Ray Bradbury – “Story of a Writer” (1963)

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Ray Bradbury - “Story of a Writer”

Post Thursday 28th August 2014

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Ray Bradbury - “The Story of a Writer”


Short public domain documentary about Ray Bradbury by David L. Wolper, 1963. An annotated viewing: brainpickings.org/index.php/2012/08/22/ray-bradbury-story-of-a-writer-1963

Available for download: archive.org/details/RayBradburyStoryOfAWriterByDavidL.Wolper

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“Artifact” My Biography – Joshua Snow

white dragon jr snow facing to rightI would like to mark the
13th of July 2014 as the date I formally Introduced
J.R. Snow, a young emerging writer. For the past
three Sundays, he has been our Guest Artist and
his work, in the form of a three part short
story, has been presented here on
‘the secret keeper.’
Thank You Joshua
Jennifer Kiley

white dragon jr snow

Now it is time for the writer to come out from
behind his worded mask of storytelling and
talk to us about himself and his aspirations.
The following is J.R.’s
introduction of himself
in his own words.
Thank you ALL. Now I
give you - J.R. Snow


My Biography

Joshua Snow

“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” – Roald Dahl

There are a lot of things I wish to say in this, things I wish to express and explain, but words can only describe so much. My name is Joshua Snow. If you’re a Game of Thrones fan like me, you probably already caught onto the fact that my last name is Snow and you know what it means. Yes, I have been told that I know nothing. (Another Game of Thrones reference) However, people are just trying to be funny rather than rude. Besides that, allow me to introduce myself.

Dragon Spirit for j.r. snow bioI live in Texas, a very big place deep in the south. Within this very big state I live in Houston. To put it bluntly, I do not like it here. Its too hot, not enough forest and mountains, and the winters are too short. I plan to move up north someday to some place I feel like I belong. I am 19 and I will be turning 20 this year in August. I am currently enrolled in college classes for the first time and will be starting June 2nd. A lot of change is coming my way, and for the most part, it has been scary to feel.

Now I bet you’re all wondering, “What is a child like me doing talking about myself?” Well, besides what I just told you, I am a writer. A creator. A daydreamer. My mind is always somewhere. I was always that kid in class caught with his head up in the clouds. Even my principal said so when I graduated high school.

I’m fascinated with anything magical, and most of all, anything having to do with dragons. Dragons to me are the most wonderful beings in the world. I read about them as a kid and I have dragon décor all over my room. I have a Celtic dragon flag that’s rather large, a dragon poster by the wonderful artist Christina Yen, a dragon clock, dragon books, Dragon’s Blood incense, (I promise its not really made of dragon’s blood) dragon pendants and a dragon incense holder as well as a box with a dragon laying on it. I’m pretty sure that’s all of it. Dragons are like family to me and I strongly believe they are my guardian angels. I’ve dreamed about them a lot too and I’ve had a lot of dreams of flying. I get a running start and I just leap off my own two feet and fly. There was one particular dream where I was flying with a lot of dragons and a green one stood out to me.

Awesome dragon Poster facing rightI’ve been working on a big fantasy story for the past three years now. I’ve rewritten it a lot of times, and combining all those rewrites, I don’t doubt in my mind I’d go up to 300-400 pages. The characters are probably the closest part to perfect out of the whole story. The plot is still in motion and being worked out in detail and I also drew a map of the world.

I’ve planned for this to be a series of books. I designed the characters via a certain video game where I was allowed to create my own fighter and I designed them through that. I created eighty-two characters until I found the very few I desired. Out of all of those, the few I kept are probably six or seven. My most precious character I created is a Seraphina, a dragon who can transform into a woman with long, white hair and keeps the beautiful blue eyes I gave her. She’s the last one who carries the power of old magic inside her, magic that no longer exists in the world.

In the world I created, magic is dying. Other species like elves no longer exist, and dragons and humans are the only ones known to be alive. However, humans can use magic as well. There are witches and mages, good and evil. I never liked the idea that witches and wizards were all evil anyway. I found it to be tasteless and narrow minded. Also, in the world, there is a war going on. It is a private war, one that is hidden from public knowledge. No one is aware of but those involved. I do have deeper details but I do not wish to spoil. I hate spoilers myself. The entire series is inspired by the idea that despite all of cruelty, corruption and darkness in the world, there is always a chance for happiness. There is such a thing as a happy ending. Its just that not everyone gets one, and those who do get one are blessed. Not everyone gets a happy ending, sadly, for everyone who deserved one.

dragon white looking left into the sea while sitting on a ledgeAs for magical things, I do believe there is some sort of magic in the world. From what I’ve felt and seen, I can’t doubt it. I can no longer think it’s as simple as science and logic. I had a friend once who told me the reason spiritual things were still around was because you can’t prove them wrong because that individual believes it so much, so it carries on, and you can’t prove them right because there’s no physical proof or evidence to show to people. If I believe in a so-called god, I cannot call this so called god and have you meet him in person. I cannot show you a spirit of a dead person or show you a dragon or something magical with my own hands. His logic and reasoning were very interesting, and he actually offered to hear my opinions and to tell me if I was wrong, but I decided not to.

