Amazing Visions: Pathways Through the Process of Life

amazing visions
Amazing Visions: A Pathways Through the Process of Life
Vimeo Videos Discovered by Jk the secret keeper
Created Post on 20th January 2014
Posted On Wednesday 22nd January 2014

“A path of signs through the emotions of life.
A tribute to the art and her disarming beauty.”


Beauty – Director Rino Stefano Tagliafierro

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In the Cave of Wonders

It begins in the mode of storytelling. The big reveal will come to those with patience & awe will be revealed. AWE & AMAZEMENT & BEAUTY @>-;—

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Transparent Machines

We want safety. We Want privacy. Do we need to give up one for the other? Is it frightening to know others know all the superficial things about us? What does it matter? Our inner being is always changing. Much too difficult to follow by any intangible object. What are we protecting our selves from?

Amazing Visions: Bells Spheres Fountains of Dancing Colours

amazing visions
Amazing Visions: Bells Spheres Fountains of Dancing Colours
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Vimeo Videos Discovered by j. kiley
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Posted on Wednesday 20th November 2013

Bells Music Video – Stuart Sinclair Animation
["It's 2001 meets Gravity." {the film} Jk]

Music : Suns

In the Summer of 2013 Suns approached me with the idea of developing a music video for their track ‘Bells’ and upon listening to the track -which I loved- I immediately had thoughts of an astronaut travelling alone through space. With this initial image in mind I began experimenting with various visual effects using After Effects.

I used two AE plugins: Plexus 2.0 and Trapcode Form, I started to develop my ideas which involved generating the thin line aesthetic and dots that I was after. The majority of the 3D models used in the video are based on real objects from Space; the Hubble Space Telescope, Progress and Voyager 1. The planets and moons in the video are generated using NASA imagery, and helped to create a formal aspect to an otherwise abstract piece. Once I’d settled on the visual look for the piece, I began to think about how the structure will be developed in relation to the journey of the astronaut and the emotion of the track.

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From Ion Plus 1 year ago
Not Yet Rated

This is a small animation i did as an exercise to experiment and explore all the graphical possibilities of representing the idea of the SPHERE, always thinking in searching Gestalt and form. Its all done in 3d, but i was more interested in the graphical interest, flatten the surfaces, and only two colors, why more.The most difficult was to achieve the transitions between the different type of representation of the sphere, the morphing and metamorphosing.

For the description of the project, all these frames plus the frames from the scenes that weren’t included, visit –

It was all done in Cinema 4d R13, all with the Mograph module. Comositing and post in After Effects

Sound : Brand X Music

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Advection – Robert Seidel – Projection on a Water Fountain

Artist Statement
The work advection consists of several visual études projected on the continuously changing volume of a water fountain. Interconnected with both the circadian rhythm of their natural surroundings as well as the meteorological nuances of seasonal change from autumn to winter – the fixed études alter their density, texture and luminescence over the exhibition time.

This highly organic pictorial frame spawns a contemporary form of moving abstract paintings or associative drawings. The volumetric fountain, the pond reflections and iridescent flares shape a plasmatic spatial system, which is extended by a secondary video projection. This additional layer illuminates the surrounding area, integrating vegetation and the passing visitors into an abstracted mirage-stage.

Here, twining lines change their density within the evolving volume as fragile light patterns float in the bank of fog. The skeletal music composition is augmented by the sound of rippling water and the rushing fountain. Ultimately flickering projection segments and the emerging natural airstreams break the fluctuating formations, making every loop a unique permutation.

Artwork Robert Seidel _
Music David Kamp _

Anais Nin’s Response to June in Her Head – Part One

a writer's word - day title sunday

Anais Nin’s Response to June in Her Head – Part One
Written by Anais Nin
Transposed Edited by Jennifer Kiley
Illustrated j. kiley
Post Created on Monday 11th November 2013
Posted On Sunday 17th November 2013

John_William_Waterhouse BoreasBoreas – Artist John William Waterhouse

Anaïs Nin’s
Response to June in Her Head
Part One

I divined her life
at that moment.
She only believed
in intimacy
and proximity,

in confessions
born in the darkness
of a bedroom,

in quarrels
born of alcohol,

in communications
born of exhausting walks
through the city.

She only believed
in those words
which came
like the confessions
of criminals

after long
exposure to hunger,
to intense lights,
to cross-questioning,
to violent tearing
away of masks.

the only woman
who ever
the fantasies
I had
about what
a woman
should be.”

