Happy Birthday, John Lennon 9th October

remembering memories day any as happens

Happy Birthday, John Lennon 9th October
Post Created by Jk the secret keeper
Remembered by Jennifer Kiley, Jk the secret keeper, j. kiley
Illustrated by j. kiley
Post Created on Thursday 10th October 2013
Posted On Wednesday 9th October 2013

Remember Memories

This is strictly music, posters, images, an interview
of John & Yoko with Dick Cavett [great!!!], quotations.
Enjoy. Happy Birthday John, 10/09/13, Love Jennifer

Tiger orchid #14 Robert Mapplethorp

Tiger orchid #14 Robert Mapplethorp

i-dream-my-painting-and-i-paint-my-dream van gogh

accidentally on purpose


Tiger orchid #14 Robert Mapplethorp

Tiger orchid #14 Robert Mapplethorp

not comfort ignorance

life death poster

karmasutra fate fucks u

“Reality leaves a lot to the imagination.”
― John Lennon

Beatles–In My Life

keep calm write something

john lennon facing

john lennon quote on weird

in dreams

imagine maya angelou

happiness john lennon

fuck ur world fuck ur orders

fuck  definition get over it

John Lennon — Stand By Me

“Sometimes it’s not enough to know what things mean,
sometimes you have to know what things don’t mean.” ― Bob Dylan

freedom nature is illegal

free ur mind  john lennon

dragon shadow and thought

dichotomies poster

John Lennon — Woman

daydream wandering

david lynch narrowing of imagination

da vinci quote everything connects

dancing not hear music  nietzsche

John Lennon — Mind Games

crazy not a competition

crazy keeps me sane

bill hicks evolution

belive in magic

To “River”
I Dedicate This Song to My New Little Boy “River.”
He is 3 weeks old & a Dark Grey Tabby Kitten.
Born on the 19th September 2013 shortly before Midnight.

John Lennon — Beautiful Boy

artists are dangerous issued  by joe mccarthy 50s

accidentally on purpose

John Lennon on Dick Cavett [entire show] September 11, 1971 [HD]

I Include This Photo in My Tribute to John
Lennon & Dedicate It to Julie with Love. Jk

Sound-of-Music-maria closeup during singing of edelweiss melts me inside

write beautifully inside mind must be terrible place poster




calla lily bouquet framed

John Lennon-Imagine

rookie wood  2013  artist paul wood

bedroom perfect high windows light

fire works by matt the samurai.gif

fire works by matt the samurai.gif

gif balls in a maze little blue balls

gif matt_the_samurai_sparkles_Natural GIF

John Lennon — Watching the Wheels

throughout life soul mate poster


moving water gif

hand letting go of golden flecks gif

seasawing elephant gif

Blended Nature by Alex Fitch   706x506

Blended Nature by Alex Fitch


John Lennon — Give Peace A Chance

title black background  the words

4p dragon-blue john lennon quote

4p enchanted green walking bridge

meditating on rock overlooking flowing river gif

John Lennon — Power To the People

blue fantasy ---anonymous  1920x1200

blue fantasy —anonymous


neil-gaiman-quotes-even nothing cannot last forever

carter pic for trisha

John Lennon — Starting Over

4p a world in tree green

entering the soul connection

4p beautiful sunset glorious

hands reaching out into rain

candle flame flickering gif

John Lennon — Jealous Guy


surreal green planet under water  by rolan gonzalez  812x512

surreal green planet under water by rolan gonzalez

a flower of many colours-this is for you

erotic flowers and an exotically colourful butterfly

The Beatles — And I Love Her

soul mates filled with yellow rays of sun

candle flame w hand gif

The Beatles — If I Fell

4p if the goddes were a kittie irridescent kitten

depression twisted japanese maple

garden purple flowers

The Beatles — Michelle

garden did you know

van gogh starry night variation

the anatomy of a cover - cover - artist masloski carmen 3800x3500

the anatomy of a cover – cover – artist masloski carmen

The Beatles — You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away

(1) Butterfly Elegant-Yorkshire rose

(1) abstract-streak-lightning

Quite Busy --- abstract digital art 864x540

Quite Busy — abstract digital art

critical thinker by j. kiley 820x419

critical thinker by j. kiley

The Beatles — Norwegian Wood

abstract purple digital art by j. kiley © jennifer kiley 2013

abstract purple digital art by j. kiley © jennifer kiley 2013

angel oak tree charleston sc

life from death created by j. kiley

life from death created by j. kiley

unconscious reflections by j. kiley © jennifer kileycreated by j. kiley (c) jennifer kiley 2013

