“Hidden Landscapes”


Guadalajara Vol. 1 – “Hidden Landscapes [David de los Santos Gil]

With this timelapse starts a set of timelapses of Guadalajara (Spain). In this first one I have tried to show some hidden landscapes of this beautiful region, during ten months and using 30,000 photographies.

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Music of Roger Subirana – In the air

“Inside the Beginning”

“Inside the Beginning”

Directed by Danielle Bayer and Raphaell Rammé Roos
Narration by Castulo Guerra
This video was written and produced while traveling through Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil.

“A new life awaits you…a life that you have never seen
Start going away…feel…without going anywhere
It is not a matter of looking only far as the eyes can go
Open your mind…heart…and soul
And when you meet someone…learn listen beyond what words can say
Look into your eyes…and see the immensity of feelings to be shared
When you begin to look more outside, you’ll realize that you’re deeply looking for yourself
Live every moment more intensely… touch…breathe
Know your limits
Overcome your fears
Fly higher
Dream and Believe it
Because the great secret of happiness…is in the details…
And ask yourself …What do you do to feel better?”

“American Bonsai”

“American Shokunin” from Ryan Bush

Shokunin (Sho-koo-neen) is a Japanese word used to describe an individual that aspires to become a master in their particular craft or art form. Ryan Neil falls firmly into this description, as he has been practicing the art of Bonsai for nearly two decades. In this short film, we get a glimpse at the broader thinking behind a professional American Bonsai practitioner, as well as some of the inherent challenges and aspirations that come along with the pursuit for bonsai mastery in America.

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“Water” – A Short Film

lightness of being day wednesday negative

 A Short Film

Post by Jennifer Kiley

Post Wednesday 15th October 2014


I <3 Short Films. i <3 water. i <3 waterfalls. i <3 rivers lakes streams. i <3 the oceans. i <3 waves crashing or tumbling onto the shore smoothing the sand.

“water” is a unique short film. approaching “water” inside its own world.

water is free. feel its freedom. its mysterious magical essence. water is a miracle. water washing over you. cleansing your body & soul. ridding your body of poisonous toxins. renewing you to a pristine state.

here, i give to you, “water”

Water – Morgan Maassen

An intriguing and not often seen view point with Water.

*       *       *             *       *       *

I <3 Short FILMS