Special Edition: Maya Angelou R.I.P.

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Maya Angelou R.I.P.

Special Edition

Post Created by Jennifer Kiley

Post Wednesday 28th May 2014


Poet, author Maya Angelou dies at 86

maya angelou insightful

Hillel Italie
May 28, 2014
Filed 03:59 PM EST

NEW YORK (AP) — Maya Angelou, a modern Renaissance woman who survived the harshest of childhoods to become a force on stage, screen, the printed page and the inaugural dais, died Wednesday, her son said. She was 86.

Angelou’s son, Guy B. Johnson, said the writer died at her home in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, where she had been a professor of American studies at Wake Forest University since 1982.

Tall and regal, with a deep, majestic voice, Angelou defied all probability and category, becoming one of the first black women to enjoy mainstream success as an author and thriving in virtually every artistic medium. The young single mother who worked at strip clubs to earn a living later wrote and recited the most popular presidential inaugural poem in history. The childhood victim of rape wrote a million-selling memoir, befriended Malcolm X, Nelson Mandela and the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., and performed on stages around the world.

An actress, singer and dancer in the 1950s and 1960s, she broke through as an author in 1969 with “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings,” which became standard (and occasionally censored) reading, and was the first of a multipart autobiography that continued through the decades. In 1993, she was a sensation reading her cautiously hopeful “On the Pulse of the Morning” at President Bill Clinton’s first inauguration. Her confident performance openly delighted Clinton and made the poem a best-seller, if not a critical favorite.


The Following Video is Maya Angelou speaking for herself.

Here, I Give You, Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou [Director's Cut] – Cole Haan

No One Expects…

No One Expects…
Written by Jennifer Kiley
Painting by Jk McCormack
Created on 29th January 2014
Posted on Saturday 22nd February 2014

White Rabbit – Jefferson Airplane

In the universe,
There are things that are known
And things that are unknown,
And in between there are doors.
-— William Blake

No One Expects…
By Jennifer Kiley
29th January 2014

Serious moments
Coercion in practice
Pulling me closer
Building my trust
Hearts crushing
Veins crashing
Got to move on now

Doors slamming shut
You closed me out
Cold is your blood
Left me lying there
Sinking in the cold
Wet mud
The quicksand
With no gravity

No one expects love
To rust
To turn in to
Must I think of you?
Everywhere I look
You haunt me there
You stare
With blank eyes
You don’t care

A mirage is seen
A message echoing
Inside a recording
Shadows following
Words whispering
Sounds out loud

Are you there?
Did you ever care?
Were you visiting?
And just resisting
Trying emotions
Wrestling with honesty?

Can’t bear your shadow
Near me
Testing me
Trying to steal
Enticing away
Those I love

Sending her
To stalk me
To break me down
Find what’s touching off
Thoughts inside my brain

Your vibration
Your excitation
Has it been easy
Trying to destroy me
You so easily
Implore me

What can you find?
What’s left?
In my mind
The rest is crazy
Gone mad
You made me

Like you had
Gone mad
Only bad
It’s sad
What was your destiny?

To be small
Nothing big enough
At all
You won’t reach those heights
You’ll never get there
And I don’t care

Is it meant
for me instead?
Isn’t wrong

Thoughts working
Their way in the mind
Thinking alone
For the self

Dreaming the dream
Is a gift to the soul
For giving life

© JkM 2014

Eye of Tigyr Burning Bright - Artist Jk McCormack (c) JkM 2014

Eye of Tigyr Burning Bright – Artist Jk McCormack (c) JkM 2014

John Steinbeck: Six Tips on Writing

a writer's word - day title sundayJohn Steinbeck: Six Tips on Writing
Post Created by Jk the secret keeper
Illustrated by j. kiley
Post Created On Saturday 21st September 2013
Posted On Sunday 22nd September 2013

A Writer’s Word
john steinbeck

John Steinbeck Tip #1


Abandon the idea that you are ever going to finish. Lose track of the 400 pages and write just one page for each day, it helps. Then when it gets finished, you are always surprised.


John Steinbeck Tip #2


Write freely and as rapidly as possible and throw the whole thing on paper. Never correct or rewrite until the whole thing is down. Rewrite in process is usually found to be an excuse for not going on. It also interferes with flow and rhythm which can only come from a kind of unconscious association with the material.


John Steinbeck Tip #3


Forget your generalized audience. In the first place, the nameless, faceless audience will scare you to death and in the second place, unlike the theater, it doesn’t exist. In writing, your audience is one single reader. I have found that sometimes it helps to pick out one person—a real person you know, or an imagined person and write to that one.


John Steinbeck Tip #4


If a scene or a section gets the better of you and you still think you want it—bypass it and go on. When you have finished the whole you can come back to it and then you may find that the reason it gave trouble is because it didn’t belong there.


John Steinbeck Tip #5


Beware of a scene that becomes too dear to you, dearer than the rest. It will usually be found that it is out of drawing.