The Beatles — Hey, Jude

life death poster

create u r a creator poster

abiotic by yani ioannou

abiotic by yani ioannou

shattered time - unknown artist

shattered time – unknown artist

The Beatles — The Long and Winding Road

hesse tree

i wish i could

autumn tree gif

silver ball by sl8r.co

silver ball by sl8r.co

sea cloud sunset by j.kiley © jennifer kileycreated by j. kiley (c) jennifer kiley 2013

The Beatles — Across the Universe

music gives soul plato

snowing by pinstriped briefs

snowing by pinstriped briefs

(1) book letters flying dark backround

couleurs du ciel par j. kiley © jennifer kiley 2013created by j. kiley (c) jennifer kiley 2013

running stream gif

water dripping gig

The Beatles — Let It Be

dancing music nietzsche gif

hands reaching out into rain

artists are dangerous issued  by joe mccarthy 50s

to feel infinite

The Beatles — While My Guitar Gentle Weeps

john lennon quote poster

john and yoko

happy mouse



les bougies qui dirigent les jeunes voyageurs d'âme

les bougies qui dirigent les jeunes voyageurs d’âme

john lennon by stephen anderson

John Lennon  Peace Shine On

John Lennon Peace Shine On

John Lennon Oct.9th, 19 Dec. 8th, 19

John Lennon
Oct.9th, 19
Dec. 8th, 19

The Beatles — Strawberry Fields

living inside of bubbles with flowers they burst and reality touches your soul

living inside of bubbles with flowers they burst and reality touches your soul

bubbling darkness gif

bubbling darkness gif

white unicorn phantom limb by odani motohiko (1)

john lennon by stephen anderson

(1) yoko one  its alright imaginepeace

John Lennon — Oh, Yoko

trees and night sky fireflies and polka-tumblr

trees and night sky fireflies and polka-tumblr

The Beatles — All You Need Is Love

fall island (1)

love friendship white flower

colorful_abstract_effect_of_glass_and_shards dragon

light dark crystal (1)

love friendship flowers (1)

tears are words

Sadness (1)

spiritual dove (1)

APTOPIX Germany Zoo Panther


The Beatles — Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds

alice begin at the beginning 1

may day flowers for christa

spiritual pathway

jacaranda tree abstract 1

John Lennon — Mother

Below Is the Surrogate Mother
I Always Dreamed I Would Find Someday

julie w. baby emma

watch over you

true friends forever


The Beatles — When I’m 64?

symbols of faith 2

genius madness aristotle

writing calvin-and-hobbes-on-writing


John Lennon — Oh, My Love

a friendly little one just exercising fire breathing

a friendly little one just exercising fire breathing

Laughing Out Loud: Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman

lightness of being day wednesdayLaughing Out Loud: Mary Hartman-Mary Hartman
Post Created by Jk the secret keeper
Videos-Humour-Etc. Search by j. kiley
Post Created Sunday 15th September 2013
Posted Wednesday 18th September 2013
Lightness of Being

It has been quite a while since I have watched an episode of Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman with Louise Lasser. This show brought me back to Television. Stopped watching while I was in college. I heard about the show, so purchased an inexpensive 9″ TV and watched it every night at 11pm Monday thru Friday. Then the Superbowl and somehow it started to become a habit. Now we have Roku and Cable. I like to stream and Shawn likes both. I don’t mind cable if we DVR a show. Cannot take the sound of commercials. The irritation from them drives me nuts. Roku is quiet. The channels I watch are all ad free. Bless the internet for streaming, also.

The following videos are an assortment of humourous videos. Carol Burnett doing a take off of Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman. Followed by the first episode of season one and follow by the infamous scene that surprised a nation at the time of its first running. Next is a hysterical rendition of a voice mail message of someone witnessing the funniest accident scene. It is guaranteed to make you Laugh Out Loud. Jk the secret keeper ENJOY! Be Aware the clip Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman is not an episode light in nature but it is revealing. BE AWARE AT THE TIME IT WAS THE MOST TALKED ABOUT EPISODE OF MARY HARTMAN, MARY HARTMAN.

Carol Burnett Doing Take Off of Mary Hartman Mary Hartman Part One

Carol Burnett Doing Take Off of Mary Hartman Mary Hartman Part Two

Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman Season 1 Episode 1
If you enjoy or remember Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman follow the link and find the next episode.

Norman Lear feels this episode of Mary Hartman Mary Hartman may contain the best performance in the history of television. It is an extremely intense episode. WARNING it may be upsetting. Norman Lear is right when he said it is the best performance on TV ever.

