the act or power of mental images of what has never been experienced, or of creating new images or ideas by combining previous experiences.

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10 thoughts on “imagination

    • Yes, It did take some time but it was fun doing it. I got to rap into a giant poster all tht things at the time and still do love and enjoy. It also taught me a lot about putting together something creative and artistic. Thank you noticing and enjoying Imagination. J.K. ps, Imagination is one of the best parts of life and dreaming.

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    • Certain words stand out as special for how they sound and for what they mean. Imagination is one of those words. The magic contained in it. The dimensions it creates in your mind and world. It is so expansive. Boring is one of those words I do not understand. There are too many exciting or meaningful parts of life and existence, that attract ones attention that there isn’t really time to be bored. Imagination and inspiration and the muse who brings the depth to our lives through opening the door to our imagination. As you can see I agree wholeheartedly with you. 8-) jk

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    • You are an inspiration to me, Cher. Imagination is so liberating. Daydreaming. Writing. Painting. Abstract expressions. Poetry. Love. Joy. Bliss. Peace. Life. Living. Nirvana. Music. Expressing feelings. Expressing ideas. These are things you do & I do when we communicate with the world, with each other, with ourselves. When I hear the words in songs I love & the music in instrumentals, it carries me into the most amazing places. an awake dream.

      When I write a letter, my imagination takes control & my muse opens me up, the reason is, my friend is at the other end wanting to read what I have to write & what I want to share. And you know what else, she wants to share with me, also, in the same magical, imaginative & open way. This is love & the energy that feeds the imagination, the heart, the soul, the body, and the mind with creativity at the highest level of expression.

      Thank you, for helping to set me free to reach even higher. I know we will be an inspiration to the other & our muses will enjoy communing together. :-) 8-) ♥ Jennifer

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