John Steinbeck Tip #6


If you are using dialogue—say it aloud as you write it. Only then will it have the sound of speech.

steinbeck perfect good

Steinbeck issued the following statement after receiving the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1963,

 “If there is a magic in story writing, and I am convinced there is, no one has ever been able to reduce it to a recipe that can be passed from one person to another. The formula seems to lie solely in the aching urge of the writer to convey something he feels important to the reader. If the writer has that urge, he may sometimes, but by no means always, find the way to do it. You must perceive the excellence that makes a good story good or the errors that makes a bad story. For a bad story is only an ineffective story.” — John Steinbeck


John Steinbeck — Pulitzer Prize winner, Nobel laureate, author of “East of Eden,” gave an excellent interview published in the Fall 1975 issue of The Paris Review.

[Thank You to Brain Pickings]

10 Pieces of Great Advice For Writing

tell me a story
10 Pieces of Great Advice For Writing
Written by Joyce Carol Oates
Two Interviews with Joyce Carol Oates
Her Thought on Many Subjects Related to Writing
Joyce Carol Oates Speaks about Her Latest Novel ‘The Accursed’
Discovered @ Soundcloud 10th September 2013 by j. kiley
A Visit with Joyce Carol Oates
Created 7th & 10th September 2013
Posted Thursday 12th September 2013

Joyce Carol Oates ‏@JoyceCarolOates 12pm 18th July 2013

Joyce Carol Oates is a writer and writing personality.
A prolific tweeter, the 75 year old put out 10 pieces
of great advice for writing on her Twitter account.

Check them out below.

1) Write your heart out.
Joyce Carol Oates ‏@JoyceCarolOates 12pm 18th July 2013

2) The first sentence can be written only after the last sentence
Joyce Carol Oates ‏@JoyceCarolOates 12pm 18th July 2013

3) You are writing for your contemporaries–not for Posterity.
If you are lucky, your contemporaries will become Posterity.
Joyce Carol Oates ‏@JoyceCarolOates 12pm 18th July 2013

4) Keep in mind Oscar Wilde: “A little sincerity is a
dangerous thing, and a great deal of it is absolutely fatal.”
Joyce Carol Oates ‏@JoyceCarolOates 12pm 18th July 2013

5) When in doubt how to end a chapter, bring in a man with a gun.
(This is Raymond Chandler’s advice, not mine. I would not try this.)
Joyce Carol Oates ‏@JoyceCarolOates 12pm 18th July 2013

6) Unless you are experimenting with form–gnarled,
snarled & obscure–be alert for possibilities of paragraphing.
Joyce Carol Oates ‏@JoyceCarolOates 12pm 18th July 2013

7) Be your own editor/ critic. Sympathetic but merciless!
Joyce Carol Oates ‏@JoyceCarolOates 12pm 18th July 2013

8) Don’t try to anticipate an ideal reader–or any reader.
He/ she might exist–but is reading someone else.
Joyce Carol Oates ‏@JoyceCarolOates 12pm 18th July 2013

9) Read, observe, listen intensely!–as if your life depended upon it.
Joyce Carol Oates ‏@JoyceCarolOates 12pm 18th July 2013

10) Write your heart out.
Joyce Carol Oates ‏@JoyceCarolOates 12pm 18th July 2013

joyce carol oates poster with tweats

Joyce Carol Oates Interview — KQWD Forum

“Joyce Carol Oates is the rarest of commodities, an author modest about her work,” wrote Robert Phillips in The Paris Review in 1978. Though she has since won the National Humanities Medal, been nominated for a Pulitzer, and written dozens more books and short stories (including one published in the magazine this week: http://www.newyorker.com/fiction/feat…), she remains unusually self-effacing. When we visited her earlier this month, at her home in New Jersey, she told us, “I haven’t the faintest idea what my royalties are. I haven’t the faintest idea how many copies of books sold, or how many books that I’ve written. I could look these things up; I have no interest in them. I don’t know how much money I have. There are a lot of things I just don’t care about.”

Joyce Carol Oates is the author of many distinguished books in several genres, she is one of America’s most versatile contemporary writers. In addition to numerous novels and short story collections, she has published poetry, plays, literary criticism, and the book-length essay On Boxing.

Joyce Carol Oates — KCWS -Bookworm — Discussing Her Novel ‘The Accursed

Book Description: ‘The Accursed’
Publication Date: March 5, 2013

A major historical novel from “one of the great artistic forces of our time” (The Nation)—an eerie, unforgettable story of possession, power, and loss in early-twentieth-century Princeton, a cultural crossroads of the powerful and the damned

Princeton, New Jersey, at the turn of the twentieth century: a tranquil place to raise a family, a genteel town for genteel souls. But something dark and dangerous lurks at the edges of the town, corrupting and infecting its residents. Vampires and ghosts haunt the dreams of the innocent. A powerful curse besets the elite families of Princeton; their daughters begin disappearing. A young bride on the verge of the altar is seduced and abducted by a dangerously compelling man–a shape-shifting, vaguely European prince who might just be the devil, and who spreads his curse upon a richly deserving community of white Anglo-Saxon privilege. And in the Pine Barrens that border the town, a lush and terrifying underworld opens up.