[On Internet 2005-I Found on Friend’s FB Page]
Don’t mess with Bible-totin’ old ladies.
Read this little explanation and then listen
to the voice mail. You just have to laugh with
the guy. This is hilarious!!! The witness was
leaving the voice mail message, as he witnessed
an accident and went on to provide “play by play”
of the incident. This is the actual voice mail
message. It was passed along and forwarded
so many times it crashed the voice mail server.

For more details go to
Snope.com-auto mishaps-beatings-hysterical

Four Old Ladies

This video is what our house was like last year and we are about to have a repeat performance. Calming everyone down is a constant activity. The mom to be is very petite and carrying a large tummy. Her strayness does not give us any idea where and with whom she mated. We have a clean slate on what to expect and how many. The vet did an ultra sound but only two kitten heartbeats. Now that is fine with me if Lorca [LSD] Suzuki Darwin has only two. That would be a blessing. There is more of a chance we will be able to keep just two but any more, I don’t believe I would ever be able to convince Shawn it would be a good idea to keep them all. I am not even sure I think it is a good idea if more than two arrive.

Now we had a cat a long while back who had a litter of one. Garbo was a bit larger but not by much. I am talking about the size of a 5 month old kitten. So, we, me, in particular, are rooting for no more than two and one would be perfect.

Afraid her tummy is too large for just one. I am not that assured in the one kitty birth. Of course, Lorca has been eating quite a bit. We will see. The kittens, wee ones, should be arriving any moment or day now. Lorca is asleep on the stool foot rest just 6 feet away from me. There are four other cats in the room with me being so sound, I didn’t even know they were in the living room. The others must be getting warm someplace else. This is however, the warmest room in the house, at 64 F degrees. I have a heating pad and thinking seriously of reaching for a blanket.

Enjoy Simon’s Cat. The cartoons are the funniest new videos out there. :-) Jk the secret keeper

Simon’s Cat — Double Trouble

Be Assured as soon as Lorca has recovered from childbirth and her kittens are all weaned after a fair amount of time, Lorca will be spayed. Her hormones will settle down and so will our household. Why people feel they have to throw away an adorable animal like Lorca, I will never understand but people throw away millions every year. There are not enough homes for them all. That is why I believe the idea, Once you take an animal in they are yours for life.   Written by Jennifer Kiley

Remembering Memories

Remembering Memories
Post Written by Jennifer Kiley

Illustrated by j. kiley
Post Created on Sunday 31st August 2013
Posted on Sunday 31st August 2013


Julie Harris and James Dean in 'East of Eden

Julie Harris and James Dean in ‘East of Eden’

In Honour & Dedicated to Julie Harris R.I.P. [1925-2013]

For anyone who would like to see something with Julie Harris, to help remember her. She has 16 choices on Roku. Specifically, I am watching ‘Belle of Amherst’ playing Emily Dickinson, the poet, an on stage recording. I thought I would let you know ‘Belle of Amherst’ is being shown for Free on Netflix if you have a subscription & on Roku.

julie harris and james dean

I am a huge fan of Julie Harris. Loved her in ‘East of Eden’ where she is one of two women who got to kiss James Dean on the screen. The other actor was Natalie Wood in ‘Rebel Without a Cause.’ I love Julie Harris with James Dean in ‘East of Eden.’ All of the photos I’ve posted are from this film. One of my other favorites is ‘The Haunting,’ which I have seen more times than I can count or remember.

julie harris and james dean 3

I have always had the biggest crush on James Dean. When I lived in New Haven I did a gay radio show at Yale and met a female doppelganger of James Dean in Lesbian form and she was a sculptor. It was attraction and a touch of love at first site. She wasn’t that kind of woman. She was a flirt like myself but she broke hearts, one was mine. I made the mistake I could break through the bronze exterior. Her name was Morgan.

julie harris and james dean east of eden-1954

Who doesn’t fall just a bit for a woman who looks like James Dean, is a sculptor and sexy as hell & attracted to you, too. I was a professional musician at the time myself. Wrote my own music, lyrics, too. What a fantasy so real as this does one get to live, even if just for a moment in time. I get to have the memories. I saw her art. She heard me sing.

Julie_Harris-& james dean

We looked into each other’s eyes and lost ourselves for awhile in a dream of tokes and tequila. Here’s to memories still alive and happening now some other place in time. I knew Morgan a year before I met Shawn. We rescued each other from the madness and live a stones throw from an artistic college and in a small village with our animals at home where someone mows out lawn once a week unless it rains.

JulieHarris.James Dean

Four of my favorite names: Shawn — Julie — James — Morgan. I have added others which also resonate love Niamh — Patrick — Lorca — Carter. Four of these names I have named our cats. Four are for women I love in special ways each one of them.


