“We Must Be Crazy” – A Short Film

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“We Must Be Crazy” - A Short Film

Post by Jennifer Kiley

Post Friday 27th June 2014



A variation on Pinocchio accompanied by a song filled with the happy and sadness of love and your own family.

Milow - “We must be crazy” – A Short Film

from Norman Bates

Music video by award winning singer-songwriter Milow, is a cinematic retro-futuristic spin on the classic Pinocchio story, a post modern fairy tale about the limitations of using technology to battle loneliness.

Director: Norman Bates

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Private Writings: Chapter #60 – “Black Book Screaming In The Dead of Night

private writings to a psychoanalyst (c) Jk 2013

Private Writings: Chapter #60 – “Black Book Screaming In the Dead of Night”

Written by Jennifer Kiley

Post Tuesday 6th May 2014

Not Suitable For Children.
All Characters Are Fictitious.
Anyone Resembling Anyone Living or Dead
Is Purely Coincidental.

Crypticistic Synopsis

private writings to dr. annie haskell psychoanalyst

I am the storyteller sing imagination fantasy feelings & thoughts
to discover self soul eternal serenity & bliss but to most importantly
tell the best tale ever after upon a time

see you down the rabbit hole.

Private Writings: Chapter #60 “Black Book Screaming In the Dead of Night”

Tuesday 28th October 2008

Dear Annie,

I’m not stupid. Sharks coming in close when they see the brightness of red pouring out of my veins. She has always been after Scottie. Me out of the way, Scottie is going to be ambushed. I can’t keep her safe. I asked Jamie to guard Scottie until I come home.

When I was talking to Jamie, I felt like I was stoned. I wanted to believe in the magic. All will be cured if I just believed. It’s not working. The feelings are more painful. I keep feeling like I am being haunted. She came to me last night at her usual time, just after 2am. That is when she was murdered. It was moments after 2am. The crash was loud. It sounded like death. It was dark like death. No sounds suddenly. No motion. Just stillness. Tosh used to be shy but brave when speaking. There was truth in her words, though few, you felt deeply, everything she spoke.

I have her feelings inside of me. They were meant for her. How do you say “I Love You” to someone who is not that person. We can all love more than one person, but only that one person makes you feel the love in the words “I Love You.” It is extremely intense and light blended together.

Tonight when I was looking out through one of the windows in my room, I caught my reflection. I looked healthy & fine. When I smiled at my own reflection, without warning, her face appeared. She was charging toward me. I think her ghost wanted something from me. It was a shock seeing those eyes. Mine were happy. I had a smile on my face until she replaced my face & body with hers. I turned away as quickly as possible, so she couldn’t catch my image & try to possess my body.

Why all of sudden are ghosts trying to get my attention? I love Tosh being around, but anyone else can go away. I never wanted to see them in life, why would I want them to come to me after death? Is it just to torture me?

Thinking of omitting some of the following content from being sent to Annie. It is too personal & way out of my range for embarrassment. So not for you Annie. Just for my records, to allow myself to investigate all about what is going on inside my psyche. It is so damaged, it is becoming difficult to sort out what really happened from what I thought happened. I am not sure if they are the same thing all of the time. Maybe my perceptions are off or the recording equipment in my head, my brain, my mind, is not doing a thorough job of remembering anything very well. The trauma beats everything out of the way.

It wants its attention. Now that I am getting under the surface, images & thoughts are floating into my everyday ordinary activities & pulling me out of all the glorious nightmares for me to share, at least with myself through my art & my writing. I paint them in the abstract. The demons always come to join me when the paintbrush is in action. I try to paint something innocent & joyful & it ends up having the external colors of the rainbow but what appears in their place is the face of a demon surrounded by the burning caverns of Hell.

I painted such a painting in the art workshop here. It has Dr. V. feeling disturbed by the face that appears in my painting. It looks like something you would dig up in a murder case where the body has been buried for a while. The face freaks me out. Scottie saw the image. She even thinks it’s creepy. I think it’s disturbing, when I started out by painting a beautiful image of colors & light. A painting that would make one smile. Now when you look at it, it makes my skin get goose bumps.

Dr. V feels I need to do some deep intensive psychoanalysis. She wants to start it while I am at Redcliff & have you carry on the analysis when I get back home. I do hope it’s soon. I don’t like being away from home. Now that I am entering into a manic phase again, I will be feeling better. I will get my weed usage together so I co-ordinate smoking the correct strains & combinations to help with my depression & manic highs.

I know attempting suicide is out of control. No promises guaranteed but I will make any effort to not try not to kill myself again. When I am feeling the urge I will contact someone. It was everything that was happening. That is why it all fell apart. Being raped & brutalized by a truly mad woman was too much for me to bear. I admit it. I lost it. But only temporarily. I am coming around.

I am going to stop now. Except I wanted to tell you I wrote a much longer letter but felt it was too much for one sitting. I will work on editing it down & send in installments.

Oh, I hope I see you soon. I can’t bear another day without being able to see you. Dr. V told me you are talking together about what is the next thing to do for me. Hospital are just too noisy & I want to go home & be with my family & really begin the healing. I promise I will put the rest of this letter together for you & send a bit at a time. Powerful writing & information in the other parts of the letter I will soon send off to you or maybe even be able to bring to you in your office again.

I need to go to a group meeting & that is followed by seeing Scottie & Jamie is coming up this evening. Alison needed to take a film related trip. When she returns I would love to greet her at our Chateau. Make it possible Annie, if you have the power to make it so.

Love & Fondness & Missing You,

© Madison Taylor 2008

“I think writing really helps you heal yourself. I think if you write long enough, you will be a healthy person. That is, if you write what you need to write, as opposed to what will make money, or what will make fame.“ — Alice Walker

Somewhere In Time – Composer John Barry

Red Calla Lily Aranal Flower

Red Calla Lily Aranal Flower

“A Dream
The beginning always starts out
With a dream.
It is all a dream
In our own nightmares”
— Madison Taylor

negative of le chateau de rocher by j. kiley (c) jennifer kiley 2013Le Chateau de Rocher [Home to Madison & Scottie – their Cats & daughter Alison. She has her own place on the estate

play is not just play meryl streep“Pretending is not just play. Pretending is imagined possibility” — Meryl Streep

Medicalmarijuana red cross marijuana leaf black bgMedical Marijuana

Private Writings: Chapter #59 — It’s the Only Picture I Have

private writings to a psychoanalyst (c) Jk 2013

Private Writings: Chapter #59 – It’s the Only Picture I Have

Written by Jennifer Kiley

Posted On Tuesday 29th April 2014

Not Suitable For Children.
All Characters Are Fictitious.
Anyone Resembling Anyone Living or Dead
Is Purely Coincidental.

Crypticistic Synopsis:

private writings to dr. annie haskell

I am the storyteller
using imagination fantasy feelings & thoughts
to discover self soul eternal serenity & bliss
but to most importantly
tell the best tale ever after upon a time

see you down the rabbit hole.

Private Writings: Chapter #59 — It’s the Only Picture I Have

[Starting the Sixth Week of Being Inside Redcliff Psychiatric Institute...]

Tuesday 21st October 2008

Dear Annie,

I want to think about Tosh this week. She has been with me. Guiding me, as an angel, one of my Guardian Angels. I am sending you a photograph of her. It’s the only picture I have. Nothing taken while we were together. I always saw us as together, once we decided to live together. I was too insecure to leave my home at the Chateau. It was given to me by my grandmother. Unless I am confusing myself with Carter McLeod. Thinking about Jamie. Can’t think about her. Maybe Tosh is here for me. I was meant to crossover. Jamie scared her away.

Look at Tosh’s photo. Her blue eyes see inside of me when I look at her. There is an immediate connection. This person in the photograph is the ghost who is talking to me. Tosh is younger now as a ghost than she was when the two of us first met. Oops. Did I write that a ghost is talking to me? I meant I am talking to a ghost. The reason I know she looks exactly like the photo, I saw her in the mirror one night before I was taken here. It was so brief. Nothing was said. I just remembered her photograph. Now we talk. I talk. Tell her stories. Talk about feelings. Life. Death. Her murder. Tosh told me it was her ex. She belonged to a coven who practiced the Black Arts, and  worshiped Satan, the fallen angel, the bringer of darkness into the world, causing Evil to spread like an infection.

[omit the following from letter to Annie. i feel kind of crazy talking about evil and ghosts. when i actually do talk to a ghost and have been for awhile now. they seem to feel safe around me. but feeling Tosh being close to me makes me feel less alone. some people can handle being alone. i love it when i'm writing or painting. or just doing something i am engrossed in. but if i start feeling scottie being gone. i miss her every moment she is away. even when she has to spend the day on a set near home, at the studio. i don't understand why i use to freak out when i had to sleep by myself. maybe scottie being away so much makes it easier for me to stay up all night. when it's dark everyone feels like they are asleep to me and sometimes it feels like everyone has abandoned the planet or the universe, a feeling like everyone is gone. they've all vanished. no one else exists.

my life has felt like being in a desert with no water or anything in sight except sand. i starved. that was punishment. whips were used for punishment too. she hated me. hated i was born. her husband. my father. she was jealous of him with me. she didn't like him around me. i look back and wonder if she was jealous because she wanted me as her slave in all things physical. it meant eating. it meant sleeping. they yelled through my nightmares of sleepless nights. she denied me food as punishment. and forced me to eat food i hated which tasted sickening. i would gag on it. i was deprived of sleep until i ate the shit she placed on the plate in front of me. i wasn't allowed sleep until every bit of shit was eaten off of those plates. when it came to actual physical contact with punishment, it was a scene set in the home of the Marquis De Sade. she has her own torture slash sex chamber.

do you think i will ever be able to say this out loud to you annie? you don't need those images inside your mind. i don't want them in mine either. i will have to keep creating my paintings that are possessed by demons. i see their faces. i wonder if they will look anything like the dark creatures someday. it always makes me think of the movie "ghost." the dark shadows pull evil spirits into the ground, into the darkness.

i don't think if you kill yourself that they would come for you. unless you were adolf hitler. i am sure he has a special place just for him - in torturous solitary for eternity. 

back to suicide. you know, when i was trying to commit suicide, it was not to be with tosh specifically, it was to cut out the memories of vile creatures using my body for their perversions. sylvia was exactly like the shadow in my childhood. the one who tried to kill me before i was born. when it didn't work, she used me as her slave for every evil devotion she desired. i will never ever be able to forget what she did and others did.  i won't forget what i do remember. but will i remember what i have forgotten? is it essential is it essential for healing? to clean out the disgust from the wounds that are more mental, but that's not true. the wounds are from everywhere. my body. my mind. my soul. my emotions. they were all attacked. those unconscious memories cannot be removed.

i will never be able to talk about those things out loud. i'd rather tell you I am attracted to you annie, than to fill your mind with the pain from my darkness. a darkness that wants me dead and jailed in hell. i feel attracted to you and i am not allowed to tell you. i would rather feel those sensations than remember what a whip felt like on my back or breasts, tearing at the flesh, causing it to bleed. does anyone know what it feels like to have someone who discarded you from their body as a baby girl, turn on you before your birth and begins after your birth to torture you for being born a girl and being born to her, when all she wanted was males. i was meant to be aborted when she threw herself down the stairs. instead i was born late and she discarded me from her life for my first year to live with my grandmother. it was temporary. my father wanted me home. that's when hell began and heaven was left in the garden where i have minimal visitation rights. this is too painful to be in this state of mine and to have her come back haunting me in my memories. i want to be with tosh now but i need to be held by a warm giving body. end of secrets]

Annie, I need you. Please, I want to see you. Your hugs are most needed at this moment. They are what cure me, a little at a time. I don’t want anyone else to hold me. It feels all wrong somehow. You don’t like me to tell you how I feel. Someday you will have to tell me why you shut me down from speaking about my feelings for you. When I can’t see you, it drives me mad. I go through withdrawal. My need for you is high. No one makes me feel safe the way you do. I could never live without you. I wouldn’t want to. If I ever lost you, I would want to die more than I do now.