When the bride’s brother sets out against all odds to find her, his path will cross those of Princeton’s most formidable people, from Grover Cleveland, fresh out of his second term in the White House and retired to town for a quieter life, to soon-to-be commander in chief Woodrow Wilson, president of the university and a complex individual obsessed to the point of madness with his need to retain power; from the young Socialist idealist Upton Sinclair to his charismatic comrade Jack London, and the most famous writer of the era, Samuel Clemens/Mark Twain–all plagued by “accursed” visions.

An utterly fresh work from Oates, The Accursed marks new territory for the masterful writer. Narrated with her unmistakable psychological insight, it combines beautifully transporting historical detail with chilling supernatural elements to stunning effect.

This wonderful micro-documentary from the New Yorker offers a peek inside Oates

A Visit With Joyce Carol Oates

Joyce Carol Oates (born June 16, 1938) is an American author and the Roger S. Berlind ’52 Professor in the Humanities with the Program in Creative Writing at Princeton University, where she has taught since 1978.

Oates has also written under the pseudonyms “Rosamond Smith” and “Lauren Kelly.”

“Anything I’ve encountered in the world is never as interesting as a novel…
What you find out there is never as exciting as your own creation.”
— Joyce Carol Oates

Happy Birthday My Friend on Sunday 11th August 2013

Happy Birthday My Friend on Sunday 11th August 2013
Created For My Friend On Her Birthday
Love Jennifer
Jk ‘the secret keeper’
Posted On Sunday 11th August 2013
A Writer’s Word

A Rainbow Circle For You, Love Jennifer Happy Birthday

A Rainbow Circle For You, Love Jennifer
Happy Birthday

Gatsby's Rose --- Photographer Shawn MacKenzie

Temporal Distortion

Happy Birthday
I Wish I Could Give You
A Birthday Bear Hug
But I Guess These
Will Have To Do.
xoxoxoxoxoxox, Love, Jennifer

Happy Birthday Fairy Style

Words Streaming With Hidden Meaning
By Jennifer Kiley
Written 2012

Words Stringing Together
Needing-Wanting-Any Order Will Do
The Eternal Definition:
[place your order] One With Everything [think about it]
Find Peace In Breathing Deeply
Writing-Star Light-Infinite Space
Love-Give-Give To You
Dream-Vision-Woman-Be Yourself
Be One-Love One-Love All-In Peace
Night-Time-Space Travel-All Is One
Be Here Now

© jennifer kiley 2013

A Rose For You by Leo Savitsky   It's Magical & Mystical Just Like You, Love Jk

A Rose For You by Leo Savitsky It’s Magical & Mystical Just Like You, Love Jk

Kindred Spirits
by Jennifer Kiley

Long ago in times past we met
You were known to me as another
And I found in you a stranger
Who I let into my life
You needed my help
It was offered and accepted

Slowly your newness wore off
Revealed was a gentle spirit
With the talent to move creation
You were a pagan, loving nature

We lived in hidden places
Being searched out by danger
We ended protecting the other
Finding closeness in our plight
Guarded by protective spirits

We found solace in one another
Your eyes watched over me
As mine watched over you
Our closeness grew with time
Our journeys had merged
Out of safety and from love
Our souls were joining
In mutual compassion
We became one

© jennifer kiley 2013

Elephant Walking Amongst the Trees

Love is…
by jayarrarr

Love walks a tightrope barefoot over a bottomless pit
engulfed in flames and never looks back.

Love conjures a smile through tears.

Love believes impossible things are possible.

Love is truth, and as such, is sometimes painful.

Love is necessary.

Love is the beauty that shines through cracks
in imperfectly broken things.

Love is hanging your arm out of an open car window
on a hot summer’s day road trip
and pretending to fly.

Love whispers “it gets better”.

Love makes you cry at weddings
and laugh at funerals.

Love pushes you, challenges you,
refuses to let you compromise.

Love never backs down no matter
how hard you fight.

Love is that one song you play over and over
a hundred times and never get tired of.

Love takes charge when you’ve lost all hope,
and makes sure you keep going.

Love thinks you’re amazing
and doesn’t give a fuck
how depressed, angry, ugly,
or stupid you feel.

Love is lightning bugs.

Love is spinning ‘round and ‘round
in circles until you fall down.

Love is the wave that knocks you off
your feet when your back is turned.

Love is stubborn,
and won’t take “no” for an answer.

Love is fearless.

Love is also blind, deaf, and dumb –
and that’s a good thing.

Peter Pan — Happy Birthday

love is…

My Thoughts Are With You Today

Birthday Fairy In Magical Forest

Amazing Visions

European Architecture — Night Vision

Abstract Tree of Black and White by Mark Chapwick

Abstract Tree of Black and White by Mark Chapwick

Love is…
Written by Jennifer Kiley
23rd July 2012

Love is…mysterious.