There is one more name I have known for almost forever but someone else uses it. Now it is special to me as she rides the waves and finds abstractions as a place where memories are held. I feel she, also, has the visions of the divine before we are allowed to see what we see with our usual vision.


I am taking the rest of this to ‘the secret keeper’ where it will feel better between the pages of other posts to keep it warm. [We started out on our FB page.] Too soon it will be lost here and forgotten.[on FB] I want to be able to look up the words and faces and the wonderful abstract painting I created, I will add to it. [ended up stealing the abstract & putting it in my book on ‘tsk’ — ‘Letters of Import.’] Jk the secret keeper

East of Eden — Best Scene of James Dean & Julie Harris

Bell of Amherst — the Stage Production

The Haunting [1963] Trailer

Julie Harris in ‘East of Eden’ R.I.P. [1925—2013]

East of Eden Trailer

Amazing Visions Part #1

Amazing Visions Part #1
Post Created by Jk the secret keeper
Post Created Wednesday 14th August 2013
Videos from Vimeo Chosen by j. kiley
Posted On Wednesday 14th August 2013
Lightness of Being

The videos that j. kiley chose were from ones chosen after the viewing of 100s of videos, all of fine quality and artistic expression. I was looking for something that stood out visually. Something outstanding. That would AWE your sense of VISION. Something you wouldn’t see with your senses under any other circumstances with the exception of doing some mind altering drugs or some heavy meditation or a fast that went beyond your body’s endurance that it brought you to a state of altering your perceptions.

The videos that were finally selected are going to be shown three at a time over a period of many weeks and months. Do not necessarily expect each week to be seeing ‘Amazing Visions.’ I would like to do a variety of inspirations under the heading of ‘Lightness of Being.’ It does encompass everything from humour, comedy, jokes, beautiful photographs, baby animals, things that lift your spirit or make you feel AWE. I hope to be inventive in what I present.

Tonight is the first presentation of ‘Amazing Visions.’ I hope the effect I felt is shared by those adventurous enough to watch the videos I have chosen for the delight and AWE of your senses. Do take a look. Each is different but each is unusual in its effect. A great deal of time and artistry went into the making of each video. In order not to spoil any surprises I let all experience what they will. Be AWED I do hope but at the same time I will say please do not have any expectations of what you will see or experience. Written by Jennifer Kiley

For the first of the three videos, here is video number one ‘Mirror City’

Mirror City — Michael Shainblum

For the second of the three videos, here is video number two ‘Elk Grass’

Elk Grass

For the third and final video in the selection, here is video number three ‘Adrift’


I do not want to say anything specific about any of the above videos except that they were very creatively designed and each one edited together in a remarkable form of expression. Hope you found this experiment on my part of presenting ‘Amazing Visions’ an awakening experience. There are some due to be shown in the future which some might find emotionally thought provoking and somewhat disturbing. Some which if you are sensitive to the strobe effects in lighting you may not want to watch. I will definitely put any WARNINGS ON A FILM IF THERE IS QUESTIONABLE CONTENT OF A NATURE SUCH AS I MENTIONED. No content is unable to be viewed by older children. There is NO SEXUAL CONTENT IN ANY OF THE FILMS I WILL BE PRESENTING. There is a SHARE ‘button’ on each video. If you wish to SHARE any of what you see on your own blog or Facebook or any other location it is encouraged by the creators of the videos. Just click on the SHARE button on the video itself. It will stop the film temporarily and open a window with the URL LINK to copy and paste to the site where you want to SHARE the video. There is also an embedding link and I believe email is also available if you so desire to let anyone and everyone know about the videos you see. I highly suggest you even check out the VIMEO SITE and become a member. It is free at the ground level. There are a multitude of videos to view on many subjects. I just decided I wanted to focus on ‘Amazing Visions.’ In future, I may switch over to other topics which are interesting and intriguing. But for now it is the AWE & WOW effect I am going for.

