“Universal Illumination”


The first words measured the time
The last words came with the rhyme
In between the words passing quickly
Circled the words of love
Fearing to be spoken
Scared they will be understood

No walking but forward
Further into your life
Walls faltering
Threatening to crash in
Just keep pushing toward the Light

The Light that brightens the Sun
Not the voice calling out
Notifying the end is done
Hold in your thoughts instead remembering
Near is as far as you want it to Be

© jk – just now 2015

#11 universal kaleidoscope (c) jkm 2015

#11 universal kaleidoscope (c) jkm 2015

Neil Gaiman: Where Do You Get Your Ideas?

Neil Gaiman: Where Do You Get Your Ideas

“For me, inspiration comes from a bunch of places: desperation, deadlines… A lot of times ideas will turn up when you’re doing something else. And, most of all, ideas come from confluence — they come from two things flowing together. They come, essentially, from daydreaming. . . . And I suspect that’s something every human being does. Writers tend to train themselves to notice when they’ve had an idea — it’s not that they have any more ideas or get inspired more than anything else; we just notice when it happens a little bit more.”  — Neil Gaiman

“Night Mysteries”


Shadows in the windows light
The moon shining through
Piercing the eyes of darkness
Visiting nightmares without care
Setting off nerves of pain
Memories demanding recall
Feelings released to steal truth
In its place an invented reality
A story embedded
Dragging ruin through the mind

Tightly clinging hold
A repetitious madness
Dreams creating mysteries
Owned by planted recall
Roots holding tight
Making prisoners of thought
In the blankness of night
Tripping on illusions
Converting their reality
Into what is believed

© jk 2015

#7 "Night Walkers" (c) jkm 2015

#7 “Night Walkers” (c) jkm 2015


Primordial by Peter Clark

“The core of a dark planetoid hosts a primordial soup of microscopic life. Within the neural pathways of these organic compounds, intelligence is born from the primitive drive for survival. Each stage of Primordial has been designed and animated by separate artists and sequentially stitched together as one evolving timeline.”