Love is…unconditional.

Love is…something that can take your breath away.

Love is…expected to be given to a baby when s/he is born.

Love is…spiritually powerful.

Love is…nurturing.

Love is…good.

Love is…a feeling.

Love is…falling into a pleasant state of ecstasy.

Love is…pure.

Love is…passionate.

Love is…spoken in poetic words that have no limit in the ways they are expressed.

Love is…what you feel for a friend one cares about in a gentle way.

Love is…gentle.

Love is…written about by all poets and writers.

Love is…the best part of most plays written by Shakespeare.

Love is…the most misunderstood communication between people.

Love is…an incredibly powerful word.

Love is…a feeling of intense devotion and heartfelt emotion for someone.

Love is…an intense word used when there are emotional feelings for someone special.

Love is…not something that can be easily explained. and you don’t truly know what it is until it happens to you.

Love is…a strong feeling of affection towards another.

Love is…talking on Skype and not wanting to end chat.

Love is…the happiest feeling in the world…it is better to have loved then to never loved at all.

Love is…a force of nature which, like any other natural phenomenon, cannot be civilized, contained or contended…a force which cannot be controlled, avoided, destroyed or escaped.

Love is…an emotion usually described as ‘indescribable’ because you cannot find the right word to match your feeling of being completely and utterly captivated by someone.

Love is…something too complicated to define according to The Encyclopedia Britannica.

Love is…an amazing feeling that almost makes your heart burst with this overwhelming passion for someone.

Love is…passion, romance. a deep, tender, ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude toward a person.

Love is…a feeling of intense desire and attraction toward a person.

Love is…a zero score in tennis.

Love is…what drives you.

Love is…a great victory of human imagination over intelligence.

Love is…a rare psychological malfunction caused by an undetermined amount of interaction with another person.

Love is…someone making your heart smile, and making it sing with such exuberance that it will skip a beat from time to time.

Love is…healing.

Love is…comforting.

Love is…something that has made people insanely, foolishly, abnormally euphoric.

Love is…the ability to send one on an indescribable high, and make everything and anything so much better.

Love is…something that makes the world around you much more colourful, the people, much nicer, the conversations more insightful.

Love is…something with a shocking contrast, brought out by the darker side in us all, where people have murdered for love, stolen, hurt, and abused but I am not sure this really speaks for love but is a distortion and delusional interpretation of what love is and I felt it needed to be mentioned.

Love is…something that has sparked wars, and ended feuds, love has hurt, and love has healed, love has driven humankind to dizzying extremes, only to abruptly bring one back around.

Love is…an incredibly powerful word and emotion.

Love is…painful.

Love is…losing someone you love to the hands of death.

Love is…holding a warm, fluffy, purring kitty in your arms and they look up into your eyes, reflecting back the love you feel for them.

Love is…when you can feel comfortable being around that person you are with, no matter how you look, what you are wearing or if you are naked.

Love is…unconditional affection with no limits or conditions: completely loving someone.

Love is…an unconditional feeling that is felt, simply by being around her.

Love is…the absolute devotion you feel towards someone.

Love is…fierce.

Love is…when you realize you want to be with someone forever.

Love is…when you find something that you cannot live without or ever wish to be without.

Love is…something we think about, sing about, dream about, lose sleep worrying about it.

Love is…something when we don’t have it; we search for it; when we discover it; we don’t know what to do with it; when we have it; we fear losing it.

Love is…a constant source of pleasure and pain, but we can’t predict which it will be from one moment to the next.

Love is…a short word, easy to spell, difficult to define, impossible to live without.

Love is…to give all of yourself to a person-s-cause and to expect nothing back.

Love is…a mental-physical-spiritual thing beyond human comprehension.

Love is…something that surpasses all understanding.

Love is…patient.

Love is…kind and envies no one.

Love is…never boastful, nor conceited, nor rude; never selfish, nor quick to take offense.

Love is…a feeling that delights in the truth.

Love is…something that can face anything.

Love is…limitless in its faith, its hope, and its endurance.

Love is…something that lasts forever.

Love is…saying that you care deeply about another person.

Love is…giving someone the power to destroy you, and trusting them not to.

Love is…the desire to blend with their soul.

Love is…something that will make you do anything.

Love is…intense and passionate.

Love is…something that makes everything seem brighter, happier and more wonderful.

Love is…caring deeply about another person.

Love is…when every time you see this person you get butterflies in your stomach.

[this one is extra special for your birthday]
Love is…like being in wonderland without the red queen. Sometimes everything makes sense, other times no one cares.

© jennifer kiley 2013

I Just Called To Say I Love You-Stevie Wonder

hand letting go of golden flecks gif

Seasons of Our Dreams
By Jennifer Kiley
August 2013

Delicate will we prance on softness of grass;
leaves that trees must shed and piles
for the child within to crash upon;
angels in white falling into drops
of flaked, crystallized rain;
return of green from smallest sprout
one moment and blooming shades of gleaming greens
and flowers multiplying colours across the fields;
we travel round the seasons of our dreams
and moments found where love is felt
from tender shades of changes in our heart and soul;
we flow and go along in joy and bliss.