Hope you found these videos mind bending in their own way and in your own way of viewing. Do come back and see what else I have discovered while investigating VIMEO’s collection. Thank you. Jk the secret keeper

Happy Birthday My Friend on Sunday 11th August 2013

Happy Birthday My Friend on Sunday 11th August 2013
Created For My Friend On Her Birthday
Love Jennifer
Jk ‘the secret keeper’
Posted On Sunday 11th August 2013
A Writer’s Word

A Rainbow Circle For You, Love Jennifer Happy Birthday

A Rainbow Circle For You, Love Jennifer
Happy Birthday

Gatsby's Rose --- Photographer Shawn MacKenzie

Temporal Distortion

Happy Birthday
I Wish I Could Give You
A Birthday Bear Hug
But I Guess These
Will Have To Do.
xoxoxoxoxoxox, Love, Jennifer

Happy Birthday Fairy Style

Words Streaming With Hidden Meaning
By Jennifer Kiley
Written 2012

Words Stringing Together
Needing-Wanting-Any Order Will Do
The Eternal Definition:
[place your order] One With Everything [think about it]
Find Peace In Breathing Deeply
Writing-Star Light-Infinite Space
Love-Give-Give To You
Dream-Vision-Woman-Be Yourself
Be One-Love One-Love All-In Peace
Night-Time-Space Travel-All Is One
Be Here Now

© jennifer kiley 2013

A Rose For You by Leo Savitsky   It's Magical & Mystical Just Like You, Love Jk

A Rose For You by Leo Savitsky It’s Magical & Mystical Just Like You, Love Jk

Kindred Spirits
by Jennifer Kiley

Long ago in times past we met
You were known to me as another
And I found in you a stranger
Who I let into my life
You needed my help
It was offered and accepted

Slowly your newness wore off
Revealed was a gentle spirit
With the talent to move creation
You were a pagan, loving nature

We lived in hidden places
Being searched out by danger
We ended protecting the other
Finding closeness in our plight
Guarded by protective spirits

We found solace in one another
Your eyes watched over me
As mine watched over you
Our closeness grew with time
Our journeys had merged
Out of safety and from love
Our souls were joining
In mutual compassion
We became one

© jennifer kiley 2013

Elephant Walking Amongst the Trees

Love is…
by jayarrarr

Love walks a tightrope barefoot over a bottomless pit
engulfed in flames and never looks back.

Love conjures a smile through tears.

Love believes impossible things are possible.

Love is truth, and as such, is sometimes painful.

Love is necessary.

Love is the beauty that shines through cracks
in imperfectly broken things.

Love is hanging your arm out of an open car window
on a hot summer’s day road trip
and pretending to fly.

Love whispers “it gets better”.

Love makes you cry at weddings
and laugh at funerals.

Love pushes you, challenges you,
refuses to let you compromise.

Love never backs down no matter
how hard you fight.

Love is that one song you play over and over
a hundred times and never get tired of.

Love takes charge when you’ve lost all hope,
and makes sure you keep going.

Love thinks you’re amazing
and doesn’t give a fuck
how depressed, angry, ugly,
or stupid you feel.

Love is lightning bugs.

Love is spinning ‘round and ‘round
in circles until you fall down.

Love is the wave that knocks you off
your feet when your back is turned.

Love is stubborn,
and won’t take “no” for an answer.

Love is fearless.

Love is also blind, deaf, and dumb —
and that’s a good thing.

Peter Pan — Happy Birthday

love is…

My Thoughts Are With You Today

Birthday Fairy In Magical Forest

Amazing Visions

European Architecture — Night Vision

Abstract Tree of Black and White by Mark Chapwick

Abstract Tree of Black and White by Mark Chapwick

Love is…
Written by Jennifer Kiley
23rd July 2012

Love is…mysterious.

Love is…unconditional.

Love is…something that can take your breath away.

Love is…expected to be given to a baby when s/he is born.

Love is…spiritually powerful.

Love is…nurturing.

Love is…good.

Love is…a feeling.

Love is…falling into a pleasant state of ecstasy.

Love is…pure.

Love is…passionate.

Love is…spoken in poetic words that have no limit in the ways they are expressed.

Love is…what you feel for a friend one cares about in a gentle way.

Love is…gentle.

Love is…written about by all poets and writers.

Love is…the best part of most plays written by Shakespeare.

Love is…the most misunderstood communication between people.

Love is…an incredibly powerful word.

Love is…a feeling of intense devotion and heartfelt emotion for someone.

Love is…an intense word used when there are emotional feelings for someone special.

Love is…not something that can be easily explained. and you don’t truly know what it is until it happens to you.

Love is…a strong feeling of affection towards another.

Love is…talking on Skype and not wanting to end chat.

Love is…the happiest feeling in the world…it is better to have loved then to never loved at all.

Love is…a force of nature which, like any other natural phenomenon, cannot be civilized, contained or contended…a force which cannot be controlled, avoided, destroyed or escaped.

Love is…an emotion usually described as ‘indescribable’ because you cannot find the right word to match your feeling of being completely and utterly captivated by someone.

Love is…something too complicated to define according to The Encyclopedia Britannica.

Love is…an amazing feeling that almost makes your heart burst with this overwhelming passion for someone.