Your letter from me this week is a touch short. I have been spending time with Helen. She has some of the most amazing stories to tell. The only thing that doesn’t work is she can’t remember who she is or where she is. She just wants to sit quietly most of the time but when I talk to her and sometimes I have Lynne join us, she will begin a new story, like her life depended on it. She is Scheherazade reborn. Lynne listened and I think she likes Helen. Doesn’t feel threatened by her or by me. I’m not sure why she trusts me and no one else. I don’t push her to talk. She likes to just sit next to me, really close but never quite touching. I think that works for both of us.

I don’t feel so alone in here with these two and one of the night nurses, who is great to me. She will sometimes come into my room, and if I am having trouble falling asleep, she will actually read me children’s books. My favorite is Maurice Sendak’s “Where the Wild Things Are.” Got hooked on that when a former therapist made me an audio tape of her reading this story and a few others. She gave the tape to me just before she took her month long vacation. Same time every year. I would freak when she left. Her voice on tape always soothed me. We recorded our sessions and now,  I got Dr. Seuss, “Horton Hears A Who,” and “Goodnight Moon” as part of the gift. Her young son even read some of the parts. That was way cool to me.

With those words, I am going to warm up a bit. Writing this letter has made me feel a chill. Like someone walked over someone else’s grave. Sending this email. It’s quicker. Think of Love. You will be getting my poem in the outgoing email. One of the rules on computer usage. Ciao Ciao.

Love Fondly,


ps. I need to add, Love is true when joined together by the heart and soul. I feel joined to Tosh. I feel joined to Scottie. I feel joined to you, Annie. I do feel joined to Jamie, too. Alison is my daughter, and I love her with as deep a love as the heart and soul feel. Such different shades of love. The degrees of intimacies as they are acted upon with different people. It is all love but everyone shares differently. Love and Happiness are living in a room without a roof in order to look up at the blue sky in daylight and the night sky filled with stars sparkling and the moon in its different stages every night. When I look at that sky I know all those I love will feel the connection when they look up. We are not alone. My feelings for you are growing and becoming more intense. I’m not usually crazy enough to tell you any of this. Au revoir.  pps. One last exciting thing, I started working on my new play for the theatre. Scottie is cool with that move. She has my new screenplay finished before all this shit came down. I already know the name of my protagonist and all the other characters having lines and good roles. Shouldn’t be a need for extras, I don’t think. Well, maybe in the background of certain scenes, depending on where they take place. Now I am stopping.

© Madison Taylor 2008

“I think writing really helps you heal yourself. I think if you write long enough, you will be a healthy person. That is, if you write what you need to write, as opposed to what will make money, or what will make fame.“ — Alice Walker

blue eyed young woman tears falling slowly down cheek

Tosh seven [7] years before I first saw her. We would have been close friends if we had met back when this photograph was taken. We would have found a way to bring our worlds together. We were destined souls. She is as much a part of me as I am a part of her. Our souls are mates.

Somewhere In Time – Composer John Barry

“A Dream
The beginning always starts out
With a dream.
It is all a dream
In our own nightmares”
— Madison Taylor

negative of le chateau de rocher by j. kiley (c) jennifer kiley 2013le chateau de rocher – the haunting has begun

play is not just play meryl streep“Pretending is not just play. Pretending is imagined possibility” — Meryl Streep

Medicalmarijuana red cross marijuana leaf black bgMedical Marijuana

Private Writings: Chapter #49 – Got To Get You Into My Life

private writings to a psychoanalyst (c) Jk 2013

Private Writings: Chapter #49 – Got To Get You Into My Life

Written by Jennifer Kiley
Painting by Gustav Klimpt – The Embrace
Introduction & Chapter #1
Published on March 19th 2013
Published Early Tuesday AM
Posted On Tuesday 18th February 2014




Crypticistic Synopsis:

private writings to dr. annie haskell,
psychoanalyst extraordinaire,
storytelling using letters, dreams, thoughts, poems, images,
music, art, scripts, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis,
inspirations, reflective comments, inner/outer workings
mind, soul, body, emotions, bipolar, mentally creative, interesting,
brain misfiring; abuse, crashes, near drownings,
hallucinations, heightened sexuality, time warps,
finding answers, unsolved mysteries, infatuations,
imagination, fantasy, discover self, soul, eternal serenity, bliss

see you down the rabbit hole.
namaste! madison taylor

Private Writings: Chapter #49 – Got To Get You Into My Life

Tuesday 12th August 2008

Dear Annie,

Before I get into what I want to write specifically, I wanted to bring up Alison Porter. Scottie and my adopted daughter. Since she returned from Yale Acting School, she has been working at our studio, doing odd jobs. Watching Scottie and I work. Well, it hasn’t been officially announced. Alison is going to be in our next film. I wrote a screenplay for her. She will be starring opposite someone very special to me.

This is where the story begins and where the letter I want to write has started. Just before my grandmother died she encouraged me to find someone outside of the family with whom I could look up to for guidance. There wasn’t anybody. My grandmother knew of my aspirations for wanting to write film scripts and to be part of making films. There was an actress my grandmother felt was incredible and she wanted me to meet her. My grandmother knew her. She knew everyone or they knew her. One of the wealthiest women in the country. She became the person who took over emotionally when my grandmother died. I can’t explain my feelings. My grandmother was my world. When she died I went a bit mad. The actress my grandmother introduced me to, one day called me. We talked and talked about everything. Her call was to tell me she was here for me. Whenever I needed or wanted to contact her, she gave me her contact information for anywhere she might be reached. It didn’t take long to grow close. I believe I fell in love with her. The woman I loved as an actor and now I love as my closest friend ever. I never saw this friendship coming. Or that we would ever meet.

I think it made it easier when I met Scottie and after college we both got inside the film world. Scottie really liked my actor friend right away. She approves of her relationship with me and the feeling is mutual on the other end. She was married to a man, a director, who loved her madly and she loved him equally as strong. He encouraged our friendship. The feelings are very special between us. I loved her when I was growing up and still feel the same strength of feeling I’ve always felt toward her. When I see her photographs or hear her voice I become transfixed and excited. I belong to an online group who feel the same way.

When I was a kid she was a child star and part of my fantasy world. I thought I would meet her brother Chris some day and marry him. Then we’d be family. I was so absorbed with her. We talked on the phone when I was a teenager. This was before my grandmother introduced us over the phone. My grandmother told me great stories about her. First, she moved here from England when she was pretty little. She acted on the stage starting really young. She trained at The Actors Studio. Her first performance on Broadway was in Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie. I saw that play when I was 12. It was confusing to me at the time. I felt like the girl in the play. Everything I owned was broken including myself.

Let’s be less serious. One day, I called the studio where she was working, she was gone for the day. I told them it was important that I reach her and that I was a friend of her therapist, would they please give me her number. The person gave it to me without question. Of course, I knew her therapist, my grandmother told me they saw the same Psychoanalyst, so I used the name. I’m sure it’s why the person at the studio felt so free in giving me her number. Anyway I called her. I had witnesses. Her assistant answered the phone. I got up the courage and asked to speak to her.

She said, “Just a moment please.

Shortly, she came to the phone. She would have been about 18 yrs old then. I was only 3 years younger. We chatted for what seemed like a long time. She was wonderful. We both enjoyed the conversation. Before we said goodbye, I told her about my grandmother and asked if we could talk again some time. I knew it was a huge risk, an imposition but she so enjoyed our talk, and agreed. We exchanged our information. I had her number, so she wanted mine and my mailing address too. She gave me hers, also. Then we hung up our phones.

I proceeded to faint. It was one of the highest moments of my life. Everyone who knew me knew how I felt about her. They all thought I was mental and weird. I didn’t care. My grandmother was right about her. I loved them both. Her movies were seen multiple times by me. When I say multiple I mean over 20 times while in the theatres and more times when they hit DVD. She has been in Oscar winning films for Best Film and she has won Best Actress once and nominated several times. We have most of her movies in our collection except the ones that are not available.

After my grandmother died, I became lost, a touch mad. She called one day shortly after the funeral. What she said to me has had such a profound effect on my life since that day. We have kept up our friendship ever since. We chat everyday now. I leave messages for her and next day there would be an answer back. And on our cells, we both love to text, so we do that all of the time. It drives Scottie nuts.

It is great to have a friend I feel I can trust with telling her anything. I never told you her name. I will some day. For now let us refer to her as Lady Chablis. I love her so much that I want her in my life forever.

She disappeared a few years ago. Just for awhile. Her incredible husband died. She went to France to heal but will never forget him. I received a letter from her in today’s mail. She is on her way back to the states and she is suppose to arrive today in L.A. I texted her right away. She got back to me and we made plans to meet. Later today. We have never met in person. It’s not that unusual for me. I live online or at the studio. I will write the rest of this letter after I get back from spending time with her. I am so excited and enormously overwhelmed. It just takes my breath away. What will we talk about? I know don’t be silly.

Later. Got to get ready. You will hear all about it when I return.

How wild was that. I am in love with her. When we hugged for the first time, I got lost in her arms. It didn’t feel like she wanted to let go either. We talked like we had been together in person for years. Everything between us was natural. Lady Chablis is my best friend. She really is my best friend. Scottie will understand if I have something special with Lady Chablis. Scottie knows I love her beyond time. Lady Chablis is someone so special only my grandmother ever brought these feelings out in me. Now I feel them for L.C. … She is forever just like my grandmother. It made for the most perfect day ever.

That’s all for now.

“Time for time and traveling with circuses must end. It is time to soar through the time barrier into all moments in the Universe.”

So, until I see you, I end with my favorite quote from the film Brief Sacrifice.

“Time can be folded and joined with all elements in all places as the one ultimate moment when time is all at once. In this place everything happens on a continual loop following into a continuum of time forever into infinity. In the “Silver Box,” there is contained the ability to draw time into itself and create the perfect infinite moment.”

I end this letter in “the moment between seconds.”

Love Fondly,



© madison taylor 2008

Gustav Klimt The Embrace

Gustav Klimt The Embrace

Somewhere In Time – Composer John Barry

Orchid_flower 5 blue dk blue 4 lady blue

Orchid Blue

“A Dream
The beginning always starts out
With a dream.
It is all a dream
In our own imaginations”
— Madison Taylor

Le Chateau de Rocher

Le Chateau de Rocher is Madison & Scottie’s Home

play is not just play meryl streep“Pretending is not just play. Pretending is imagined possibility” — Meryl Streep

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Medical Marijuana MMJ

Private Writings: Chapter #43 — They Say It’s Your Birthday

private writings to a psychoanalyst (c) Jk 2013

Private Writings: Chapter #43 — They Say It’s Your Birthday

Written by Jennifer Kiley
Illustrated by j. kiley
Introduction & Chapter #1
Published on March 19th 2013
Published Early Tuesday AM
Posted On Tuesday 14th January 2014




Crypticistic Synopsis:

private writings to dr. annie haskell,
psychoanalyst extraordinaire,
storytelling using letters, dreams, thoughts, poems, images,
music, art, scripts, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis,
inspirations, reflective comments, inner/outer workings
mind, soul, body, emotions, bipolar, mentally creative, interesting,
brain misfiring; abuse, crashes, near drownings,
hallucinations, heightened sexuality, time warps,
finding answers, unsolved mysteries, infatuations,
imagination, fantasy, discover self, soul, eternal serenity, bliss

see you down the rabbit hole.
namaste! madison taylor

Private Writings: Chapter #43 — They Say It’s Your Birthday

Tuesday 8th July 2008

Dear Annie,

I want to teach Alison what love is. Safe, protective love, from women who are not abusers of any kind. We love Alison. Scottie as much as I do. It is so equal. Scottie may never have wanted children. When she met Alison, then thirteen, her heart opened. A teenager, whose history was sad and filled with pain. Being abandoned by a father who overdosed in her presence. Tried to get her to shot up with him. Alison’s mother died the same way, but earlier. Pure horse. Not cut properly. Way too rich and potent. The authorities were going to through her in a home overflowing with violence. The children of the damned whose souls were crushed out. Alison still has her’s. That is one fortunate gift not taken away or ever given.