I love June
for what she
has dared to be,

for her hardness
and cruelty,

her relentlessness,
her egoism,

her pride,
her destructiveness.

I am suffocated
by my compassions.

She is
a personality
to the limit.

I worship
that courage
to hurt
she has,

and I am
willing to be
sacrificed to it.

She will
add me
to her
other admirers,

will boast
my subjection
to her.

She will
be June
plus all
that I am,
all that I
give her.

I love
this magnificent
bigger than
other women.

Echo and narcissus  john william waterhouseEcho and Narcissus – Artist John William Waterhouse

Anaïs Nin: A Letter to Henry Miller about His Wife June

a writer's word - day title sundayAnaïs Nin: A Letter to Henry Miller about His Wife June
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Illustrated by j. kiley
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Posted On on Sunday 6th October 2014
A Writer’s Word

scrittura riparato da j. kiley ©jennifer kiley 2013 444xScrittura Riparato da j. kiley ©jennifer kiley 2013

Anaïs Nin
A  Letter  to  Henry  Miller  about  His  Wife  June

“Perhaps  you   didn’t   realize   it   but,  for  the  first  time  today,
you shocked and  startled  me  out  of  a dream.  All  your  notes,
your stories about June, never hurt  me. Nothing  hurt  me  until
you  touched   upon   the   non-existence  of   June.   June   under
the  influence  of  others,  yielding.  June as  she  was  when  you
first met her; then  June reading  Dostoevsky and  changing  her
personality,  and  June  under  the  influence  of  Jean.  You  lived
with  her,  Henry;  surely   you   do   not   believe   that   there   is
no  June,  just  someone  who reflects whatever you wish  her to
be,  takes  the   imprint   or   her   cue   from   others.   Is  it  your
terror  too,  that   she  may   be  a  creation  of  your  own  brain?
But  what  of  her  selection of   you, and  of  me?  She chose you
from  other  men;  she  distinguished  me.  You  were   delighted
when  she  admired me. You  were  delighted  because  she  was
revealing  a  side  of   herself.  There  is  a  June  who  is  difficult
to   identify   in   the   maze   of   her   many   relationships ,  her
many  roles,  but  there  is  a  June  who  is  not  just a  beautiful
image.  How  can  she seem  unreal  to  you who  had lived with
her, and to me  whom she  kissed? Oh, I do sense another June.
But  why  did  you talk  to  her so much that first night you  met
her at  the  dance hall?  What was she like then? She must have
been  far  more  vivid than all  the other  women  around  her?”

— Anaïs Nin

thierry vobmann  l'oiseau de feu 2011L’oiseau de feu — Artist Thierry Vobmann

Lord Byron: Canto: The Island

poetry out loud - day title saturday
Canto: The Island
[Passages XII... & XVI...]
Written by Lord Byron
Post Created by Jk the secret keeper

Poem Chosen by Jennifer Kiley
Post Created Saturday 21st September 2013
Posted on Saturday 21st September 2013

Poetry Out Loud

G. Lord Byron_1824

The Island: Canto II
[Part of Passage XIII... & XVI...]

The love which maketh all things fond and fair,
The youth which makes one rainbow of the air,
The dangers past, that make even Man enjoy
The pause in which he ceases to destroy,
The mutual beauty, which the sternest feel
Strike to their hearts like lightning to the steel,
United the half savage and the whole,
The maid and boy, in one absorbing soul.
No more the thundering memory of the fight
Wrapped his weaned bosom in its dark delight;
No more the irksome restlessness of Rest
Disturbed him like the eagle in her nest,
Whose whetted beak and far-pervading eye
Darts for a victim over all the sky:
His heart was tamed to that voluptuous state,
At once Elysian and effeminate,
Which leaves no laurels o’er the Hero’s urn;
These wither when for aught save blood they burn;
Yet when their ashes in their nook are laid,
Doth not the myrtle leave as sweet a shade?