Love is…passion, romance. a deep, tender, ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude toward a person.

Love is…a feeling of intense desire and attraction toward a person.

Love is…a zero score in tennis.

Love is…what drives you.

Love is…a great victory of human imagination over intelligence.

Love is…a rare psychological malfunction caused by an undetermined amount of interaction with another person.

Love is…someone making your heart smile, and making it sing with such exuberance that it will skip a beat from time to time.

Love is…healing.

Love is…comforting.

Love is…something that has made people insanely, foolishly, abnormally euphoric.

Love is…the ability to send one on an indescribable high, and make everything and anything so much better.

Love is…something that makes the world around you much more colourful, the people, much nicer, the conversations more insightful.

Love is…something with a shocking contrast, brought out by the darker side in us all, where people have murdered for love, stolen, hurt, and abused but I am not sure this really speaks for love but is a distortion and delusional interpretation of what love is and I felt it needed to be mentioned.

Love is…something that has sparked wars, and ended feuds, love has hurt, and love has healed, love has driven humankind to dizzying extremes, only to abruptly bring one back around.

Love is…an incredibly powerful word and emotion.

Love is…painful.

Love is…losing someone you love to the hands of death.

Love is…holding a warm, fluffy, purring kitty in your arms and they look up into your eyes, reflecting back the love you feel for them.

Love is…when you can feel comfortable being around that person you are with, no matter how you look, what you are wearing or if you are naked.

Love is…unconditional affection with no limits or conditions: completely loving someone.

Love is…an unconditional feeling that is felt, simply by being around her.

Love is…the absolute devotion you feel towards someone.

Love is…fierce.

Love is…when you realize you want to be with someone forever.

Love is…when you find something that you cannot live without or ever wish to be without.

Love is…something we think about, sing about, dream about, lose sleep worrying about it.

Love is…something when we don’t have it; we search for it; when we discover it; we don’t know what to do with it; when we have it; we fear losing it.

Love is…a constant source of pleasure and pain, but we can’t predict which it will be from one moment to the next.

Love is…a short word, easy to spell, difficult to define, impossible to live without.

Love is…to give all of yourself to a person-s-cause and to expect nothing back.

Love is…a mental-physical-spiritual thing beyond human comprehension.

Love is…something that surpasses all understanding.

Love is…patient.

Love is…kind and envies no one.

Love is…never boastful, nor conceited, nor rude; never selfish, nor quick to take offense.

Love is…a feeling that delights in the truth.

Love is…something that can face anything.

Love is…limitless in its faith, its hope, and its endurance.

Love is…something that lasts forever.

Love is…saying that you care deeply about another person.

Love is…giving someone the power to destroy you, and trusting them not to.

Love is…the desire to blend with their soul.

Love is…something that will make you do anything.

Love is…intense and passionate.

Love is…something that makes everything seem brighter, happier and more wonderful.

Love is…caring deeply about another person.

Love is…when every time you see this person you get butterflies in your stomach.

[this one is extra special for your birthday]
Love is…like being in wonderland without the red queen. Sometimes everything makes sense, other times no one cares.

© jennifer kiley 2013

I Just Called To Say I Love You-Stevie Wonder

hand letting go of golden flecks gif

Seasons of Our Dreams
By Jennifer Kiley
August 2013

Delicate will we prance on softness of grass;
leaves that trees must shed and piles
for the child within to crash upon;
angels in white falling into drops
of flaked, crystallized rain;
return of green from smallest sprout
one moment and blooming shades of gleaming greens
and flowers multiplying colours across the fields;
we travel round the seasons of our dreams
and moments found where love is felt
from tender shades of changes in our heart and soul;
we flow and go along in joy and bliss.

© jennifer kiley 2013

moving water gif

Flamme Abstrait de Couleurs par j. kiley

Roue de la Fortune — Souhait— Les Rêves se Réalisent par j. kiley © jennifer kiley 2013

happy birthday niamh


To Make You Chuckle. 8-) Jk

To Make You Chuckle. 8-) Jk

Writing For Television

tell me a story
Writing For Television
Rod Serling Talks [You Are Now Entering the Twilight Zone]
Notations by Jennifer Kiley
Created 8th July 2013
Posted Thursday 18th July 2013

Video Interview in Three Parts.

Rod Sterling Talks About Writing For Television [Part 1]

Part One: Excerpts.