Everyone needs and deserves to feel love surround them, to feel whole. When I was a kid I didn’t know love. It’s why I understand Alison as well as I do. I do not profess to say I even come close to understanding what’s really inside of her but I want to know if she ever wants to share. Learning about love is almost as fresh with me as it is with Alison. She will teach me more than I will ever be able to teach her, but it will be good for all of us to be a family, safe and secure for Alison, Scottie and me. It will feel good to be family in a legal sense.

We never adopted her before now. The laws prevented the adoption. Now Scottie, pulled strings and got a judge on her side. The three of us met privately in Judge Severin’s chamber. The paperwork had been filed. It was a matter of tidying up all loopholes. No one would be able to challenge the adoption on appeal or out of malicious homophobic prejudice.

Did I ever tell you Alison met me first. I was doing research in the Family Court for a script. Alison’s case was called before Judge Severin. It was a tragic situation about to become worse. No family came forward to claim her. No foster home wanted her. She was a runaway. Too young to be on her own, she was coaxed, more like forced, by a pimp to be his young protégé. He kidnapped her and was forcing her to take on this brutal John. Alison was trapped but intelligent. When she was alone with the brute in a hotel room, she set off such an alarm, every public servant seemed to show up. The police were among them. Everyone was arrested, including the pimp and the brute he was going to force upon Alison.

Here she was now, being arraigned on charges of prostitution. She pleaded not guilty. The Judge ordered her to be held until trial in the L.A. County Juvenile Facility. I had heard terrible stories about that place. I stood up and asked to speak. Judge Severin recognized me and gave me permission to state my case.

“I don’t think it is necessary to remand her to being imprisoned in such a cruel setting as the L.A.J.F.. Is there any alternative you would accept?”

“Short of finding a home, where someone will look after her and be sure she appears before this court for her hearing. No, I see no other recourse.” Judge Severin banged her gavel.

“One moment, please. Let me state for this court, I am willing to offer the home you suggest. And I will take the responsibility of seeing she appears before you when her next court date is set. Is that fair enough, your honour.”

I must have been pretty persuasive or the Judge was in a generous mood.

“You may take her home with you on the following conditions. You see she is safe. You take it upon yourself to promise to take good care of Ms. Alison Porter. You promise to read a brief I am going to share with you. I want you to know what kind of responsibility you are bringing into your life. If that is acceptable and after you read her history, you still want to take her home, then I will not stand in your way with any objections.”

Sure enough, I sat in the courtroom and read the material from the Judge. Alison was led away to a waiting area. Food and drink were provided her while she waited. It didn’t take long. I am a speed reader. Nothing in the brief scared me, as I suspected the Judge thought it would.

“I agree with all your demands, your honour. Please have someone take me to Alison and let me tell her the news. From there, if she is willing, I would like to get the girl home, in a safe environment for the first time in her life. And make her feel welcome in my home, which will be her home.”

The officer of the court led me to the room where Alison was waiting. She jumped up when she saw me enter. She wasn’t exactly hostile but she wasn’t trusting either at my offer. I tried talking to Alison, as we road to our home in Matthew, my black Honda CRV. Always named my cars. It makes me feel much safer if they have names.

“Alison, I think you will like where I live. It’s very large. You will have your own rooms. They will be in your control. If you don’t want someone in any of them, just say the magic words, ‘Go away, I want to be left alone.’ You are going to be living there, so you should treat it like home.”

“It isn’t going to be my home, so why should I act like it is?”

“Why don’t we wait to talk about this? Once we arrive, you may feel different. After you get settled and have a good meal, you may start to relax and see everything differently. No pressure, though. I can’t wait until you meet Scottie. We live together. Scottie is a woman, just in case the name might have made you think otherwise.”

“You’re lesbians?”

“Yes, actually. Quite the lesbians, we are.”

“Will that be a problem?” I asked.

“No, not at all.”

Alison’s voice sounded relieved. I thought, Annie, when I answered yes to the lesbian question, I wasn’t too sure how she was going to react. I was relieved by Alison’s reaction myself. It felt like the tension had escaped from inside of us both. But I hadn’t told Scottie yet, what had I done? I treat Alison like a puppy dog and now I am going to seek Scottie’s permission to keep her. There wasn’t anything else I could do. Yes, I could have texted her but not the same thing. With Scottie, it had to be in person. There was no time to think, I just knew I had to reach out to this innocent girl. Her life had been a tragedy up to this point. I read the Judge’s brief. It was enough to know I couldn’t walk away and I knew, somehow, Scottie would understand and feel the same.

With my childhood, Scottie learned how some children bearly survive their nightmares, especially when they are so real. She will understand my wanting to protect Alison. I felt so strong a need to rescue her, whether she wanted to be or knew she needed to be.

As I drove over the bridge to our drive, I saw Scottie out by the stream across from+ the side of the Chateau. She saw Matthew approaching and me driving but I don’t think she noticed the passenger. I pulled up to park in my usual place near the front door. Scottie ran up to greet me. After I got out, I hugged Scottie. As we held each other, the passenger door opened. Out came Alison, starring at the two of us. Scottie turned when she heard the car door close.

Alison stared at us both. It was not a stare of contempt but just the opposite. She broke out a small smile and in a low voice said, “Hi,” to Scottie.

“Hello back.” Scottie broke our hug and went to the other side of the car to greet this new young girl in our driveway. “Welcome.” Scottie took Alison’s hand and gave it a warm, firm shake. “Would anyone like to introduce us?”

I did the introductions and we all walked over to the front door and entered our home together. Alison didn’t know that then, nor did any of us. But it did happen. That was the first day of Alison coming to stay forever. Now we are officially able to adopt her. Already, she is our daughter in all the right ways and in other ways.

It is a good thing that we all officially become family. It will give Alison as well as myself a safer sense of security. I think Scottie loves the idea as much as the rest of us. We are going to be Alison’s mothers in writing, in all legalize. Happy Mother’s Day, Scottie, and a Happy Mother’s Day to myself.

I always wished when I was a kid that someone like me would come along and rescue me from my nightmare. Never did happen. But now I have Scottie and Alison. Our wonderful loving family. All ours. No one can pull us apart. We are all safe together. And the adoption happened on a very special day for Alison. It’s her birthday. Happy Birthday to you, Alison. Welcome to our whole family now.

Time for time and traveling with circuses must end. It is time to soar through the time barrier into all moments in the Universe.

So, until I see you, I will end with my favorite quote from the film “Brief Sacrifice.

“Time can be folded and joined with all elements in all places as the one ultimate moment when time is all at once. In this place everything happens on a continual loop following into a continuum of time forever into infinity. In the “Silver Box,” there is contained the ability to draw time into itself and create the perfect infinite moment.”

For you, I will end this letter in “the moment between seconds.”

Love Fondly,



© madison taylor 2008


Somewhere In Time – John Barry

Early Purple Orchids

Early Purple Orchids

rain in garden gif

Dreaming Memories
By Madison Taylor
8th July 2008
Dedicated to LOVE
For Very Special Friend
Touched with Words of Inspiration

Dreaming memories
Sweet sadness talking
Tears falling
Clouds darkening
Night approaching

Dreaming memories
Ones I want
Grass beneath us
Warm breeze
Sounds fading

Dreaming memories
Glowing flowers
Blue green yellow
Thorns vanished
Horns blasting

Dreaming memories
Wishing you were there
Haunted thoughts
Vanished shadows
Danger surrounded

Dreaming memories
Carousel horse
Uplifted to meet it
Alone riding
Stoned writing

Dreaming memories
Honesty revealed
Shadows dancing
Always younger
Going back there

Dreaming memories
Connection made
Distance possible
Stopping nothing
Waves crashing

Dreaming memories
Spying lying
Touching taking
Save a soul
Makes a Savior

© madison taylor 2008

Faces - by Jk McCormack (c) JkM 2014

Faces – by Jk McCormack (c) JkM 2014

“A Dream
The beginning always starts out
With a dream.
It is all a dream

In our own nightmares”
— Madison Taylor

Le Chateau de Rocher

Le Chateau de Rocher

play is not just play meryl streep“Pretending is not just play. Pretending is imagined possibility” — Meryl Streep

Medicalmarijuana red cross marijuana leaf black bgMedical Marijuana

The Prince of Tides

prince of tides poster
The Prince of Tides
Film Review by Jennifer Kiley
Illustrated by j. kiley
Created on 9th January 2014
Posted On Friday 10th January 2014


2 prince of tides barbra as director

Barbra Streisand as Director of “The Prince of Tides”

“Prince of Tides” stars Barbra Streisand, Nick Nolte, Blythe Danner, and Kate Nelligan, plus George Carlin as the gay character who gives comic relief and lightens things up. Neighbor to Nick Nolte’s twin sister, Savannah. She starts out the film inside a hospital in serious condition after a suicide attempt.

3 prince of tides tom stunned w lowenstein

Tom Wingo [Nick Nolte] first visit to Dr. Lowenstein’s Office

There are certain scenes which can have a strong effect on many viewers. We are talking about VIOLENCE of the most disturbing kind.

Rare! The Prince of Tides – Behind the Scenes

My first times seeing this film were in a theatre. The totality of the film is so compelling, I needed to see it. When it first was released, it fit closely to psychological issues I was studying in my own mind.

Prince of Tides (Interpreting)

There is an under story carrying a huge secret. The entire film is absorbing, intense and the building of a relationship between the two lead characters of Dr. Lowenstein and Tom Wingo causes questions. One, he is married. Lowenstein is, also.

4 prince of tides 1st meal 2gether lowenstein tom

Tom Wingo [Nick Nolte] & Dr. Lowenstein [Barbra Streisand]

But this is not what throws me, it is the questions, “Is she treating him or seeing him as a go-between for his sister and their family and a way for her to understand what is hidden. Or is she trying to uncover Tom’s secret as well, to get to his sister’s. Which brings up the question, “Is he technically her patient, also?” 

5 prince of tides lowenstein behind desk

Dr. Lowenstein behind her office desk talking with Tom Wingo

This is one of the dilemmas for me in “The Prince of Tides.” An excellent film to create many discussions in so many areas needing the darkness and shadows cleared.

6 prince of tides tom in lowenstein's ofc

Tom Wingo in front of Dr. Lowenstein’s desk talking with the Doctor

It is a film that makes you think about trying to understand why life happens to you the way it does, with all it’s sudden surprises.

The Prince of Tides is such a story. It is about two worlds and two families. Secrets kept in one and not understanding love in the other.

