Matt Meola surfing at home on Maui.
This edit features the first ever landed spindle flip 540. Enjoy!

It’s more than just surfing. It’s meeting a new breath with each wave Matt joins with in spirit and body.

Please don’t ask what a spindle flip 540 is. I don’t usually get into surfing.
This film is an exception. I was impressed, not just by the feats Matt performed.
I felt he was one with the waves. A natural. Riding smooth. Being completely ZEN with the water. Trusting it to keep him safe and to give him the greatest ride.

The water changes color and intensity. The waves are higher than one can imagine.
Wanting to take the chance and trust them is a serious consideration.
They are overwhelmingly Powerful. Each a unique ride.

The background music is haunting but makes for the complete experience.
It is AMAZING! Care to be lifted up and carried away?