“Ideas come from the Earth. They come from every human experience that you’ve either witnessed or have heard about, translated into your brain in your own sense of dialogue, in your own language form. Ideas are born from what is smelled, heard, seen, experienced, felt, emotionalized. Ideas are probably in the air, like little tiny items of ozone.” Rod Sterling

“Writing is the easiest thing on Earth. I walk into my study. I sit down. I put the paper in the typewriter. I turn the paper up and I bleed.” — Anonymous

Rod Sterling Talks About Writing For Television [Part 2]

Part Two: Excerpts.

“A person whose creative is an artist. No matter what they are creative in. They don’t even care about their audience. Fellini, when he makes a film, he doesn’t even care if anyone ever sees it or not.” — Interviewer

“…I create for my own sake…Is that truly a gauge of art as a form… Isn’t art a shared experience… Doesn’t art depend upon a reaction from the outside…” — Rod Serling – Twilight Zone

“…The director said he didn’t care about the audiences reaction… Bergman said the audience needed a dose of medicine and it was his to dole out… He stills thinks of the audience as an integral part of making the work. That is when he directs a scene that the audience will see it someday. …he takes the audience in to account.” — Interviewer

“…isn’t there a risk you run if you preoccupy yourself with audience reaction at the expense of your own integrity or your own artistic judgement…they will deliberately prostitute and write downward… and that which pleases me, must please you, and if it doesn’t then the Hell with you… the whole function of the art form… it is an emotional experience to be shared… it isn’t just me in my tower… it’s how people will react to what I write. ” — Rod Serling – Twilight Zone

Rod Sterling Talks About Writing For Television [Part 3

Part Three:

“Do you feel that many young writers are so anxious to espouse a cause that their characters lose believability?” — Interviewer

“…valid point. What are you dealing with now in terms of plot points? Themes? Concerns now? The world and everything in it. Hunger. Poverty. The anguish of the human race. The desperate sense of self destruction that we entertain all the time. The deep pervading gloom that comes with our inability to cope… Carry with you at all times your sense of caring and concern…” — Rod Serling – Twilight Zone

Golden Earring — Twilight Zone


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Film Review of Diva by Roger Ebert
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diva poster

Diva wilimenia  great movie banner


Frederic Andrei as Jules
Wilhelmenia Wiggins Fernandez as Cynthia
Thuy An Luu as Alba
Dominique Pinon as Le Cure
Richard Bohringer as Gorodish

Directed by
Jean-Jacques Beineix

Written by
Jean Van Hamme
Jean-Jacques Annaud

Based on the novel by
Daniel Odier

Action, Drama, Foreign, Music, Thriller

Rated R
117 minutes

Film Review: DIVA
By Roger Ebert
January 10, 2008

Peering into obscure corners of Paris, Jean-Jacques Beineix emerged with an assembly of unlikely, even impossible, characters to populate his “Diva” (1981), a thriller that is more about how it looks than what happens in it. Here is an exhilarating film made for no better purpose than to surprise and fascinate. I remember it at Toronto 1981, where it arrived unknown and unsung and won, as I recall, the festival’s first audience award. Now released in a restored print, it glistens in its original magnificence.

The plot is both preposterous and delightful, put together out of elements that seem chosen for their audacity. The central character is a young postman named Jules (Frederic Andrei), who races the streets on his moped, delivering special delivery mail and pausing at an opera recital to secretly record a performance by a tall, black, gorgeous American soprano named Cynthia Hawkins (Wilhelmenia Wiggins Fernandez). He has a professional-quality Nagra recorder hidden in his bag. After the performance, he enters her dressing room with a crowd of well-wishers and steals her elegant white silk gown.

Hawkins is famous for never having entered a recording studio, and we later learn she has never heard her own voice. Now Jules has the only existing tape of her singing; it is priceless, but he wants it only for himself. Unfortunately, he was seen making the recording by two Taiwanese bootleggers, who want to steal it from him. And his problems grow more complex when two gangsters murder a prostitute on a street where he is making a delivery. She has a tape incriminating the chief of police in a sex-slavery ring, and before she dies, she slips the tape into the carrier bag of his moped. Now four deadly crooks are looking for him.

Jules lives in his own way, in his own shadowy industrial space, which is filled with crashed cars and wall paintings of automobiles. Here he listens to the sublime voice. (Fernandez, an established opera diva, did her own singing and created an early-1980s boom for Catalani’s opera “La Wally” and its first-act aria.) One day at a record store, Jules spots a Vietnamese nymphet named Alba (Thuy An Luu) shoplifting a 33 rpm record with a cleverly designed art portfolio, which seems to contain only nude photographs of herself.