9 nick-nolte-barbra-streisand-prince-tides-1991 tom lowenstein watch violin player husband

Tom with Lowenstein at dinner party listening to her famous husband Herbert play his Stradivarius violin

I am recommending “The Prince of Tides.” Pat Conroy wrote the novel & adapted the screenplay with Becky Johnston. The acting is incredible. Barbra Streisand, when I first saw this film, I envied Nick Nolte developing the relationship they did.


Tom and Lowenstein in park watching her son Bernard [Jason Gould, Streisand's son with Actor Elliot Gould]. Lowenstein hired Tom to teach him football.

What brings Tom to Dr. Lowenstein’s [Streisand] psychiatrist office? He is representing his family in a serious matter. His mother coerces him. Doesn’t believe she would be wanted.

Prince of Tides (Ethics)

What is revealed after Tom starts talking to Dr. Lowenstein is overwhelming at times when releasing the pain. His families life, when he was a child, had a great deal of manipulation and violence surrounding it.

8 prince_of_tides_the_1991 dancing

Tom and Lowenstein run into each other at one of Eddie’s parties [Savannah's neighbor played by George Carlin]

They jump between the flashbacks into Tom’s childhood and that of his siblings. Showing a brutal father and the questionable qualifications of their mother, also.

In the present, you see Tom spend some time with his sister who attempted to commit suicide and not the first time.  It is now time for talking to Dr. Lowenstein about his sister and the whole of the rest of his family, to sort out just what is so disturbing for Savannah.


Tom and Bernard after a good football learning work-out at park

There develops another layer between Lowenstein and Tom. They spend time together outside of her office. Technically, he is not her patient, his sister is. But things begin to get personal between the Doctor and Savannah’s brother Tom .

Lowenstein Holding Tom

Lowenstein Holding Tom

He meets her really irritating son, at first, and her arrogant, famous, violinist husband, who goes outside the barriers of rude to be a pompous, rich, elitist. Hairs get raised between Tom and Lowenstein’s husband. A violin comes between them. Lowenstein leaves. Tom follows.

When I first saw this film, the relationship between Tom and Lowenstein, I felt was crossing over the line. You decide. I am not sure any longer, for personal reasons.

13 The Prince of Tides (1991) lowenstein tom naked in bed

Lowenstein and Tom in bed at her vacation home

The film is about family, class, infidelity, a pain in the ass spouse, a misunderstood son, a nightmare that gets “buried.” Trauma everywhere in Tom and Savannah Wingo’s life.

Prince of Tides (Affective)

“The Prince of Tides” is emotionally charged with love and violence at their heights.

Be Warned, it is an Intense Film with traumatic scenes some may be disturbed by watching.

A note for the film, “The Prince of Tides” is the title of a book of poetry written by Savannah and dedicated to Tom. In the book this was different. It was a book Savannah wrote for their brother Luke. It was changed greatly in the screenplay. The central story switched from Luke Wingo, Tom & Savannah’s brother, being hunted and killed by government agents, to the love story between Tom and Lowenstein. I am drawn to the romance. Luke’s story is told in the book. Tom & Savannah’s story is told in the film in a deeply moving way. 

14 prince of tides tom and lowenstein at cottage in woods

Tom and Lowenstein feeling the loss

It is as great a film today, as the opening night in the theatre. Barbra Streisand did a fabulous job playing the role of Dr. Lowenstein and she was the excellent director of “The Prince of Tides.” The film was nominated for seven Academy Awards  including Best Picture, but lost the award to “The Silence of the Lambs.”

Film Review Written by Jennifer Kiley

The Prince of Tides – Trailer [1991]


Nick Nolte as Tom Wingo

Barbra Streisand as Dr. Susan Lowenstein

Blythe Danner as Sallie Wingo [Tom Wingo's wife]

Kate Nelligan as Lila Wingo Newbury [Tom & Savannah's mother & Luke's mother]

Jeroen Krabbé as Herbert Woodruff [Lowenstein's husband-the famous violinist]

Melinda Dillon as Savannah Wingo [Tom's twin sister]

George Carlin as Eddie Detreville [Savannah's gay neighbor]

Jason Gould as Bernard Woodruff [Lowenstein’s son and Streisand’s real life son with Elliott Gould

Best Film of All Time #6 — Casablanca

casablanca poster

Best Film of All Time #6 — Casablanca
Review Written by Jennifer Kiley
Posted Created On 15th January
Posted On Friday 6th December 2013


5 stars dedicated to roger ebert film friday

“Here’s looking at you kid.”

There are so many memorable lines and scenes in the film Casablanca.

Casablanca (1942) – Directed by Michael Curtiz

Starring: Humphrey Bogart as Rick Blaine, Ingrid Bergman as Ilsa Lund, Peter Lorre as Ugarte, Claude Raines as Louie – (Head of Police/Rick’s Friend), Paul Henreid as Victor Laszlo, Sydney Greenstreet as Ferrari – Proprietor of the night club The Blue Parrot.

Just one of the fifty films a studio would make each year back in the day. Casablanca was just one of those films thrown into that collection. Who knew it would spring forth and become the success that it is. Today, it is considered one of the top romantic films of all time.

Won for Best Picture Oscar 1942. One of the most universally admired films ever made. On most lists of the greatest films of all times. Even people who don’t like old films or black and white films love Casablanca. Roger Ebert said he doesn’t think he’s heard of any negative reviews of this film ever. All the characters are all good except the Nazis. Vichy are the French who collaborate with the Nazis.

Rick’s Cafe Americain in Casablanca in French Morocco, where everyone went for entertainment or to hang out for a drink or to go to the back room where there is gambling going on. Here, in Casablanca, some may obtain exit visas but others may wait and wait and wait. At the beginning of the film, you find out that some couriers were killed in the desert and robbed of exit visas. Officials wanting to see a man’s papers, causes the man to freak out, his papers are not in order, so he runs and is shot and killed because he didn’t halt when ordered to.

Life is meaningless in Casablanca.

When Louie, the head of the police, is asked by Major Strasser, what is being done about the murder of the couriers, his answer is: “We’ve rounded up the usual suspects.” No one likes Nazis and the head of the Nazis in this movie doesn’t make them any more popular and maybe makes them even less popular. The Marseillaise is the present day French National Anthem. Remember that when you watch Casablanca.

Ugarte shows up and talks to Rick. Wants to have a drink with Rick but as a rule he doesn’t drink with any of the guests of his night club. Ugarte likes to brag to Rick. He just is looking for Rick’s approval but knows that Rick despises him but he is the only person that Ugarte trusts. Rick does finally seem impressed with him. You’ll have to watch the movie to find out why.

Ferrari wants Rick’s place. He is always trying to buy it. It’s the best place in town. Sasha hangs out there and is sort of Rick’s girl friend and is a bit of an alcoholic. It’s understandable she wants to drink the times are during the 2nd World War and it is making everyone edgy and the French are being ruled by the Germans.

Louie and Rick get involved in a conversation and Louie asks why Rick came to such a God Forsaken place like Casablanca. Rick’s a smart ass and says: “It’s for the water.” But, of course, it is a desert. Rick’s is permitted to stay open because he just doesn’t want to get involved. But he has in his hands something that a lot of people are looking for but no one has any idea what that is. Louie tells Rick there is a famous patriot of the war headed for Casablanca. A member of the Gestapo, Major Strasser, is expected at the club. He is a thoroughly disagreeable Nazis but then what Nazi isn’t. That I may say often.

A major happening occurs at Rick’s but he reassures everyone to settle down and get back into enjoying themselves. Rick actually sits down with the Nazis. The Nazis make mention about invading New York. Rick warns them about staying away from certain sections of New York. They may not be safe. They start in talking about Victor Lazslo being on his way. Rick assuring them that he doesn’t plan on getting involved.

Victor Laszlo and Ilsa Lund eventually show up as expected and walk through the cafe and take a seat in the night club. Expect that many will be approaching Victor fairly often because of his importance and how nervous they make the Nazis. Ilsa starts asking about the piano player and who owns the Night Club. Louie tells her it is a man named Rick. Major Strasser is introduced and acts like the ass that he is. Starts applying his power over Laszlo.

It is evident that Ilsa and Victor are close but at this time we know nothing of their relationship other then they are traveling together. Victor leaves her at table to meet a man at the bar and finds out about Ugarte.

Ilsa wants to speak to the piano player. His name is Sam and she asks him to play some of the old songs. There is a sadness between Sam regarding Rick. She wants him to play a the song “As Time Goes By.” Sam sings the song for her. Out comes Rick telling Sam he’s not suppose to play that song. Rick sees Ilsa sitting at her table. The last time Rick saw Ilsa was in Paris when the Germans marched in to take over the city. He was unnerved seeing her again. He was so not himself that he actually had a drink with all at the table breaking his precedent of not drinking with guests of the night club The Americain.

Later back in his rooms, Rick has a bottle, and tells Sam he is not planning on going to bed. He thinks Ilsa is going to show up. Sam isn’t going to leave his boss alone. He starts getting maudlin. “Of all the gin joints in all the world, she walks into mine.” He wants Sam to play “As Time Goes By.” Sam doesn’t want to open the wounds.

Flashback: Paris with Rick and Ilsa driving around in a convertible. then down by the Seine. In the hotel drinking champagne. “Who are you really and what were you before and what did you think?” Ricks asks. Ilsa’s response: “We said no questions.” All the best lines in these scenes. So many to write down and remember. She reveals an answer without the question. Watch the movie to find out what she told Rick.

Outside, newspapers are being passed around. The Germans are coming I believe are the headlines and what they are saying in French over the microphones. There is a lot of action going on out in the streets.

The most famous line is spoken by Rick toasting champagne with Sam and Ilsa: “Here’s looking at you kid.” Everything is falling apart. “Where were you ten years ago?” Rick said he was looking for a job. For some reason there is a price on Rick’s head but no one knows why. It’s time for everyone to leave Paris. Their suppose to meet at the train station from where they will be leaving. Ilsa loves him so much and the war, she hates that in just the opposite emotion. She thinks that they will be taken apart. “Kiss me as if it is the last time.”

It’s raining at the train station. With three minutes until last train leaves. No Ilsa but Sam and Rick are waiting. There is a note from the Hotel. Fade Out Paris Train Station as you watch the rain wash the ink off of the note in Rick’s hand.

Fade In: Rick’s Rooms enter Ilsa. She wants to talk to him, to tell him a story. It’s about a girl who meets a man, a very courageous man. She looked up to him. She thought it was love. Who did she leave him for? Laszlo or others in between?

Victor and Ilsa meet Strasser at Police station. Strasser guarantees Laszlo will never receive an exit visa. His only way to leave is to be a traitor to his people. Do you really think he is the type of man to be a traitor. Nazis have no sense of integrity so they do not understand an enigma like Victor Laszlo. An important person to their leaving has been reported to be dead.

Rick visits The Blue Parrot and talks with Ferrari, who wants the letters of transit. He tells Rick he thinks he knows where the letters are. Rick purposely left his club so the police would have a chance to ransack it. Louie’s men were impressively destructive at Rick’s Place in order to win points with Major Strasser. Louie blows with the wind. He is with the Vichy. The Vichy being the French who go along with the Nazis and reluctantly support the French. The French who are loyal to their own country feel betrayed by the Vichy.

A young woman comes to Rick to plead for some help. She will have to sleep with Louie if her husband doesn’t win enough money so they can afford a visa. If they use only the money they have there would be nothing left. Louise fully expects her to have sex with him if the money isn’t won. Louie sees that the young woman and Rick are being obvious about conspiring. They are all in the backroom where the gambling goes on. Louie is an odd duck. Louie accuses Rick of being a rank sentimentalist.