© jennifer kiley 2013

moving water gif

Flamme Abstrait de Couleurs par j. kiley

Roue de la Fortune — Souhait— Les Rêves se Réalisent par j. kiley © jennifer kiley 2013

happy birthday niamh


To Make You Chuckle. 8-) Jk

To Make You Chuckle. 8-) Jk

Laughing Louder Part 2

Laughing Louder Part 2
Scenes That Make You Laugh
Post Created by Jk the secret keeper
With Assistance from Shawn MacKENZIE
Written by Jennifer Kiley
Posted On Saturday 10th August 2013
SPECIAL REPOST OF Lightness Of Being
Lightness of Being

Sometimes you just need the cure of laughter. This is one of those moments.

I speak rather subjectively on all of the material I chose for this post. I hope it works for everyone who watches. Laughter is so necessary in everyone’s life. Everyone has a different sense of humour. I hope my choices make you all laugh. With Good Spirit I offer This Up For You and For Shawn and Myself To Bring Some Needed Laughter Into Our Life at This Moment.

Starting right out with the funniest scene from the film Tootsie — The Reveal. If you haven’t seen Tootsie, where have you been? You definitely need it in your life. Brilliant concept. Brilliant acting by Dustin Hoffman. A stellar cast of characters and fantastic actors playing the roles.

“Because I think I am an interesting woman when I look at myself on screen. And I know that if I met myself at a party, I would never talk to that character because she doesn’t fulfill physically the demands that we’re brought up to think women have to have in order to ask them out. — There’s too many interesting women I have…not had the experience to know in this life because I have been brainwashed.” – Dustin Hoffman [From an Interview Dustin did about Tootsie and why he felt he had to do the role of Dorothy Michaels and play a character in the soap opera Southwest General.

Tootsie (1982) Dustin Hoffman – Reveal Scene

What’s Up Doc? Two researchers have come to San Francisco to compete for a research grant in Music. One seems a bit distracted, and that was before he meets her. A strange woman seems to have devoted her life to confusing and embarrassing him. At the same time a woman has her jewels stolen and a government whistle blower arrives with his stolen top secret papers. All, of course have the same style and color overnight bag. The accidental mix up of four identical plaid overnight bags leads to a series of increasingly wild and wacky situations and a chase through the streets of San Francisco. Starring Barbra Streisand, Ryan O’Neal, and Madeline Kahn, plus an amazing cast of very funny actors.

What’s Up Doc? Part 1

What’s Up Doc? Part 2

Foul Play. One of my favorite scenes from the movie Foul Play. It shows Goldie Hawn and Chevy Chase racing to the Opera in order to foil a plot to assassinate the Pope. He is attending a performance of Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Mikado. Inter-cut throughout are scenes at the Opera House with Dudley Moore conducting the orchestra. This is a combination Comedy, Mystery and Romantic Thriller. It was a huge hit in the Summer of 1978. Directed by Colin Higgins.

Foul Play (1978) “The Race To The Opera” [*uncut]

The following comes from Monty Python’s film Life With Brian. Sacrilegious for some, hysterical and rather delightfully pleasant for others. No intention of offending unless you are lacking any sense of humour and find nothing funny about anything at all. I might say, “Go suck an egg. They are quite good cooked, pealed and a bit of salt sprinkled on them.”

Monty Python — Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

If you are familiar with Mel Brooks, he has created some of the funniest films, one of which is The Producers. I laughed so hard after seeing the scene where Bloom flips out. Bloom is played by Gene Wilder and his soon to be cohort in crime is played by Zero Mostel. This scene never ceases to amaze me. Every time I watch it, I cannot help but to laugh.

The Producers — Bloom Flips Out

Mel Brooks tries every chance he gets to insult, put down, humiliate any notion of Hitler and the Nazis. In this video clip he gets the Fuehrer really good. If you think you cannot laugh at something hysterically funny about Hitler and totally destroying his Aryan imagery and fucked up cruelty and make him a laughing moron, then pass this video by, otherwise laugh your a** off. Keep in mind the premise of this film is to find the worst Broadway Show possible so the producers can oversell their production and collect millions when it flops. Well, see for yourself what happens. It truly will shock you into hysterical laughter.

Springtime For Hitler — The Producers

Now for something completely different.

Not from a film but just Madeline Kahn, on stage with backup orchestra, singing a surprisingly funny song. You’d be surprised how it will make you laugh. Couldn’t resist adding it.

Madeline Kahn — You’d Be Surprised

This video of the Lumberjack Song is one of the funniest skits Monty Python has ever put on their show. It is something you can listen to often and it still makes you laugh.

Lumberjack Song — Monty Python

Madeline Kahn does a Gracie Allen to George Burns’ as straight man. If you are a Burns & Allen fan you will love this routine. Guaranteed to laugh out loud.