He follows her, asks her how she did it, they discover they share a love of opera, and he lets her listen to his recording. She supplies it to a mysterious, cigar-smoking, handsome older man named Gorodish (Richard Bohringer), who lives in an industrial loft of vast size, furnished mostly by a chair, a bed, a bathtub and an aquarium. Is this man her lover? Her guru? Why does he seem to possess unlimited wealth and power?

Now all the pieces are in place, and what remains is only for the film to spin them in a dazzling kaleidoscope of sex, action and startling images. “Diva” has been referred to as the first French film in the post-New Wave cinema du look, defined by Wikipedia as a group of films “that had a slick visual style and a focus on young, alienated characters that were said to represent the marginalized youth of Francois Mitterrand’s France.” It was the look itself, rather than the content, that defined the films, and sometimes the plots seemed almost designed to create photographic opportunities.

The films were drawn to untamed non-bourgeois spaces such as industrial wastelands and the Paris Metro rather than tidy indoor spaces. “Subway,” a famous 1985 cinema du look by Luc Besson, has a crime plot that takes place largely in the Metro, where a rock concert is even staged. And in “Diva,” the most sensational sequence involves Jules being pursued by the cops and actually racing his moped down the Metro stairs, onto a train, off again and up another flight of stairs. The photography of this shot helps explain why Philippe Rousselot won the Cesar, or French Oscar, for his cinematography (the film won three more Cesars, for best first work, best music and best sound).

Not the least of the film’s attractions is the unexpected casting. You could say many characters were typecast, but they were largely unknown at the time of the film’s release. This was Andrei’s first significant role, for example, Fernandez’s first and only film, and the first feature of Dominique Pinon, called “Le cure,” (“the treatment”). A short young man hiding behind mirrored glasses, an earplug always in his ear, his head shaved, he performs his treatments with a heavy awl, which he throws into the backs of his victims, killing them. He likes to pose with the point of the awl tickling his chin. He doesn’t smile.

The presence of Fernandez is awesome; the filmmakers discovered her at a performance of “Carmen” in Paris and found her sufficiently awesome to justify the young postman’s obsession with her. The moments when he returns her gown, and then the tape, are handled by her with a subtle balance of astonishment and amusement.

The most mysterious characters in the film are, of course, the rich recluse Gorodish and his bold young friend Alba (this was the first of five films made by Thuy An Luu). The characters are found in a series of popular French thrillers by Delacorta, including Diva, where we can learn that he is a musician, she is a 14-year-old wise beyond her years, their relationship is unconsummated, and she has a knack for bringing trouble home for him to solve, just as a cat will bring home a mouse, and just as she brings Jules to his lair. In a sense, you could say that Delacorta (real name Daniel Odier) was a co-inventor of the cinema du look, since his prose emphasizes slick surfaces, neon colors, unorthodox settings and characters from the shadows.

Here is an idea of his prose, from his 1990 novel Alba: “… he noticed on the white table a piece of paper adorned with Alba’s lovely handwriting. Her practice of the Tao mysteries had made it as deliciously fluid as one of her inspired kisses, the one she called a dawn ottoman.”

One peculiarity of the plot is that Beineix withholds much from the characters, but almost nothing from the audience. We know what both sides know, and the result is to focus our attention on the how rather than the why. The film is an “exercise in style,” yes, but that need not be a criticism. We go to different films for different reasons, and “Diva” gives us such a sensuous flow of images that we enjoy the characters moving through them. Rousselot’s camera itself sometimes seems governed by the images, rather than controlling hem.

As the critic David Edelstein observes, “when the bicycle-messenger hero listens to Wilhelmenia Fernandez sing the aria from ‘La Wally’ … at that first sublime high note, the camera lifts off and begins to sway. Every time the aria is replayed, the camera moves at the same instant. It has to. This is style as a force of nature.”

For Beineix (born 1946), “Diva” was a sensational start to what turned out to be a rather anticlimactic career.


Movie Trailer for Film: DIVA


Wilhelmenia Wiggins Fernandez – the aria from “La Wally” from “Diva” (’81)

Aria from Diva – Wilhelmenia Wiggins Fernandez

Fernandez sings the aria “Ebben? Ne andrò lontana“, from Act I of Catalani’s opera “La Wally.” Catalani died at 39. The piece is a haunting reverie on the theme of traveling alone and far from home.

This performance plays a prominent role in the 1981 French romantic thriller, “Diva” – and is an excerpt from the DVD. Roger Ebert, film critic for the Chicago Sun Times, rates the movie 5 stars out of 5.

The opera, based on a German novel, tells of a wild, headstrong Swiss mountain girl who loves one local huntsman and is loved by another. Eventually she wins her true love, the pair embraces high in the Alps, an avalanche entombs the hero and she leaps after him to her snowy death.

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