Victor has a visit with Rick. The Underground tell Victor all sorts of very impressive things about activities that Rick was involved in during the war.

In Rick’s Cafe, the Nazis are singing about the Fatherland. It is so despicable to the French in the club that they have a singing competition. Guess who wins. Strasser is not very satisfied. He tells Louie to find an excuse to close Rick’s. He tells Rick the reason is because he is shocked that gambling is going on in his club.

Strasser just keeps getting creepier when he threatens Ilsa.

Later Ilsa and Victor speak about the letters of transit and what Rick said about asking his wife why he won’t give up the letters.

Ilsa goes to Rick’s rooms and tries to get letters from him. She wants to tell him what really happened in Paris. The feelings between them, have they been buried or are they gone? The truth comes out. She had no hope that Victor was alive when she was in Paris with Rick.

Victor and Rick talk. They are not that far apart in what they believe.

Louie and Rick talk about letters. Louie doesn’t like Strasser.

Approaching the final few scenes of the film. Cafe Americain is still closed by order of the Prefect of Police. Ferrari has taken over the Cafe. Louie thinks he is at Cafe to arrest Laszlo but Rick surprises him and makes him call the airport to tell them that there is to be no trouble about two letters of transit. Everything is building up to the excitement of what is all going to culminate in some of the biggest surprises yet in the film.

Best closing scenes in any movie and best closing lines. Memorable til the final line.

For the rest of the film and to fill in all the spaces that I have left out, you will need to find a copy of this film on DVD or streaming from online or whatever source you are able to find to watch the whole thing and to see how it ends. It is a thoroughly amazing film to watch. It seems the perfect film in detail, dialogue, scenes, settings, storyline, acting and durability. It has all the perfect elements and the best acting. Filled with sentiment and sacrifice. I first saw this film when I was in my 20s. It was such a surprise that I did not see it when I was a kid. It is understandable for older children and a fascinating film for all adults.

The following videos do have SPOILERS so watch them if you have seen the film already or if you don’t mind seeing scenes before seeing the film. I am sure a great many of you have watched this film. But if you haven’t, it should be on everyone’s’ film list as a must see. The sheer acting alone and the love story and the screenplay is brilliant. The cast is to die for. Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman play the leads. They are two of the finest actors of all times. Worthy of anyone’s time to find out how great they are in Casablanca.

No one had any idea what a remarkable film this was going to turn out to be. The special benefit of this film is you get to hate the Nazis and you get to curse them out without impunity. It has the most classic lines of almost any film ever made. Enjoy the videos and seriously consider locating this film if you haven’t seen it and find it so you can watch it again. “Here’s Looking At You Kid.” —Written by Jennifer Kiley

Tribute To Casablanca
Filled With Spoilers

Casablanca La Marseillaise

All About the Classic Movie “Casablanca”

Best Films Top Ten #11: Fried Green Tomatoes

Fried Green Tomatoes Poster

Fried Green Tomatoes
Best Films Top Ten #11
Special Feature
Post Created by Jk the secret keeper
Written by Jennifer Kiley
Illustrated by j. kiley
Posted Created on Tuesday 15th October 2013
Posted on Friday 18th October 2013
dedicated to roger ebert film friday

5 stars

Fried Green Tomatoes
Love Story of Idgie & Ruth
Written by Jennifer Kiley
17th October 2013

Romantic. Sad & Joyful. Celebration of two women who love each other. The KKK try to tear their family, life & world apart. They held their common bond in Buddy through his namesake in Ruth’s child Buddy Jr.

The film opens with Idgie, at a single digit age, not wanting to wear a dress for a sibling’s wedding ceremony. She climbs into her tree fort & refuses to come down.

I should take a few steps back. The story of Idgie Threadgoode and Ruth Jamison is told to us through the memories of Ninny Threadgoode. She lives in a nursing home, where one day wanders into the visitors lounge a confused woman who is there with her husband to visit one of his relatives, who hates Evelyn Couch. Her husband ends up visiting alone, while she spends the time alone herself, just wandering around & ends up in the visitors lounge.

A voice comes out of the silence. Ninny & Evelyn meet. A reluctant Evelyn sits with Ninny, who begins to talk her ear off. Evelyn is not sure what she has gotten herself into but she is about to find out. Something surprising, in which she becomes enthusiastic about overtime. It is when Ninny starts telling the story of two special women, one being a direct member of her own family, and the other person, a friend of the family. The family member is Idgie Threadgoode and the other woman is Ruth Jamison.

Their life merging in many different ways turns into one of the most interesting story’s filled with trauma and sadness but also excitement and joy. The film Fried Green Tomatoes is the unusual name of this treat. The story pulls the audience into it & you never want it to end. There is one person you want to see meet his demise as soon as you lay your eyes on him. Mr. Frank Bennett. He is nothing but trouble for everyone he comes in contact with & he must be taken out. I hated him immediately & my hatred grew as I found out more. He was simply put, a violent creep, an abuser, and a brute.

My main focus was what happened between Idgie & Ruth. Idgie’s family wanted Ruth to help guide her in any way possible. “To have a good influence on her.” Did she? That is debatable who had an effect on whom. When she lost her brother, Buddy, who she loved more than anything in the world, she was so devastated she escaped from her life. Slept on the shore of the lake. Big George, who ended up taking care of her for most of her life, watched over her. Ruth, also, lost Buddy that day.

Ruth was Buddy’s fiancée & missed him just as much as Idgie did. Her job was to follow Idgie around & instead of her guiding Idgie, Idgie took control & they had many adventures. Never one she would have thought of herself. One such adventure was to hop a train car & throw food to the poorer people of their area. Basically, stealing from the haves and giving to the have nots. At first Ruth felt it was stealing. Then she saw the hungry children. Her mind changed & so did her enthusiasm.

As Idgie & Ruth get closer. Idgie throws her a great surprise birthday party in the poorer side of town where she hangs out regularly. They drank, played poker & drunk baseball. Ruth got a home run but hit like a girl. Afterwards, the two sat on the shore & practically kissed. But Ruth broke the magic by saying she would be the good daughter and marry the man she was supposed to marry, who turned into Frank Bennett.

Life turned sour after that. Idgie didn’t go to the wedding. But one day she decided to visit Ruth, who kept the screen door between them & hid a huge bruise on her face. Idgie left without knowing. Frank came to the door as Idgie drove away. He had contempt in his eyes.

When Ruth’s mother died, it was time for Ruth to escape. She sent a note to Idgie in a disguise. A cryptic Bible passage. It was a hint she needed rescuing. When Idgie got to Ruth’s place, along with her brother Julian & Big George, she found her upstairs alone, gazing out the window. She told Idgie she was pregnant. Idgie told Ruth she was leaving with her. They got her belongings & as they were ready to exit the front door, Frank came in. By this time, Julian & Big George heard them from the car. In the struggles, he started to carry Ruth over his shoulder up the stairs & told Idgie to leave.

Julian & Big George convinced Frank to put Ruth down. Big George politely threatened him as he was holding his knife. Frank turned around & released Ruth to go down the stairs. Before she took one step down, he kicked her from behind, sending her flying down the stairs to land directly on her stomach. Idgie & Julian helped her up & Big George helped her to the car. Idgie looked straight up at Frank & threatened him, “If you ever touch her again, I’ll kill you.”

Life did change for Idgie & Ruth. They opened the Whistlestop Café. Ruth had her baby & named him Buddy Jr.. They built a life together. They were generous to the poor. One in particular, Smokey Lonesome, frequented Whistlestop Café & they saw to it he was always taken care of with food & a bottle to steady his nerves. Even a warm blanket for an outside room where he could sleep. They were also good to the black folk who came for food. It was a time when whites and blacks didn’t mix. Whistlestop didn’t believe in segregation so they served anyone who wanted a meal.

Grady, the law now, and friend of Idgie’s, told them they had to behave & follow the rules or there would be trouble from the KKK. Idgie knew Grady was a Klan member. But the local group was fairly liberal compared to the way they behaved elsewhere. Idgie & Ruth came to an agreement, they would continue to serve black people but they would have them eat at the picnic tables outside, in the back near the barbeque. That’s where Big George made the best barbeque in the whole of the South.

Further trouble struck one night. Frank heard he had a son. So he came with his Klan members from a state over with bad intentions.. He knocked Sipsey out when he tried to take Buddy. Ruth got wind he was there and stopped him. Sipsey came to & told him she wasn’t afraid of him. He told her she should be. He finally did leave but not until they harassed Big George & tied him up & whipped him. Idgie threatened the Klan if they didn’t stop. Grady stopped her but stepped in himself. He made them leave. Idgie untied Big George & took him away to tend to his wounds.

Frank did return on another night, alone, & stole the baby out of the house. As he was attempting to get into his truck, he was stopped several times by Smokey Lonesome. He punched Smokey & knocked him over several times. When out of the blue someone came up from behind & clobbered him with a cast iron skillet. That was it. He fell to the ground & someone picked up the baby basket. That was the last anyone heard about Frank Bennett.

What was ahead, from that point on seemed to go smoothly but things kept on happening. A member of the law kept looking for Frank Bennett. He ate a lot of the barbeque that Big George prepared. When he asked how they got it to taste so good, Sipsey [Cicely Tyson] told him, “The secret’s in the sauce.”. He was like a dog with a bone, when it came to Frank’s disappearance.

One damned day, a rusty truck was washed up during a great rain. It turned out to be Frank’s. The law from the next state came after Idgie.

Now believe it or not, I haven’t really told you too much. There is so much more happening that I haven’t revealed. Of course, there is a court case. It is all rather funny.

Now you must realize, I am only telling you the story Ninny is telling to Evelyn Couch. There is so much more to tell. First, that Fried Green Tomatoes is a brilliant & emotionally deep film. Let’s not say it is only for the female sex. I don’t feel it is limited in that way.

For the rest of the story & for Ninny Threadgoode’s [Jessica Tandy] part of the story, you will definitely have to rent, buy or stream the film. It is a great story. Touching & funny, warm & women don’t take no sh*t in it. “Towanda!” The cry of the angry woman who is tired of being mistreated & overlooked by the rudeness of the young & the ill-mannered of the world.

The film is about the injustice & treatment of what society felt were the lesser people in the world. Not because they were lesser but because they were designated to second class citizenship by the white male majority [not really the majority but the rich white male who felt he owned everything & everyone that wasn’t like him]. Not a lot has changed, if you look around.

As I wrote in my post on marriage & relationships of an intimate nature, these connections always have a sad ending, sometimes short & sometimes we live til we are old but we are always going to have to say goodbye. In Mary-Louise Parker’s acting roles, she had the bad luck of her characters not having the longest of life spans. She is a brilliant actor & I have seen all the films she has been in. Fried Green Tomatoes was my introduction to her fine quality of acting.

To bring this treatise on FGT to an end, I leave you with film clips, trailer, photographs & music & even a music video I made of the film from shots in sequential order with the story with a beautiful song playing while you are viewing the results of my experimental creativity. Only just learning how to do the music video process.

