Weekly Writing Prompt #5

weekly writing prompt #5


Poetry (suggestions)
Free Verse – No Limits
Haiku (5 – 7 – 5)
Tanka (5 – 7 – 5 – 7 – 7)
Shadorma (3 – 5 – 3 – 3 – 7 – 5)
six lines – no rhymes – multiple stanzas if desired – just follow meter
Flash Fiction (1,500 – 1,000 – 500 – 300 words)
Immediate Fiction – Sudden Fiction (500–750 words)
Microfiction (400 words)
Any Genre: Sci-Fi – Fantasy – Horror – Literary
***You only have room for one main character, so choose her well.
***You only have room for one scene, so choose it well.
***You only have room for a single plot.
***You only have room for a single, simple theme
***Get to the main conflict of the scene in the first sentence.
***“Show” anything related to the main conflict.
***“Tell” the backstory; don’t “show” it.
***Save the twist until the end.
***Eliminate all but the essential words.

Go against these rules any time.
They’re not really rules. They’re tips.


Energy Surge & Pinged Off #62


Haiku Writing Challenge #62
Words: Start & Hot

#62 Multidimensional-Reality Chakra life energy Chi


Start meditating
Life’s hot energy strengthens
Chi surging Chakras

© jk 2015

#62 The Vela Incident (hot pocket had extreme explosion)


Start – don’t stop till done
Getting warm inside– might burst
Hot pockets explode

© jk 2015


Ronovan Weekly Haiku Writing Challenge: Start & Hot #62

A weekly Haiku writing prompt to inspire those who join along. It is like putting together a word puzzle carefully. It is enlightening. Meet new people. Discover a community who shares support. At the end of each challenge we hear from Ronovan on his interpretation of how we all succeed. Sometimes its a review with words of support and sometimes its a list of all the participants with LINKS to their Haiku. Oh, it is an awakening experience to read what others have created with the two words for each new weekly challenge. If you feel such inspiration. Go to the LINK Ronovan Writes Haiku… Join a growing community. It is exciting to look forward each Monday to the two new words and then figuring out how to mold them into a Haiku. – jk-tsk


“Awareness of…” #11

'a' to 'z' writing prompt poster #11

A – Z Writing Challenge #11
“Awareness of…”

Careful What You Wish For by Mike Parillo #11


Awareness of the mind
Breaking thoughts free from inside
Courting freedom’s sound

Desire reflections
Effectively face new goals
Find the dreams returned

Great awakenings
Heart mind and soul combining
Infinite power

Jammed mind – blind thinking
Killer of the self – murder
Lose feeling to live

Mentor guides t’ward light
Numbness is all consuming
Opposite is life

Possible changes
Quietly meditating
Rational release

Study eyes’ blackness
Trips the pain sticking the heart
Under it is fear

Victory achieved
Waiting to scare ghosts away
X-rated thoughts – deep
Yesterday’s darkness – grabbing
Zapped by lightning – thunder roars

© jk 2015

First Seven Verses – Haiku  5 – 7 – 5
Final Verse – Tanka  5 – 7 – 5 – 7 – 7
Haiku [younger form] & Tanka [older form]
Not Usual To Appear Together – An Experiment

Thunder Roars

Carterlion – Filmmaker Shawn MacKenzie [Our Kitten Now Our Cat]