Ahead of us… #9

'a' to 'z' writing prompt poster #9

A – Z Writing Challenge #9
“Ahead of us…”

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Ahead of us

Ahead of us stands the future we hope to find
Behind us remains the past we go beyond
Carrying memories of years we may never forget
Doubting our wishes to move forward
Evaporating our hesitation as we remember the past
Forever we leave the abusers in their own darkness
Gone is their ability to hurt us ever again
Haunting though their figures might be
Inside us we remember they are just ghosts now
Joyfully we enter into a new existence
Keeping positive thoughts toward our new world
Love fills us with promise we won’t deny
Momentary flashes of times past appear in nightmares
Never, we promise to return to the destroyers of our dreams
Open wounds still closing, but the healing has begun
Passing the open windows, though tempting, will save us
Quietly we protect our paths to freedom, keeping secret our direction
Resolved to change, we have escaped, hoping no one follows
Silently we meditate on the world we enter and the one we exit
Today is always going to be the first day of our journey; we continue on
United in our purpose, we will find joy and happiness
Violence was never deserved, so we leave it in the past, never to find us again
Wanting badly to feel free from torture, from the fear inside us
Xanadu is our hope, our future welcoming us home
Yonder is the path leading us to safety, but we must pursue it carefully
Zazen will give us the sight we need; we will find our peace of mind

© jk 2015

Optimistic & Haunted #58


Haiku Weekly Challenge #58
Words: Rise & Save

#58 hunger susan on floor bleeding bit by vampire catherine

The Hunger – Susan Sarandon & Catherine Deneuve


If I am not saved
A vampire’s kiss will kill me
I’ll rise up undead

© jk 2015


#58 the-dead-mother - Bremen Kunsthalle

The Dead Mother – Bremen Kunsthalle


Raising of her voice
She would scare me half to death
Save my dream’s haunted

© jk 2015


Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge #58

“…then you are a writer”

book of magical images growing

“All good books are alike in that they are truer than if they had really happened and after you are finished reading one you will feel that all that happened to you and afterwards it all belongs to you: the good and the bad, the ecstasy, the remorse and sorrow, the people and the places and how the weather was. If you can get so that you can give that to people, then you are a writer.” ― Ernest Hemingway

Absence scares…

'a' to 'z' writing prompt poster #8

A-Z Writing Challenge #8
Absence scares…

When writing a letter, addressing the intended person will be received with the words written here, and is not part of the first line that begins with the letter “A.”

the hidden clockwork by peter d

The Hidden Clockwork by Peter D.

Dear Alison,

Absence scares me, for it means someone is away or gone forever. Being alone brings me a solitude, at times it is peaceful, but then I feel a need to talk with someone besides my parrot, and I want the person to be you. Come home quickly Alison, before I miss you more than you want me to and more than is good for us both. Don’t forget I need reminding you love me, so a yellow rose would be a fine showing of your love. Either a yellow rose or a red one with a yellow fire inside. Fire, fire burning bright yet there is no light to see or warmth to feel.

Growing weary of the quiet nights without your voice testing my ability to debate the issues, though we are more often on the same side. Hearing your voice now, as the daylight dims, would help me enter the night gracefully. I would not feel so all alone without your body touching mine, if I could feel you imagining us together, lying near me, hearing our breathing as I could feel the softness of your skin next to mine.

Jealousy has just entered my mind, being alone brings on the suspicions, my thinking you might be with a woman you have met on your trip, and having needs, you have sex with her. Karma helps me believe in you, for I know you would never hurt me by sleeping with another woman, knowing it would destroy me.

Loving you is often too painful to acknowledge, it hurts so deeply when you are not beside me, and I go mad thinking of you touching someone the way you touch me when we make love.

My nights are sleepless without you lying beside me, admittedly, the warmth of our cats, Mahler and Strauss, and their purrs cause me to peacefully meditate toward a good place in my mind.

Never leave me, even if you must go away sometimes, I am too insecure to hear your reassurances when I am feeling paranoid. Opening up honestly to you, I am hoping you will understand better what I feel, and not get angry when I voice how much I need you in my life. Please understand, never being reassured I was loved as a child, only caused me to doubt I was worth anything or capable of accomplishing anything; that I was a waste and didn’t matter to anyone. Quietly, I would cry myself to sleep in the middle of the night, if I was even able to sleep beyond the nightmares that walked in my dreams.

Remembering my childhood, makes me feel the absence of love, and how dissociated I felt from the world around me, and inside my own family. Sentenced to be jailed by my parents, becoming their slaves, I worked from the age of 4 years old without allowances for play. Terrified of disobeying, to runaway to play, I knew the punishment would be severe; so I kept as quiet as a feather falling to the floor after a pillow fight.

Until I was old enough to leave home, I had to live through the torture and abuse, wishing I could run away to someplace where I would be loved.

Viewing my childhood now, I never want to experience that nightmare again. When I choose my next life, I must be sure to clarify, I want loving same-sex parents with maybe one or two other children. Xmas would be fun, that would be a must, the way we celebrate alone together, family only, presents and dinner shared with love. You would be my chef; we know we don’t want to eat my unredeemable cooking; it would give us food poisoning or a stomach ache till Christmas morning; how awful that would be.