I highly recommend this film. For me it is a FIVE STAR FILM. & I make it my #11 Best Films of All Time. When it was first released into theatres I went to two different towns to see it. They are 30+ miles apart & I went at night. The roads were very dark but I NEEDED to see this film again. It was extremely popular when it was released. That is all I can say. Fried Green Tomatoes are delicious & so is this film. Ciao!

fgt buddy carrying idgie after he gets her to come down

fgt buddy went up tree to get young idgie to come down to get dressed for wedding

fgt idgine when little in church for wedding b4 buddy is killed

fgt ruth walking across resevoir hearing buddy telling his story about the ducks & lake freezing

fried green tomatoes buddy ruth & idgie shortly before buddy is killed by trainFried Green Tomatoes Buddy Ruth & Idgie shortly before Buddy is killed by train. This totally devastates Idgie & she withdraws from the world. The only person who can reach her is Ruth.

fried_green_tomatoes waving to buddy on train tracks b4 they know train is coming


Fried Green Tomatoes (1/10) Movie CLIP – Buddy’s Accident [1991]

fgt idgie meeting frank bennett b4 he marries ruth

fgt beecharmer two photos with lines re bc

fgt ruth tells idgie shes a bee-charmer

Fried Green Tomatoes (2/10) Movie CLIP – The Spark Back in Marriage

fgt kathy-bates as evelyn wrapped only in cellaphane for husband

FGT idgie w arm over ruths shoulder its 4 surprise bday party for ruth

fried green tomatos

fgt ruth tells idgie shes a bee-charmer

fried-green-tomatoes two marysScene from “Fried Green Tomatoes” Idgie Threadgoode & Ruth Jamison on picnic, shortly before Idgie shows her she’s a “bee charmer.” Those are Ruth’s words to Idgie when she goes to the nearest tree loaded with honey & loads of honeybees. Idgie returns with a jar full of honey & beeswax with not a sting on her, bare arms & all.

FGT idgie w arm over ruths shoulder its 4 surprise bday party for ruth

fried green tomatoes party after party

fgt after party sitting on shore with feet in water idgie & ruth

Fried Green Tomatoes (3/10) Movie CLIP – The Best Birthday [1991]

Fried Green Tomatoes before the rescue Ruth & Idgie

Fried Green Tomatoes Idgie goes to visit Ruth after she is married. Ruth is acting strange & is hiding a huge bruise on the side of her face her husband put their. Idgie leaves against her better judgment.

fgt ruth trying to keep idgie from seeing bruise on her face at husbands place

fgt array of idgie ruth frank bennett nasty as can be bruise on ruths face

Scene from “Fried Green Tomatoes” Idgie Threadgoode & Ruth Jamison matched up from time of youth & on top, after they have grown & Ruth is supposed to have been a good influence on her. I feel she was & is. She rescues Ruth from her abusive brute of a husband & they are finally able to live together & eventually raise the baby Ruth was pregnant with at the time of the rescue.

fried-green-tomatoes bastard husband throws ruth down stairs while she is pregnant when rescuedFried Green Tomatoes Ruth’s bastard husband won’t let Ruth go without being a pr*ck, so he puts his foot on her back and pushes her down the stairs while she is pregnant.

fried green tomatoes idgie rescue day of ruthFried Green Tomatoes Idgie stands up to Ruth’s husband & tells him if he ever touches her again she would kill him.

fgt idgie to frank bennett if you ever touch her again i'll kill you gif

fried-green-tomatoes the escape with ruthFried Green Tomatoes Idgie brought along her brother & her loyal friend, who also does the best barbeque for the Whistlestop Cafe. They both pose a threat to Ruth’s husband but Idgie’s friend threatens him, which could be dangerous for him because he is black & Ruth’s husband we later find out is a member of the KKK.

Fried Green Tomatoes (4/10) Movie CLIP – Ruth Leaves Frank [1991]

idgie threadgoode & ruth jamison fried green tomatoesScene from “Fried Green Tomatoes” Idgie Threadgoode & Ruth Jamison matched up from time of youth & on top, after they have grown & Ruth is supposed to have been a good influence on her. I feel she was & is. She rescues Ruth from her abusive brute of a husband & they are finally able to live together & eventually raise the baby Ruth was pregnant with at the time of the rescue.

fried green tomatoes after rescue baby born set up whitlestop cafeFried Green Tomatoes Ruth, her baby boy & Idgie set up a life together. They open up the Whistlestop Cafe, which has the best barbeque like no other & all are welcome. No prejudice from them but their patrons aren’t as generous. But then they’re living in the times where everything is rough, but no one objects to their love.

fgt idgie ruth after food fight at cafe disagreement over taste of fgts

Fried Green Tomatoes (5/10) Movie CLIP – Food Fight [1991] HD

fried-green-tomatoes photo array of idgie & ruthFried Green Tomatoes This is an array of the relationship in photos of just how close a relationship Idgie & Ruth have developed over the years they know each other. It is a love relationship like no other. Their generosity with each other is spread out into the community ten fold.

Fried Green Tomatoes (6/10) Movie CLIP – Frank Intrudes on Ruth at Whistlestop

fgt cant look at own vagina evelyn crying as she is telling it to ninny gif“How many of those hormones are you taking.” Ninny asks this of Evelyn when she doesn’t seem to calm down.

Fried Green Tomatoes (7/10) Movie CLIP – Parking Lot Rage [1991]

FGT evelyn going thru change & telling ninny she doesn't know whats wrong w her

Fried Green Tomatoes (9/10) Movie CLIP – Evelyn the Destroyer [1991]

fgt evelyn in gif ramming vwTowanda!!! “Let’s face it girls, I’m older and I have more insurance.” A great retort to some snotty bitches who just f*cked the one too many times and Evelyn Couch had it with all the BS.

FGTs ruth telling idgie she has to leave so her shithead husband wont come back idgie assures her never

fgt night frank bennett met is maker

FGT barbeque big george

fgt big george idgies friend helped her thru buddy's death does best bar-b-q

fried-green-tomatoes-barbeque big george

fried_green_tomatoes_1991_smokey lonesome_returns pic of sipsey & ws grady idgies friend

Fried Green Tomatoes rusty truck dead bastard husband

fgt grady arresting idgie fpr frank bennetts murder she wont give up who really did it

fried green tomatoes idgie on trial for murder of frank bennett

fgt idgie on stand at her trial for murder of frank bennett

Fried Green Tomatoes (8/10) Movie CLIP – Taking the Stand [1991]

fgt after buddy jrs train accident big george rushing him to car to take to hospital

fgt at buddy jrs arms funeral lost in train accident almost killed like idgies bro buddy

fried green tomatoes ruth & idgie hugging

Fried_Green_Tomatoes_at_the_Whistle_Stop_Cafe idgie & ruth hats on

Fried-Green-Tomatoes-1991-kathy-bates evelyn eating only rabbit food

Ninny & Kathy Bates with Birthday FGTs w candles

fried-green-tomatoes kathy & ninny at end wants to bring her home to live

fgt evelyn takes ninny to whistlestop to see the town

Fried green Tomatoes ninny in whistlestop w evelyn after they see honey jar in front of ruths grave

fgt whistlestop cafe window

Fried Green Tomatoes (10/10) Movie CLIP – A Lady Always Knows When to Leave (1991) HD

Idgie and Ruth Love Story Fried Green Tomatoes (FGT)

Fried Green Tomatoes – Very Sad Scene

The Love Story of Idgie & Ruth-Created by Jennifer Kiley


Kathy Bates…….Evelyn Couch

Mary Stuart Masterson……..Idgie Threadgoode

Mary-Louise Parker…….Ruth Jamison

           Jessica Tandy…….Ninny Threadgoode

Cicely Tyson…….Sipsey

Chris O’Donnell…….Buddy Threadgoode

Stan Shaw…….Big George

Gailard Sartain…….Ed Couch

Timothy Scott…….Smokey Lonesome

Gary Basaraba…….Grady Kilgore

Lois Smith…….Mama Threadgoode

Jo Harvey Allen…….Women’s Awareness Teacher

Macon McCalman…….Prosecutor Percy

Richard Riehle…….Reverend Scroggins

Raynor Scheine…….Sheriff Curtis Smoote

Nancy Moore Atchison…….Little Idgie Threadgoode

Grayson Fricke…….Buddy Threadgoode Jr.

Haynes Brooke…….Older Julian Threadgoode

Nick Searcy…….Frank Bennett

Fried Green Tomatoes Trailer

FRIED GREEN TOMATOES (1991) – Thomas Newman – Soundtrack

Growing A Good Marriage / Partnership [Same-Sex / Opposite-Sex]

remembering memories day any as happens
Growing A Good Marriage / Partnership
[Same-Sex / Opposite-Sex]

Written by Jennifer Kiley
Post Created by Jk the secret keeper
Post Created on Sunday 13th October 2013
Posted On  October 2013
Remembering Memories



all you need is love logo


cosmic all you need is love“Nine psychological tasks for a good marriage”

Task #1

Separate  emotionally  from  the  family   you  grew  up  in;
not to the point of estrangement, but enough so that your
identity is separate from that of your parents and siblings.

Task #2

Build togetherness based on a shared intimacy and
identity, while at  the same time  set  boundaries  to
protect each partner’s autonomy.

Task #3

Establish a rich and pleasurable sexual relationship and protect
it  from  the  intrusions  of the workplace and family obligations.

Task #4

For  couples  with children,  embrace  the  daunting  roles of
parenthood and absorb the  impact  of  a   baby’s   entrance
into the marriage. Learn to continue the work of protecting
the privacy of you and your spouse as a couple.

Task #5

Confront and master the inevitable crises of life.

Task #6

Maintain the strength of the marital  bond in the
face of adversity. The marriage should  be a  safe
haven in which partners are able to express their
differences, anger and conflict.

Task #7

Use humor and laughter to keep things in perspective
and to avoid boredom and isolation.

Task #8

Nurture and comfort each other, satisfying
each partner’s needs for dependency and
offering  continuing  encouragement  and

Task #9

Keep alive the early romantic, idealized images
of falling in love, while facing the sober realities
of the changes wrought by time.

I would add a #10 Task: KISSING… View the following photographs, some Famous Screen Kisses, a Special Couple Sharing a Lovely Kiss & something Special which holds deep memories for me & I am sure for many, the Most Joyful & Most Sad Love Story of them all. And, No, I am not talking about the one that ‘issued’ the line, “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.” That is total sh*t! No, I am speaking of the one written by the Greatest Wordsmith/Writer of them all, William Shakespeare. Enjoy the video with song & the Soundcloud with Dire Straits, which you probably already heard, if you had your sound turned on. by Jennifer Kiley

desert hearts kiss in rainScene from “Desert Hearts

barack & michellePresident Barack Obama & First Lady Michelle Obama

breakfast at tiffany kiss in the rainScene from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s

ghost demi & patrickScene from “Ghost

romeo & juliet kissScene from “Romeo & Juliet

titanic rose & jackScene from “Titanic

Love-moulin rouge nicole in song1024x409“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.” ~ Moulin Rouge! [2001]

romeo & juliet let a hand do what lips doScene from “Romeo & Juliet”

(taking JULIET’s hand)
If I profane with my unworthiest hand
This holy shrine, the gentle sin is this:
My lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand
To smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss.

Good pilgrim, you do wrong your hand too much,
Which mannerly devotion shows in this,
For saints have hands that pilgrims’ hands do touch,
And palm to palm is holy palmers’ kiss.

Have not saints lips, and holy palmers too?

Ay, pilgrim, lips that they must use in prayer.

O, then, dear saint, let lips do what hands do.
They pray; grant thou, lest faith turn to despair.

Saints do not move, though grant for prayers’ sake.

Then move not, while my prayer’s effect I take.

Kisses her

Thus from my lips, by thine, my sin is purged.

Then have my lips the sin that they have took.

Sin from thy lips? O trespass sweetly urged!
Give me my sin again.

