Cinquain: Hunt

the black rose - hunt - cinquain

the black rose © jk 2015 by jennifer kiley

Fearful, dangerous
Killing, exploding, shooting
Stop the senseless bloodshed

© jk 2015

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Cinquain Pattern #2
Form of the Cinquain slightly different with Pattern #2 – the fourth line forms a sentence.

First line – one word [can be more] Subject & Title of Poem
Second line – two words Descriptive Adjectives depicting Title
Third line – three words – subject of poem [can show action]. Verbs end in “ing”
Fourth line – four words – [four or more words] Forms a sentence about Title Subject
Fifth line – one word – synonym or very similar. Synonym of Title Subject

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Jane Dougherty Writes Poetry Challenge #6: Cinquain

*Cinquain – \ˈsiŋ-ˌkān [sin-cane (long a)]

The World Vanished [blackout poetry]

The World Vanished by jk 12th Oct 2015

The World Vanished
By Jennifer Kiley
12th Oct. 2015

Most places
now were hard
Light the shadow
across the moon

Higher I became –
the world vanished
Whispers of dreams
Enchanted the presence

An aesthetic desire
Face the last wonder
Light the way

This dream seemed
so close
Could grasp it

The dark night
Recedes before us

Stretch farther
Beat back the past

© jk 2015

Last page 180
The Great Gatsby
F. Scott Fitzgerald
A Different Interpretation

The Moving Glow [blackout poetry]

The Moving Glow POEM on Old Page of The Great Gatsby
From the final page of “The Great Gatsby”
F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Moving Glow
By Jennifer Kiley
5th October 2015

The moving glow of the moon
I became aware of her eyes
Whisper of human dreams
A transitory moment

Held the presence in contemplation
Desire to face for the last time
Something unknown
A dream so close
Could hardly fail to grasp it

Somewhere in that dark night
The future recedes before us
It eluded us — No matter
Tomorrow will stretch out farther
Beat on against the current
Ceaselessly, into the past

The End
© jk 2015

Blackout poetry
A Blackout Poem
From the Final Page of “The Great Gatsby”
F. Scott Fitzgerald

Close-Up #7

weekly writing prompt #7
Weekly Writing Prompt #7

#7 Mary, Queen of Scots (Mary I) Beheaded by order of Elizabeth I her cousin

One of 7 of the most famous Death Masks

The Sept (1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1)
seven lines – multiple stanzas if desired – just follow meter


View last shot
Yarn wants telling
Bridges burnt
Death mask
Of Scots
Mary I
Beheaded by
England Queen
Liz I
Not traitor
Off with her head
To be sure
Fear Felt

© jk 2015


Mary, Queen of Scots (Mary I) – a Poet
Beheaded by Order of Queen Elizabeth I – Cousins


Among the Branches #66


Haiku Writing Challenge #66
Words: Pine & Grief

#66 great climbing tree not sure what kind


Scurried up pine trees
Away from my granma grief
Hoyden to the last

© jk 2015


Ronovan’s Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge #66 – Words: Pine & Grief

A weekly Haiku writing prompt to inspire those who join along. It is like putting together a word puzzle carefully. It is enlightening. Meet new people. Discover a community who shares support. At the end of each challenge we hear from Ronovan on his interpretation of how we all succeed. Sometimes it’s a review with words of support and sometimes it’s a list of all the participants with LINKS to their Haiku. Oh, it is an awakening experience to read what others have created with the two words for each new weekly challenge. If you feel such inspiration. Go to the LINK Ronovan Writes Haiku (above)… Join a growing community. It is exciting to look forward each Monday to the two new words and then figuring out how to mold them into a Haiku. – jk-tsk