Zodiac signs brought us together through Serendipity, and our love flows over and through us; through this life into the next and the next; we are meant to be together, no matter the form we take; but for now just hurry home, and keep remembering I love you. <3

Touch, Wildness & Abusers


Haiku Writing Challenge #57
Words: Bust & Must

Venus of Arles @Louvre - restored by the Royal Sculptor François Girardon

Venus of Arles @Louvre – restored by the Royal Sculptor François Girardon


A fate one must touch
Sense the softness of her breasts
Makes one feel comfort

© jk 2015


#57 two-wild-horse-in-white-and-black-jpg


Don’t bust up our lives
Taming the wildness is wrong
We must remain free

© jk 2015


#57 young abused girl


Breaking me was vile
Smashing your face would feel right
Must bust abusers

© jk 2015


Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge #57 Bust & Must

‘A’ to ‘Z’ Writing Challenge #8

The A-Z Writing Challenge I recreated a writing challenge I found on a fellow blog mates Post. I modified the Challenge. The First Challenge was ‘A’ to ‘Z’ Writing Challenge #1 – ‘A dark and stormy night…’ A new phrase will appear every Monday with a new #. With the new weekly phrase write a [Story, Poem, Essay, Flash Fiction, Letter*, etc…] using the prompt as the beginning of the first sentence and each following sentence is to begin with the next letter of the alphabet.’B’ and ‘C’ and so on. I hope you will find this a fun Challenge and a Good Time Playing with the alphabet and awakening the creative in all of us. [If you decide you want to write in the form of a letter, the Dear Whomever does not count as part of the A-Z first line].

'a' to 'z' writing prompt poster #8

The ‘A’ to ‘Z’ Writing Challenge #8 – “Absence scares…”



A new Writing Prompt will appear on Mondays on ‘the secret keeper’ & posted in your email early Monday @2:05am EDT East Coast USA. The Challenge will close Late Sunday Afternoon @5pm NYC Time. Then the next Challenge will be Posted a short time after at the above time.

THE LIST OF THE CHALLENGES for ‘A’ to ‘Z’ I have written & the CHOICE WRITER OF THE WEEK [when there is one] will be included in the LINKS below.

CHALLENGE #1: The first of The ‘A’ to ‘Z’ Writing Prompt Challenge #1 –A dark and stormy night…”and all others will be Posted on ‘the secret keeper’ Available on Mondays @2:05am EDT East Coast NYC USA Time.


“Adaptation leads to…”

'a' to 'z' writing prompt poster #7
A-Z Writing Challenge #7
“Adaptation leads to…”
By Jennifer Kiley

Deep Rooted by Isattar

Deep Rooted by Isattar

I am not seeking a new companion. The woman I live with is perfect.
For me this in an exercise in imaginings.

Adaptation leads to going through the process of adapting  to a new companion, which at first is similar to crawling up the side of Mount Everest naked. Being of sane mind, I can’t see myself doing something so insane. Completely beyond my scope of relative activity. Desiring to be active, I would turn my attention to walking. Early morning hours brighten the mind with the glow of the sun. Facing East, I receive the most direct contact with the warming rays.

Getting back on topic, adapting to a new companion. Have we decided if the companion is human or animal? I prefer the furry and feathery kind as my first choice. Joining with a human is a tricky matter. Kindness is always a direct way of relating when first acquainting one to another of the speaking kind, wit is often a good way to go.

Lesbians are the humans I would most likely choose, if I wanted a longtime companion in my life; a woman is quite smooth and soft to the touch; and she fits more closely to my own body. Mysterious and amusing would be important for me to seek out in the lesbian with whom I sought out closeness.

Never would I choose a woman who was unkind, too quiet [that can be scary], and secretive; though silence is important. Opening my life, allowing someone in I want to love, is a huge risk. People are strange, when you’re a stranger, faces look ugly when you’re alone.

Quietly, I would retreat if the stranger I met greeted me with the sense of a defeatist attitude. Relatively speaking, I am looking for someone who is understanding, gentle and intelligent; with a great sense of humor and loves a good ranting conversation; no time for small talk in my world.

Searching for love is not the way to find it; true love may feel like a dream to some but partly it is serendipitous, and with luck it is one’s destiny.

Try as I have in the past, wanting to be loved is not as difficult as it appears. Upon meeting a beautiful female stranger, sense out whether there is any attraction; that is a glorious feeling. Verify their intentions go beyond wanting just a one-time sexual encounter [definitely not into that – not a prude, just not my drug of choice], prefer love to be included in expressing intimacy.

Waiting for the wrong person to become right is not the way to go about it either. Xenophobia has creeped into the vernacular, and the hearts of far too many strangers, who prefer to be closed off; but that’s not the way I was created.

Youth and excitement would awaken within me, wanting to be natural and giving when closeness begins to happen; sharing equally in the give and take; allowing the awakening of the deeper, inner emotions to express outwardly.

Zap; if I were fortunate enough to discover her, a new love; it would be like the electric spark of an inner light; I would just know she is the one.


© jk 2015