They kiss again

Romeo & Juliet — Leonardo DiCaprio & Claire Danes

Romeo and Juliet by Dire Straits and Rafi Wazir

All love stories eventually have a sad ending. Sometimes early & too soon & other times, you are able to live to be old together. Either way, unfortunately in the physical plane, you always end up having to say goodbye. The really good part is that you have a love story or more than one to remember as you live your life. “All you need is Love.” Thank you, John Lennon & all the other Beatles. It is true, “All You Need Is Love.” “The Greatest Thing You’ll Ever Learn Is Just To Love and To Be Loved In Return.” [Moulin Rouge-2001]

Credit to Judith S. Wallerstein, PhD,
Co-author of the book “The Good Marriage: How and Why Love Lasts”

“Nine psychological tasks for a good marriage”

Reproduced from the APA Link. American Psychological Association — APA Help Center.

Fav Top Ten Film #1: The Sound of Music


Fav Top Ten Film #1: The Sound of Music
Post Created by Jk the secret keeper
Review Written by Jennifer Kiley
Post Created Sunday 6th October 2013
Posted On Friday 11th October 2013

dedicated to roger ebert film friday

5 stars

“The Sound of Music” is my favorite movie of all time. It has major sentimental meaning to me. Rather then my reviewing it. I would like to share the images and video tapes from the film. The photos are in order as they appear in the film. I believe in my extensive search, I found almost all the shots I could find, which fit almost every scene in the movie with a few exceptions. Don’t want to give it all away for those who haven’t seen it.

I do recommend if you are planning on renting or streaming “The Sound of Music” you may want to reconsider viewing this post until later but then, the images are so delightful, you may not want to put it off. I do realize a great many people have seen this film and are just as invested in it as I am. It is great for everyone. I am an avid Julie Andrews fan and will never get enough of her film roles and her singing. I find when she is singing for a role her voice lent a certain depth to it.

I plan on using some assorted dialogue and descriptions of what is occurring. I worked on putting this together in reverse. With all the shots and videos collected, I placed the last photos first and fit in the videos where I felt they best fit. As I said, this is my favorite film of all time so I do know it frontwards and backwards. And I am testing myself by writing this review from the memory of all the times I viewed it. Let’s see how accurate I can get. After I am finished, I will then watch the film and see how I did.

That means I am pulling out all the dialogue from inside my head and testing my memory from the plus 100 times I have seen this film. You would think I would be bored from seeing something that many times. Absolutely not. This film was the savior of my childhood. It was one of my escapes. I went to everything theatre I could find where it was showing. When I was a kid films stayed forever in one place. It grossed more money in its day in ticket sales and if compared to todays prices I believe it is second or third place in sales for all times. Keep in mind, there weren’t as many people born back in 1964. It just kept drawing people into the theatres. I saw it in my home state and I saw it in New York City.

Once it hit television, I watched it every year, until the VCR and Video Tapes. It probably was the first film I purchased on Video and on DVD. I have purchased different versions of it as the technology has improved. Next is to, hopefully, receive a present of it in Blu-Ray over the Holidays or as an unholiday, unbirthday present. We’ll see. Hint! Hint! Hint!

So lets begin the tale as the opening of the film is the cameras sweeping over the mountains of Austria, into the valleys, hearing birds and wind, until we come on the scene where Maria, our heroine, is dancing and singing on the hilltops, twirling about so carelessly. She is a postulate at the Abby near by and not terribly successful at it.

the_sound_of_music_1st sight of maria on mtn

In this scene, Julie keeps getting flattened by the helicopters, so Robert Wise, the director, has to do take after take. Julie loves sharing this story in many of her interviews.

The Sound of Music

Review by Jennifer Kiley

the sound of music problem like maria nuns rev only

the sound of music rev mother & sister nun played by anna lee

“How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?” A great song. It describes Maria to a perfect degree as you will see in the animated image of her arrival back to the Abby after singing in the hills.

The-Sound-of-Music-gif-julie-andrews-in abbey after getting back from mtn top

Maria & Reverend Mother visit privately in the Reverend Mother’s private office.

Maria: Which brings me to another transgression Reverend Mother. I was singing out there today without permission.

Reverend Mother: Maria, it is only here in the Abbey that we have rules about postulate singing.

Maria: I can’t seem to stop singing wherever I am. And what’s worse, I can’t keep to stop saying things . . . everything and anything I think and feel.

Reverend Mother: Some people would call that honesty.

Maria: Oh, but it’s terrible Reverend Mother. You know how Sister Berthe always makes me kiss the floor after we’ve had a disagreement? Well, lately I’ve taken to kissing the floor when I see her coming . . . just to save time.

Outside the Abby, Maria looks around as she leaves.

Maria: Where God closes a door, somewhere else he opens a window.

the sound of music on way to von trapp home

On the way to the von Trapp home, Maria sings the song “I Have Confidence,” the build up her courage. After all, she is about to face a daunting fate. A governess for seven children and ones who don’t like governesses.

the sound-of-music maria leaning on stone wall i have confidence

the_sound_of_music_at closed gate i have confidence

the sound of music maria i have confidence ready to charge mansion

the soundofmusic 1st meeting 4 all

thesoundofmusic kids lined up 4 whistle lessons for maria

After the Captain uses his whistle to show Maria what their individual whistle call sounds like, he proceeds to show Maria her whistle sound.

Captain: Now, when I want you, this is what you will hear.

[blows whistle]

Maria: Oh, no, sir. I’m sorry, sir. I could never answer to a whistle. Whistles are for dogs and cats and other animals, but not for children and definitely not for me. It would be too… humiliating.

Captain von Trapp: Fraulein, were you this much trouble at the Abbey?

Maria: Oh, much more, sir.

Captain von Trapp: Hmm.

[starts walking away. Maria blows her whistle & he turns around]

Maria: Excuse me, sir. I don’t know your signal

Maria: Whistles are for dogs and cats but not for children and especially not for me.

the_sound_of_music_maria meeting the children after captain leaves

Maria asks the children to once again tell her their names and something about themselves. Louisa tries to trick her but she is way to smart. She re-identifies Brigitta and Louisa.

Brigitta: You’re smart. My names Brigitta and I think that is the ugliest dress I’ve ever seen.

The children debate the question but mischief is afoot. Maria makes a huge mistake.

Maria: I’ve never been a governess before. You’ll have to teach me.

The children proceed to tell her all the wrong things to do. She is just a governess and they don’t want one. SO they treat Maria equally as bad as the other governesses.

the sound of music finding the frog in pocket on stairs

Maria: Poor children.

In less than a moment she is throwing into the air as gently as possible a frog she found in her pocket.

Frau Schmidt: With the last governess it was [snakes or spiders].

the sound of music at dinner 2st night maria thanking kids 4 there lovely welcome earlier

After Fraulein Maria sits down in her second attempt, she speaks.

Maria: I’d like to thank you all for the precious gift you left in my pocket today.

Captain: What gift?

Maria: It’s meant to be a secret between the children and me.

Captain: Then I suggest you keep it, and let us eat.

Maria: Knowing how nervous I must have been, a stranger in a new household, knowing how important it was for me to feel accepted, it was so kind and thoughtful of you to make my first moments here so warm and happy and pleasant.

A bit of weeping breaks out amongst the children.

som dinnerscene captain

Captain von Trapp: Fraulein, is it to be at every meal, or merely at dinnertime, that you intend on leading us all through this rare and wonderful new world of… indigestion?

Maria: Oh, there just happy Captain. [The children break out into a full out cry, feeling badly about the tricks they have played on her.] When she was just trying to get them to like her.

the sound of music rolf & liesl in gazebo

A secret rendezvous in the gazebo between Liesl and Rolf. He delivers telegrams at certain times in hopes of seeing her.

the sound of music maria in bed w two youngest waiting 4 older kids

A thunderstorm has struck and the sound of thunder is scary for all the kids. Maria sings a song about “My Favorite Things” to try and comfort them.

the sound of music maria thinking of her fav things w kids on bed leaning in

the sound-of-music-my fav things on bed thunderstorm

Captain enters Maria’s bedroom to find out what is making all the racket.

som maria bedroom captain thunderstorm

Captain: Fraulein Maria, did I or did I not say that bedtime is to be strictly observed in this household?

Maria: Yes, well the children were scared of the thunderstorm and… You did, sir.

Captain: And do you or do you not have trouble following these simple instructions?

Maria: Only during thunderstorms, sir.

The Captain reminds her he is leaving in the morning to visit the Baroness. Maria asks him for some material to make play clothes for the children. His answer was a no, they have their uniforms. But we all can sense how resourceful Maria will be.

The Sound of Music  Julie Andrews on mtn eating b4 do re mi

the sound of music maria w friedrich & guitar standing preparing to teach them singing

the SoundofMusic maria w children on mtn teaching them how to sing

the_sound_of_music_film_do_re_mi riding bikes

Maria, while they are on outing, begins to teach the children how to sing. Another one of the many things that have been neglected to bring joy into their lives.

the SoundOfMusic maria hitting high note at end of do re mi

the sound of music kids in trees cant see captain baroness max driving to mansion

the sound of music kurt heil to captain after getting nervous wanting to see liesel

Rolfe gets nervous when he is caught throwing stones at Liesl’s window. The Captain reprimands him after he raises his arm in a Nazi salute of Heil. The Captain grabs the telegram. All is hell is about to be breaking loose in Austria. The Captain’s home. He yells at Max for his careless comment about not caring. His mind starts to drift off into the prospect of his Austria disappearing. Suddenly the sound of laughter and singing coming from the water just across the lawn from where they are on the patio.

the sound of music all getting out of the water to meet the baroness

the sound of music kids dripping wet after maria & all tip boat over


Maria: Children can’t do all the things they’re supposed to if they have to worry about spoiling their precious clothes.

Captain: They haven’t complained yet.

Maria: Well, they wouldn’t dare! They love you too much. They *fear* you too much!

Captain: I don’t wish you to discuss my children in this manner.

Maria: Well, you’ve got to hear from someone! You’re never home long enough to know them.

Captain: I said I don’t want to hear anymore from you about my children!

Maria: I know you don’t, but you’ve got to! Now, take Liesl.

Captain: [hesitatingly] You will not say one word about Liesl, Fraulein.

Maria: She’s not a child anymore, and one of these days, you’re going to wake up and find that she’s a woman. You won’t even know her. And Friedrich, he’s a boy, but he wants to be a man and there’s no one to show him how.

Captain: Don’t you dare tell me about my son.

Maria: Brigitta could tell you about him if you let her get close to you. She notices everything.

Captain: Fraulein…

Maria: And Kurt pretends he’s tough not to show how hurt he is when you brush him aside,

Captain: That will do!

Maria: the way you do all of them. Louisa I don’t even know about yet,

Captain: I said that will do!

Maria: but somebody has to find out about her, and the little ones just want to be loved. Oh, please, Captain, love them! Love them all!

Captain: I don’t care to hear anything further from you about my children.

Maria: I am not finished yet!

Captain: Oh, yes, you are, Captain!


Captain: Fraulein.


Captain: Now, Fraulein. I want a truthful answer from you.

Maria: Yes, Captain?

Captain: Is it possible – or could I have just imagined it – have my children by any chance been climbing trees today?

Maria: Yes, Captain.

Captain: I see. And where, may I ask, did they get these… ummm…

Maria: Play clothes.

Captain: Oh, is that what you call them?

Maria: I made them. From the drapes that used to hang in my bedroom.

Captain: Drapes?

Maria: They still have plenty of wear left. The children have been everywhere in them.

Captain: Do you mean to tell me that my children have been roaming about Salzburg dressed up in nothing but some old drapes?

Maria: Mmm-hmmm. And having a marvelous time!


[singing starts somewhere inside]

Captain: What’s that?

Maria: It’s singing.

Captain: Yes, I realize it’s singing, but who?

Maria: The children.