And let not this seem strange: the devotee
Lives not in earth, but in his ecstasy;
Around him days and worlds are heedless driven,
His Soul is gone before his dust to Heaven.
Is Love less potent? No-his path is trod,
Alike uplifted gloriously to God;
Or linked to all we know of Heaven below,
The other better self, whose joy or woe
Is more than ours; the all-absorbing flame
Which, kindled by another, grows the same,
Wrapt in one blaze; the pure, yet funeral pile,
Where gentle hearts, like Bramins, sit and smile.
How often we forget all time, when lone,
Admiring Nature’s universal throne,
Her woods-her wilds-her waters-the intense
Reply of hers to our intelligence!
Live not the Stars and Mountains? Are the Waves
Without a spirit? Are the dropping caves
Without a feeling in their silent tears?

— Lord Byron

funeral pyre

Mozart — Requiem Lacrimosa — Zurrius

You Must Not Fear

a writer's word - day title sunday

You Must Not Fear

Written by Anäis Nin

Post Created by Jennifer Kiley

Post Sunday 15th September 2013


abstract rainbow snowflake by j. kiley (c) jennifer kiley 2013abstract rainbow snowflake - artist jennifer kiley

Anais Nin
Emotional Excess
in Writing and Creativity
Part: # 2

You Must Not Fear

You must not fear,
hold back, count or be a miser
with your thoughts and feelings.
It is also true that creation
comes from an overflow, so you
have to learn to intake, to
imbibe, to nourish yourself and
not be afraid of fullness. The
fullness is like a tidal wave
which then carries you, sweeps
you into experience and into
writing. Permit yourself to flow
and overflow, allow for the rise
in temperature, all the expansions
and intensifications. Something is
always born of excess: great art
was born of great terrors, great
loneliness, great inhibitions,
instabilities, and it always
balances them. If it seems to you
that I move in a world of certitudes,
you, par contre, must benefit from
the great privilege of youth, which
is that you move in a world of mysteries.
But both must be ruled by faith.

— Anäis Nin

abstract rainbow by mark chadwickabstract rainbow - artist mark chadwick

Amazing Visions Part #3

lightness of being day wednesdayAmazing Visions #3
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Vimeo Videos Searched for Diligently by j. kiley

Post Created 8th September 2013
Posted On Wednesday 11th September 2013

Lightness of Being

I am dedicating this Post to someone who has been very supportive to me.
She has gone through a difficult ordeal over the past few months.
Life-threatening. I wish her good health & a speedy return to her life.
I want her to know she has my support. I was so worried.
Actually, frantic is a good word to describe it. She knows I care.
Thank you for contacting me in such a magical way.
Rising from the ashes is a true dramatic way to reenter.
Welcome back. You are looking great but oh my you went through it.
I know the experience well. Animals have been in my life forever.
They leave their marks in more ways than just to love you.
I can breath now knowing you are on the mend.
This is for you. Wow! your eyes. Wait for the fantastic images.
Be Awed. Celebrate. Be Alive.

Rio — Scientifantastic

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I was lucky enough to be sent to Rio on assignment to shoot some 4K and 10K timelapse footage for a major electronics manufacturer. This video is a compilation of some of the footage I shot there. Most of the locations are within the city of Rio De Janeiro, but I also traveled to the famous Iguazú Falls on the border of the Brazilian state of Paraná and the Argentinian province of Misiones. In 2011 Iguazú Falls was announced as one of the seven winners of the New Seven Wonders of Nature by the New Seven Wonders of the World Foundation.

RIO DE JANEIRO: No wonder the beautiful city of Rio De Janeiro was chosen to host the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics. Rio de Janeiro, or simply Rio, is the capital city of the State of Rio de Janeiro


Timelapse / JAPAN summer 2013

MUSIC by Mokhov “Dream Eyes”

Panta Rei

Panta rei is an experimental short film that mixes animation and live action.
Every shot is 2D/2,5D compositing except for the shots at 00:01, 00:08 and 01:59 that are 3D animation, and the shot at 01:53 that is live action.

Director / D.O.P. / Art director / Editor / Animator / Compositing artist / Color grading artist: Ettore Biondo
Soundtrack composer: Constantin Philippou
Cast: Michele Biondo, Charalampos Alexandris

Hope You Enjoyed and Received the Pleasure
I Did from Discovering These Marvelous Videos

And the Artists Who Were So Creative in Creating Them.
They are a Treasure. I Have Found Many More.
So Look Forward to More Amazing Vision Posts In the Future.