Madelyn Kahn & George Burns

I hoped you found your laughter and some peace of mind, heart, body and soul. Jk the secret keeper

May All of Life & Nature Find Protection from the Tragedies of the World.
May All Living Beings Find Their Wishes Coming True & Peace Covering the Whole World Over.

Private Writings: Chapter #19 — Something Wicked That Way Goes

private writings to a psychoanalyst (c) Jk 2013
Private Writings: Chapter #19 — Something Wicked That Way Goes
Written by Jennifer Kiley
Illustrated by j. kiley
First Chapter Published 19th March 2013
Published Tuesday AM
Posted Tuesday 30th July 2013


Private Writings: Chapter #19 — Something Wicked That Way Goes

“You cursed brat! Look what you’ve done! I’m melting! melting! Oh, what a world! What a world! Who would have thought a good little girl like you could destroy my beautiful wickedness? Oooooh, look out! I’m going! Oooooh! Ooooooh!” — Wicked Witch of the West

I’m Melting! – The Wizard of Oz — Movie CLIP (1939) HD

Tuesday 5th February 2008


How can you tell if you have a grip on reality if you aren’t exactly sure what reality really is? I have never been certain about the answer to the question, ‘What is reality?’ It has puzzled me for most of my life. Include with that question, ‘What is sanity?’ These seem to me to be valuable questions to have the answers to, otherwise, how is anyone to tell whether there world is real and sane. If I judge mine to be real and sane, what if I am wrong. All along I have believed something which may not be true.

Truth is another element needing definition. Is it an absolute? No one has the power to change what it is. It just is. Can there be smaller truths one can claim as being true? Simple perceptions of reality, like a bird can fly, or at least most birds can fly.

I am in a strange mind. Depression has been pressing on me in the late of night. Getting a handle on it seems practically impossible. Scottie has been away doing finishing touches on our film Brief Sacrifice. It is somewhat lonely at the Chateau. Sure Toker and Mikey snuggle with me in my study when I am writing. Patrick is usually wandering around looking for Scottie when she is away. He doesn’t like her being missing either. He misses his snuggles with her and most of all sleeping on her head while I rest my head on her shoulder, as close as possible the three of us together.

Something needs to keep me occupied, to pull my feelings away from feeling depressed. I do some of my digital art on the computer or write a poem, if my muse has something she wants me to express. I try anything not to feel depressed or missing Scottie. I go with her sometimes but I really don’t like to travel. I’m so claustrophobic and hate flying commercial jets. Now if I were the pilot, I could handle that. But I stopped flying years ago. Right after college, when I had a near head on collision while landing my plane. Some asshole, unauthorized to land, came in from the wrong direction, tried landing on my runway, heading directly at me. Thinking fast I increased my power, pulled up the yoke and flew my ass right over the bastard. Wheels almost grazed the top of his tail wing.

Shaking to death by the time I finally landed and taxied to park. Rushed out the exit door. Never set foot in a plane again, too many near death experiences do that to you. I am land bound completely now. I get sea-sick, so no boats. Only cars and trains now. Had great adventures in the sky but now too many crazy people up there and on the ground with no idea or attention span to be operating any moveable object.

I have some more for you on the film I wrote, Brief Sacrifice, but I wanted to tell you something really disturbing about Dr. George first. In our last private session he accused me of spreading rumours about him having an affair with one of his clients. He didn’t tell me which one. Figured I would know. None of which is true. Why would I accuse Dr. George having sex with a client? He is straight. I don’t know any woman who would want to have sex with him. The thought is gross. It just seems a way for him to talk about sex. He’s always so graphic.

I denied it. Told him if he mentions it again, I would go to the director of the clinic, and report him for sexual harassment. That him shut up. Then he pouted. Barely said another word during our remaining half hour. I’m disturbed about my sense of reality and sanity, what does he talk about, his insane hallucinations. Rumours of people trying to destroy him. Thinking I’m the one responsible. Sounds more mad than I am.

By the way, I hated group today until you took over. He was flipping out there, too. What is with him? He’s always been strange, self-obsessed and sexually obscene, but not this strange. His words don’t seem to make any sense, to me, he sounding pretty crazy.

Your sensitivity taking over went perfectly. He didn’t even noticed. You salvaged group. Thank you for slowing the fall down the rabbit hole. It’s going to Tumble faster than a boulder rock soon. No one will be able to save it. Group is on a slow burn to extinction.

I say forget about him, group therapy and being mentally fucked up. I want to tell you what comes up next in Brief Sacrifice. Last time we were about to have the unveiling underneath the fake covering on the side of the leather briefcase. James found the spot with his pawn. Due to his persistent Carter, his mum, looked underneath his paw. Jasper and Jax wanted in on the fun, so as Carter tried to remove the layer of fine leather, the two boys started clawing at it with extreme vigor until they loosened it enough for Carter to completely remove it. The boys, her Savannah cats, made it simple for her.

