Poetry Challenge: The Sept #2 – Swans

#1 swans-in-flight-lynne-parker JD Poetry Challenge

Swans In Flight by Lynne Parker

The Sept [7 lines | syllables per line]: 1-2-3-4-3-2-1


Drifting through
Tangerine skies
Lemon lakes

© jk 2015

Jane Dougherty Poetry Challenge: The Sept #2 – Swans
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The Key Into Tomorrow

weekly writing prompt #5

stream | fiction | collect | act | key

Weekly Writing Prompt #5
Week of 5th October 2015

books in time shawn used in slides

Books In Time – Anonymous

The Key Into Tomorrow

The key opens the magic door
Holding back the mysteries
Good and evil, dark and light
Soon all will be revealed

Be who you are inside
Who you want to be outside
If you act the part in time
It may make the fantasies real

Stream flowing consciousness
Words transform the page
Hidden truths revealed to light
Recorded from the dark of night

The story needing to be told
Comes flooding out of reality
Translating in our minds a fantasy
Imagination transforming fiction

Collecting dreams forgotten
Feeding on lost memories
Forcing them to be strangers
As times past grow into tomorrow

© jk 2015


The Surge #4

weekly writing prompt #4
Weekly Writing Prompt #4
(5) Word Included in Choice of Writing
(Use of Alternate Words with Similar Meaning Are Acceptable)

Shadorma (3 – 5 – 3 – 3 – 7 – 5) meter
(a poetic form originating in Spain)

passion_1100 abstract art

Passion Abstract – Jaison Cianelli


Test of love
Failure worse untried
Feel our touch
Send the surge
Pure power possessing us
Flatters all senses

© jk 2015


the secret keeper weekly writing prompt #4

“Painting Rainbows”


Time continues to flow its path
A path not linear but in infinite directions
Merging into infinite dimensions

Rainbow colors Light the way
Fractured brightness cascading the Universe
Messages transmitted from plateaus in space

Time is everywhere and nowhere
A moment is an illusion of play
Tripping the mind with expansion

Creation vanquishes the dead to no more
Spirits rising up touching all sides of space
Inside outside ringing bells and things

© jk 2015

#13 painting rainbows (c) jkm 2015

#13 painting rainbows (c) jkm 2015

Soundless Secrets & Arise #63


Haiku Writing Challenge #63
Words: Stag & Noise

#63 sexual-abuser-naked in his shame

5 – 7 – 5

Whisper while spying
A soundless voice keeps secrets
Denounce what’s been caught

© jk 2015

*stag: v. give away information about somebody
(denounce – spy – grass – inquire secretly)


#63 aslan-chronicles of narnia by devoratus

Aslan – Chronicles of Narnia by Devoratus – Deviant Art

4 – 3 – 3

Roar lion roar
Die solo
Wake thunder

© jk 2015

In Memory of Cecil the Lion



Ronovan Weekly Haiku Writing Challenge #63 – Words: Stag & Noise

A weekly Haiku writing prompt to inspire those who join along. It is like putting together a word puzzle carefully. It is enlightening. Meet new people. Discover a community who shares support. At the end of each challenge we hear from Ronovan on his interpretation of how we all succeed. Sometimes it’s a review with words of support and sometimes it’s a list of all the participants with LINKS to their Haiku. Oh, it is an awakening experience to read what others have created with the two words for each new weekly challenge. If you feel such inspiration. Go to the LINK Ronovan Writes Haiku… Join a growing community. It is exciting to look forward each Monday to the two new words and then figuring out how to mold them into a Haiku. – jk-tsk