Meditation on Fire — Sound — Rain II

Meditation: Fire Sound Senses Rain II
Amazing Vision
Post Created by Jk the secret keeper
Illustrations & Sound by j. kiley
Post Created Wednesday 4th September 2013
Posted On Wednesday 4th September 2013
The Lightness of Being

The most amazing hypnotizing .gifs I’ve ever come across. It is difficult to look away. “The WoW Effect!” On my list of creative art I want to learn how to do many different kinds of .gifs. It has similar qualities to a mantra but with a visual focus for meditation. Include an auditory meditative sound and you are set for a hypnotic trip toward the Road to BLISS. Be prepared for most anything to appear.

I was inspired by a blog that set this post all in motion. Here is the link. At this site [Digital Hegemon] you will find the most amazing & unusual treats for all senses. The link I have given you takes you to a fire works display unlike anything you have ever seen. It blew my mind. If you are into it, it will do the same for yours. So take a trip over. Below this paragraph is an example of the .gif artwork of mattthesamurai. The one at the link I have given you is just as impressive if not more so. Hope you enjoy the visual as well as the auditory experience you will find on this post. Jk the secret keeper

gif matt_the_samurai_sparkles_Natural GIF
Created by Matt the Samurai — Sparkles — Natural .Gif

gif continous spiralsContinuous Spirals

gif balls in a maze little blue ballsBalls In a Maze

change by j. kiley © jennifer kiley 2013

change by j. kiley © jennifer kiley 2013

Sound of Rain — Perfect for Meditation

Sound of Rain without Music

Sleep Hypnosis — Soundcloud
This really relaxes you into a deep hypnotic state & wanting to sleep & drift away.

Aerosmith — Dream On

Favorite Top Ten Sylvia Plath Quotes

Favorite Top Ten Sylvia Plath Quotes
Written by Sylvia Plath
Post Created by Jk the secret keeper
Illustrated by j. kiley
Post Created on Sunday 18th August 2013
Posted On Sunday 25th August 2013
A Writer’s Word

Fertility --- Artist Allen  3264x2397

Fertility — Artist Allen

Quote #10

“I write only because
There is a voice within me
That will not be still.”

— Sylvia Plath

Quote #9

“Is there no way out
of the mind?”

— Sylvia Plath

Quote #8

“The worst enemy to creativity
is self-doubt.”

— Sylvia Plath

Quote #7

“I shut my eyes
and all the world drops dead;
I lift my eyes
and all is born again.”

— Sylvia Plath

Quote #6

“I talk to God
but the sky is empty.”

— Sylvia Plath

Pollock 32   733x432

Pollock 32

Quote #5

“Perhaps when we find ourselves
wanting everything,
it is because we are dangerously close
to wanting nothing.”

— Sylvia Plath

Quote #4

“I lean to you,
numb as a fossil.
Tell me I’m here.”

— Sylvia Plath

Quote #3

“With me, the present is forever,
and forever is always shifting,
flowing, melting.
This second is life.
And when it is gone it is dead.
But you can’t start over
with each new second.
You have to judge by what is dead.
It’s like quicksand…
hopeless from the start.”

— Sylvia Plath

Quote #2

“When at last you find someone
to whom you feel you can pour out your soul,
you stop in shock at the words you utter —
they are so rusty, so ugly,
so meaningless and feeble
from being kept
in the small cramped dark
inside you so long.”

— Sylvia Plath

Quote #1

“I must be lean & write
& make worlds beside this
to live in.”

— Sylvia Plath

Pollock 1 1949   864x529

Pollock 1 1949

Dreams of Perception

Dreams of Perception
Written by Jennifer Kiley
Written Thursday 1st August 2013
Illustrated by j. kiley
Post Created 2nd August 2013
Posted On Saturday 3rd August 2013

explosion of the heart --- artist unknown  660x878

Explosion of the Heart — Artist Unknown

Dreams of Perception
Written by Jennifer Kiley
1st August 2013

Dreams of perception
Brain defines parameters
Vision what we think we see

Colours flowing down
Blending separate touching
Edges smoothly mixed array

Reality brain
Responsible truth escapes
Hiding place do not disturb

Door locked inside mind
Keys hidden sightless not scene
Covering honeysuckle

Branches strong will hold
Children natural climbers
Escape survive essential

Disappear plain sight
Invisible power void
Created surrounds place out

Side of time side step
Spaces between here and there
Slipping time stream quietly

© jennifer kiley 2013

exploding colours --- artist unknown  673x758

Exploding Colours — Artist Unknown