All eyes were on the spot where the patch was removed. Carter stared at it. It was the markings of letters and numbers, not in any sensible order. Some kind of mystery code, left covered, which meant Carter thought, no one wanted it to be found. But who? What did the letters and numbers mean? How would they understand or even begin to understand what they had found?

“Okay, boys, what do we do next?”

She found a small notebook, where she jotted down her subconscious ramblings as they surfaced, grabbed a pen, a writer always has both near by. She flipped open the notebook to a blank page. For a moment, she thought, ‘How should I record the letters and numbers. They weren’t in columns or rows exactly. To be perfectly honest, they were all rather jumbled up in no particular order at all.’ This thought was frustrating her.

James reached out his right paw, placed it on the letter ‘S’, pulled back his paw so Carter could see where he had just pointed.

“‘S’! James, why an ‘S’?”

He stared at the briefcase, as if he knew something. He was a rather psychic cat. Carter wrote down the ’S’ at the top of the blank page. “What next?”

James put his paw on the letter ‘I’ and once again pulled it away.

“Okay, James, what is it you see that I am not? What is the significance of an ‘S’ and an ‘I’”?

She stared at the letters and numbers for quite some time as her boys watched. They were spellbound, all of them. Carter could see nothing yet, that made any sense. But she knew James was seeing something.

“Too bad you can’t speak, James. You’d have this figured out and we could all relax and discover what the mystery is right away.” Carter thought to herself, ‘It really isn’t going to be that simple.’ They would just have to wait until James put his paw on the next letter or maybe it would be a number next.

In a quick gesture, James placed his right paw on another figure. When he took it away, Carter could see the it was the letter ‘T’ and she shouted out loud. “You have something there James. It spells out S.I.T. Amazing. What does ‘sit’ mean?” Carter looked at her boys, her lips pursed and brow raised. Gently, she placed the notebook on the coffee table next to the briefcase, leaned back on the couch to let her boys climb into her lap. They all sensed their mum was finished with the adventure for the evening, so they snuggled in relaxing into a good snog with mum.

That’s it for today, Annie. It does move faster eventually. First the letters and numbers have to be figured out. Do they follow a certain ordered sequence? Are the numbers on their own or do the letters and numbers somehow connect to the other? Randomly or specifically? You will find out in due time.

Listen, therapy is turning into the Madness of King George. You have your degrees. Your letter from the Board of the APA. Your license is legal. So what are you waiting for? Please HELP ME. I need you to help me stay sane, if I haven’t lost it already. I am pleading with you. Take me in. I am at your mercy.

Next time I want some good news. So until then.


Sets & Animals for Film: Brief Sacrifice with Lead Character CARTER MCLEOD. [Portrayed by BAFTA Nominated Actor NATALIE STEPHENS] Savannah Cats are Carter’s. Screenplay: MADISON TAYLOR. Director: SCOTTIE ANDREWS

brief sacrifice library living room fireplace  970x546

film ‘Brief Sacrifice’ library living room fireplace in mansion where Carter McLeod lives with her three Savannah cats, Jasper, Jax and James.

James-a neutered male Savannah Cat lounging on sofa  645x499

film ‘Brief Sacrifice’ James is one of three neutered male Savannah Cats, Carter McLeod has as her companions. He is enjoying a good lounge on his favorite sofa.

Fear of the Darkness — Iron Maiden

laughter rose buds 2 yellow for siolfer-rose and nana niamh

Soon Annie will get to read Madison’s Letters. Some at a time. All will be revealed in time.

Somewhere In Time – John Barry

rain in garden gif

I Die For The Last Time
Written by Madison Taylor
February 3rd 2008

Will I die before you
Rather feel my death around me
Let you act as though
You won’t miss me
If I should be the one to go
The madness in my head
Makes those retreat
Yet empathy is what is shown as caring
Now just retreat
As if touched by poison

Gone is the spirit that fights
Staying alive doesn’t have any attraction
Nothing is worth the effort
Stopping now would reduce the struggle
Escaping into the unknown
Even if it is empty
Is less painful
Than feeling an absence
Which once felt filled by love

All have left
The party has moved
Hell is ready to enter
Punishment enough for suicide
After I satisfy the terms
Of the fiery incarceration
Being a victim
Climbing out won’t be impossible
Returning inside a new identity
Never to have to know the world again

Just a ghost of slim memories
Might cross the mind with blurred recall
Thinking the images from a bad dream
Occurred from a childhood
Now is back to haunt
All surroundings filled with pain
Hatred of the innocence
Couldn’t find their own
So they stole from children
Never to be in sight again
Going away forever
Never to live a moment of peace again

Escaping through death is the only way
To discover the path to spiritual destiny
Some were not meant to be
Running away
Carried by the swiftness of the wind
Escaping the pain
Living without blessings
All is gone
No more sound
Or sight
Reading words again
Good bye friendless face
It is come
To the end

© madison taylor 2008

Escape Into the Unknown — Remember When It Rained? — Created by Jennifer Kiley

“A Dream
The beginning always starts out with a dream.
It is all a dream
In our own nightmares”
— Madison Taylor

english garden off the back marble patio  972x732

English garden off the back marble patio

Patrick when he was five weeks. He is a Bengal kitten. Madison gave to Scottie as a present for her Birthday. As he grows he becomes devoted to her.