Captain: The children?

Maria: I taught them something to sing for the Baroness.

the sound of music after kids have changed after falling to water out of boat

When the Captain enters the house, he finds them in the sitting room standing opposite the seated Baroness and Max. They are singing a rendition of the song “The Sound of Music.” He eventually joins in. When all is finished, the littlest through Maria’s directions from the doorway, to give a handful of flower to the Baroness. Meanwhile the Captain is hugging all his children. He spies Maria at the door way and excuses himself.

the sound_of_music after captain apologizes to maria & asks her to stay

Captain: [after apologizing] I want you to stay. I ask you to stay.

It’s a tear in the eye, lump in your throat type moment.

the sound of music doing the lonely goatherd show

After the show, the children ask their father to sing. He declines but all are insistent, especially, Max. He is a talent agent of sorts.

Max: Just say the word Georg, we will make you the Von Trapp Family Singers, with you are the head.

They are all finally able to convince Georg to sing. Maria presents him with the guitar.

Edelweiss is the song of choice. It is so beautifully done. It is when Georg and Maria really gaze into each others eyes. It is one of those intense moments for me where my heart pounds and my breathing stops.

the sound of music edelweiss captain singing for all maria & captain show signs of falling

The Sound of Music — Whistles & Meeting the Children

Christopher Plummer — Edelweiss [Variety of Scenes from film --- The Sound of Music]

the sound of music liesel on couch next to father singing edelweiss

Liesl eventually joins in singing with her father.

the sound-of-music edelweiss captain w liesel kids kneeling

Sound-of-Music-maria closeup during singing of edelweiss melts me inside

the sound of music captain & maria doing the laedler full photo

Time for a party. Everyone who is anyone, even those who Georg would never invite were invited. The children convince Maria to teach them to dance. The Captain joins them by interrupting Kurt and takes Maria’s hand and they dance to the Laendler. It is an Austria folk dance. The Captain and Maria do it so well. Another romantic moment in the movie.

the sound of music captain maria 3 photos in one dancing

som maria captaindancing crop thought 2

som maria captain dancing passionate

som dancing maria captain gif

the sound of music christopher-julie-dancing laedler

the sound of music christopher-julie-dancing laedler

The-sound-of-music captain baroness maria children after captain & maria danced

the sound of music brigitta & cartwright

the Sound-of-music-goodbye so long farewell singing goodnight

After the children say goodnight in a song, Max gets Georg to invite Maria to join them all for dinner. He tells her they will wait until she changes. The Baroness shows up in her room. This is when she frightens the hell out of Maria by telling her that she is in love with the Captain and he thinks he is in love with Maria.

Maria starts to pack. Baroness leaves.

Moments later we see Maria placing a note over the mantle and making a quiet exit out the front door.

the SoundOfMusic after maria left bc of what baroness said to her about captain love

the sound of music kids trying to see maria at the abby

the sound-of-music-maria-nun-julie-andrews entering mother superior's ofc b4 going back

The-sound-of-music maria in rev mother ofc to talk about going back

Later in the story, Maria returns to the Abbey to seek the Reverend Mother’s advice:

Maria: Reverend mother.

Reverend Mother: Why did they send you back to us?

Maria: They didn’t send me back . . . I left.

Reverend Mother: Tell me what happened.

Maria: Well, I . . . I was frightened.

Reverend Mother: Frightened? Were they unkind to you?

Maria: Oh, no, I, I was . . . I was confused. I felt . . . I’ve never felt that way before. I couldn’t stay, I knew here I’d be away from it. I’d be . . . safe.

Reverend Mother: (Instructively) Maria. Our Abbey is not to be used as an escape. What is it you can’t face?

Maria: I can’t face him again.

Reverend Mother: Him? Captain Von Trapp?

Maria nods affirmatively.

Reverend Mother: Are you in love with him?

Maria: I don’t know! I don’t know! The Baroness said I was. She said that he was in love with me, but I . . . I didn’t want to believe it. Oh, there were times when we would look at each other. Oh mother, I could hardly breathe.

Reverend Mother: Did you let him see how you felt?

Maria: If I did, I didn’t know it. That’s what’s been torturing me. I was there on God’s errand. To have asked for his love would have been wrong. Oh, I couldn’t stay, I just couldn’t . . . I’m ready at this moment to take my vows. Please help me.

Reverend Mother: Maria, the love of a man and a woman is holy too. You have a great capacity to love. What you must find out is how God wants you to spend your love.

Maria: But I pledged my life to God. I pledged my life to His service.

Reverend Mother: My daughter, if you love this man, it doesn’t mean you love God less. No. You must find out. You must go back.

Maria: Oh mother, you can’t ask me to do that. Please let me stay. I beg of you-

Reverend Mother: Maria, these walls were not built to shut out problems. You have to face them. You have to live the life you were born to live.

the-sound-of-music-maria kneeling w rev mother holding hand discussing love

Climb Every Mountain — Maria with Mother Superior

My Favorite Things — The Children Singing & Maria Returns

the SoundOfMusic coming back from abby meets children outsid

the sound-of-music-1965 maria & kids look up at captain & baroness maria says not back to stay

The children grab Maria’s things. There father sends the children in to dinner. After they leave Maria speaks to the Captain and the Baroness.

Maria: The children tell me you are to be married.

Captain confirms it. He asks her if she plans to stay now that she is back.

Maria: The reason I returned no longer exists. So, only until you can find another governess.

Maria walks past them to go inside.

the-sound-of-music-blue-dress maria walking around outside captain watching baroness finds him

Georg is on the back balcony overlooking the water when he sees Maria in her blue dress walking down by the water and then begins to walk off toward the gazebo. Before she is out of sight, the Baroness joins Georg. She is not blind. Georg is about to tell her something, which she takes the lead on. She tells him she needs to leave.

Baroness: Somewhere out there is a lady who I think will never be a nun. Auf Wiedersehen, darling.

She takes her leave.

The Sound of Music maria and captain light in gazebo

Captain: Maria, there isn’t going to be any Baroness anymore.

Maria: I don’t understand.

Captain: Well, we called off our engagement, you see, and…

Maria: Oh, I’m sorry.

Captain: Yes. You are?

Maria: Mm-hmm. You did?

Captain: Yes. Well, you can’t marry someone when you’re in love with someone else… can you?

the sound of music b&w captain holding maria in gazebo

Georg and Maria talk. She begins to tell him what the Reverend Mother always says. Maria sings the song “Something Good,” while Georg is holding her. When she is finished they kiss and hug.

the sound of music gazebo doorway maria's arms draping over captain's shoulders ask the children

the sound of music gazebo something good

The sound of music captain-and-maria-sound-of-music

The_Sound_of_Music gazebo singing i must have done something good

som maria captain looking  into eyes b4 kiss enlarge thought 1

the-sound-of-music-600x411 shadows darker

Captain: Maria, is there anyone I should ask for your hand in marriage.

Barely getting the words out.

Maria and the Captain: We should ask the children.

The Sound of Music Trailer — New Version

The-Sound-of-Music-1965 maria in wedding dress kneeling w nuns rev mother

The-Sound-of-Music-gif-julie-andrews-coming back from honeymoon

Max fills the Captain and Maria of the telegram and with the children about the Salzburg Folk Festival. The children are entered as the Von Trapp Family Singers. Georg gets angry with Max but doesn’t want to spoil their return. After reading the telegram, he tells Maria to get the children ready. They must all leave Austria. The Nazis want Georg to head up Captaining a ship in the Navy of the Third Reich. That is unthinkable to Georg.

the sound of music captain holding maria after got back from honeymoon & read nazi telegram

Marta: Why doesn’t father turn the motor on?

Kurt: [agitated] Because he doesn’t want anybody to hear us!

Captain: Shh!

Louisa: What will Frau Schmidt and Franz said when they discover we’re gone?

Captain: They’ll be able to answer truthfully they didn’t know anything about it if anyone asks them.

Louisa: Will we be coming back here?

Captain: Someday, Liesl. I do hope someday.

Gretl: Are Father and Uncle Max going to push the car all the way to Switzerland?

Maria: Shh!

As they push the car as silently as possible through the front gate, after closing the gate and before they can get in the car, the Nazis headed by Heir Geller turn their car lights to shine on the Von Trapp Family in their traveling cloths.

Herr Geller, the Captain, Max and Maria get into a debate. The Von Trapp’s come up with the idea that they are on the way to the folk festival. Maria tells him that the night air is not good for the children’s voices. Herr Geller is magnanimous and offers to follow them to the festival and from their they will take Captain von Trapp to accept his commission in the Navy of the Third Reich.

the_sound_of_music_film_edelweiss_in_concert captain getting audience to join in at festival

Before Georg starts to sing “Edelweiss” he tells the audience that the Third Reich are waiting for him to finish so they can take him to his command for the Navy of the Third Reich. There is a buzz amongst the audience, sounds of being very disturbed by this news.

While Georg is singing, he breaks down. Maria comes to his side and begins to sing. Eventually, she motions for the children to join them, then the whole audience is motioned by Georg to join in. Chills go up your spine during this song.

thesoundofmusic at festival all singing linking arms

Max is the MC of the show. He tells the audience before the awards are given out the Von Trapp’s are going to do an encore while the judges make their decisions.

the sound-of-music Salzberg folk fest last song escaping

The von Trapp’s, when it is announced they have won. They are called to the stage several times, until a Nazi soldier comes running in.

Nazi soldier: There gone. The von Trapp’s are gone.

All the Nazis scramble to get out of the Festival and to begin the search for the Von Trapp’s. It takes them to the Abby. They search but cannot find them. Rolfe is amongst the Nazis who are searching.

He eventually finds them and hesitates briefly to call them out. But being the misguided *bleep* he is, of course, he can’t be challenged by the Captain who embarrassed him earlier in the film and was trying to do so again.

From here, some funny things occur. The Captain had been given the keys for the Abby’s caretaker’s car. They drive off. You would think the Nazis would be in hot pursuit.

This is where I will end the tale. Pictures say a thousand words. So this is equivalent to a short novella based on a True Story with some exaggerations to make it playable in Broadway Musical form originally, and then an adaptation to the screen from the Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein collaboration. I feel it was their best ever.

Watch the Trailer for the Film, followed by some closing shots. After that the cast. And way on the bottom a spoof on actual footage from the film but made to look and sound like a Horror film. It really isn’t scary but instead rather amusing.

So, I hope you enjoyed and made it through this journey with me. And if you haven’t seen “The Sound of Music” or want to see it again, I highly recommend both of these. I’m going to do it myself for the “unknown” amount of times.

Thank you, Jennifer Kiley

The Sound of Music Trailer

the sound of music going over the mtns

the sound of music going up into the mtns


Julie Andrews ……….. Maria
Christopher Plummer ….. Captain Von Trapp
Eleanor Parker ………. The Baroness
Richard Haydn ……….. Max Detweiler
Peggy Wood ………….. Mother Abbess

Charmian Carr ……….. Liesl
Heather Menzies-Urich … Louisa (as Heather Menzies)
Nicholas Hammond …….. Friedrich
Duane Chase …………. Kurt
Angela Cartwright ……. Brigitta
Debbie Turner ……….. Marta
Kym Karath ………….. Gretl

Anna Lee ……………. Sister Margaretta
Portia Nelson ……….. Sister Berthe
Ben Wright ………….. Herr Zeller
Daniel Truhitte ……… Rolfe
Norma Varden ………… Frau Schmidt
Gilchrist Stuart …….. Franz (as Gil Stuart)
Marni Nixon …………. Sister Sophia


The Sound of Music [HORROR TRAILER]