured b/c they are the voice of society.

Putting words out there. Sound. Voice.

A very intriguing story about this couple who didn’t like a theatre show. It was b/c this actor made a sound. He didn’t like the sound she made. It was b/c the actor was telling the truth. They didn’t like hearing the truth. Listen to dicover exactly why.

Notations by Jennifer Kiley

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