Patrick when he was five weeks. He is a Bengal kitten. Madison gave to Scottie as a present for her Birthday. As he grows he becomes devoted to her.

Patrick at 3 mos is a curious fellow, always checking the unusual out 1093x479

Patrick at 3 mos is a curious fellow, always checking the unusual out

Patrick our Bengal cat his favorite piece of scratching wood  1292x780

Patrick our Bengal cat his favorite piece of scratching wood

Patrick is our Bengal cat in tree. He loves Scotties. They are buddies.   1612x1212

Patrick is our Bengal cat in tree. It is protected area. Patrick cannot leave property from there. He loves Scottie. They are buddies.

Awesome lighted treehouse on the estate of chateau de rocher  642x432

Awesome lighted tree-house on the estate of Chateau de Rocher. A place of escape for Madison. She liked to run away when she was a kid. Climbing trees were her favorite places to hide. Scottie had this built for Madison as their 10th Anniversary present.

play is not just play meryl streep

Myths of Fixed Personalities: Violent Rebellion Part 1

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Myths of Fixed Personalities
Violent Rebellion Part 1
Against the Myths of Fixed Personality
Written by Anais Nin in 4 Parts
Post Created by Jk the secret keeper
Created Friday 12th July 2013
Illustrated by j. Kiley
Posted on Sunday 14th July 2013

myths of fixed personalities by j. kiley (c) jennifer kiley 2013

Remember-Remember V for Vendetta Soundtrack — Dario Marianelli


“…it’s just another one of those things I don’t understand: everyone impresses upon you how unique you are, encouraging you to cultivate your individuality while at the same time trying to squish you and everyone else into the same ridiculous mould. It’s an artist’s right to rebel against the world’s stupidity.” ― E.A. Bucchianeri, Brushstrokes of a Gadfly

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Author’s Corner With Shawn MacKenzie.

the secret keeper:

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A marvelous post on author extraordinaire, Shawn MacKenzie. Thank you Niamh Clune and ontheplumtree. It is a pleasure to reblog this post of “Author’s Corner.” Well, done. [added this edited version of my comment from "on the plum tree"]. A great post Niamh. Loved your tales Shawn of discovering the Dragon in a serendipitous way. Those magical used book stores carry such treasures. I do believe Dragon Green was sitting up wondering and waiting for your arrival. “Where is that little girl. She was supposed to be here hours and possibly days ago. Ah, there she is. Now I will work my wonders on her. She will understand me. They told me she would.” And there you were, taking book in hand and from that day forward your destiny was forged. You have tried other endeavors. Playwright extraordinaire. I love your plays. But that was a different time. Now you are immersed with Dragon lore and mythical explorations and all sorts of stories needing to be told. But Dragons will be foremost in your mind. They chose you and you chose them. Either way you are meant for the other. As a writer, your brilliance shines through, your precision is excellent, and your imagination soars throughout the universe. Now you have taken on the Editor’s Corner, where you are teaching other writers, professional and novice, the inner workings of writing, so that it’s appearance is fleshed out with more accuracy. Giving valuable direction to us all. It is an enjoyment to read each week, so informative, and served with a (pardon the expression from someone I love from my childhood,) “spoonful of sugar, which helps the medicine go down in the most delightful way.” Well, done Niamh, choosing Shawn MacKenzie as your “Author’s Corner” author célèbre. She is most deserving of the attention and has a great deal more magic up her sleeve from short stories to novels. When you wrote, Niamh: “Shawn is no ordinary writer of prose. She crafts sentences, weaving them with natural flair whilst introducing the unusual. Her brilliance of mind and wit shines through everything she does.” A most accurate statement, indeed. I will second that. Not biased much, just appreciative of a true “Wildean” wit who is a true contrarian, too shy, however, to shine the light on herself, though she deserves the brightest light of all. So thank you for doing this for her. Jk the secret keeper
4p dragon-blue john lennon quote
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Originally posted on Plum Tree Books Blog:

A favourite of Plum Tree Books is Shawn MacKenzie. You might all know her for her great editorial posts. But did you know, she is an expert on dragons and a brilliant writer in her own right? Shawn is no ordinary writer of prose. She crafts sentences, weaving them with natural flair whilst introducing the unusual. Her brilliance of mind and wit shines through everything she does. Great to have you here, Shawn.

Author’s Corner

by Shawn MacKENZIE

Hang out On the Plum Tree and you may know me from the Editor’s Corner. However, you may not know that there is actual authorial experience backing up all that pedantry. And so, at Niamh’s invitation, I’m delighted to introduce you to my fictional side, particularly my books on Dragons.dragon heeperdragon
As every dracophile knows, all talk of Dragons must begin with a story. They insist – and you don’t want to cross…

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