All I know, and believe, is that there is something in matters of spirit and magic. And through things I wish to write like a short story or this big fantasy story I spoke of, I wish to share that. I believe magic breathes through everything, I believe in different dimensions, spirits, souls, guardian angels, and past lives. I believe everything has a life and a spirit and a name. Everything is like a little artifact. It has its own identity, meaning, and its come from something. Everything has an origin. Everything comes to us for a reason. That’s what I ultimately believe. Everything happens for a reason.

joshua snow 9th june 2014

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Author J.R. Snow
[Joshua Snow]

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Evanescence - Together Again

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“Tears” Part Three “Timeless Human”

a writer's word polished or raw

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I would like to introduce to you J.R. Snow, a young emerging writer.
A major influence in J.R.’s writing is the magical & spiritual
interconnectedness between Dragons & people.

I am delighted to open up ‘the secret keeper’ to present J.R.’s work.
Whenever he has written something he feels he would like to share,
I will post his work here as a Guest Artist.

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“Tears” – A Short Story
In Three Parts
Timeless Human” – Part Three
Written by Guest Writer J.R. Snow
Post Sunday 6th July 2014

“Only love can reach into a human’s heart, piece it back together and make it more beautiful.”

white dragon jr snow

“Timeless Human”
by J.R. Snow

He looked at me confused. I couldn’t spit out any other phrase besides, “I am sorry.” I didn’t know what else to say because I was overwhelmed. There was so much inside him that he’s wanted to show, not just anyone, but me. He desired to share love and happiness with me but he fears rejection and heartbreak, two horrible things I never intend to give.

I saw tears begin to run down his eyes and I felt a lot of guilt and sadness. “What’s wrong? Did I do something wrong?” He was blaming himself when there was no need to. In the moment, I lunged at him, my lips pressing against his hard and passionately. His emotions exploded. Everything began to pour out. It hurt to feel all of it, but it was a good kind of pain. He held me tight, fighting to hold me as hard as he could, and just continued to kiss me back. In that moment, I felt everything. I then realized how much he loved me and how much I truly loved him.

The whole day we stayed together, but that night, I came to him wearing a white dress, wearing nothing else underneath. He smiled widely seeing me again. Tonight was the first night of winter, and the first chill would arrive tonight. I intended to keep him warm for the whole night and beyond, for as long as the sun and moon rose and set beyond the mountains and forests.

When he held my hands this time, I held back with force, letting him know I wanted him like he did. I told him how I loved him and wished to make sure he never felt lonely again for the rest of his life. He smiled and I saw a single tear leave one of his eyes. I then wiped it away. He then said to me, “I’ve never felt so happy in my entire life.” I then began to kiss him.

He felt my warm back and held me tightly, not wanting to let go. I could feel his need for me in how tight his fingers wrapped around me. All of the passion spoke to me in the kiss. Our lips didn’t leave each other. However, I know what he truly desired. He wanted to make love to me in the most intense way possible. He wished to feel my naked body and please me. I knew whenever his hand began to lower itself towards the wet warmth beneath me, feeling me softly and lovingly. With a free hand he simply helped my dress fall, and that night, I felt all of the passion and love he had for me pour from his mouth, his hands and the rest of him. Even though he was no immortal, he was timeless to me, and soon he would be.

huge & little dragon together sm

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“Tears” Part Two “Invisible” – A Short Story

a writer's word polished or raw

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I would like to introduce to you J.R. Snow, a young emerging writer.
A major influence in J.R.’s writing is the magical & spiritual
interconnectedness between Dragons & people.

I am delighted to open up ‘the secret keeper’ to present J.R.’s work.
Whenever he has written something he feels he would like to share,
I will post his work here as a Guest Artist.

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Tears” – A Short Story
In Three Parts
Invisible” – Part Two
Written by Guest Writer J.R. Snow
Post Saturday 29th June 2014

“Only love can reach into a human’s heart, piece it back together and make it more beautiful.”

white dragon jr snow

by J.R. Snow

Ever since that day, I didn’t dare leave him alone unless he desired to be. I stood by his side whenever he stood out on the white, marble patio of his room to look out at the stone city and the mountains that circled it and stretched beyond. I kept him warm whenever he grew cold at night, turning to my true form to wrap my white wings around him. I lit warming fires and candles with the flames within me whenever he slept to keep the darkness away. He never liked the dark. It always made him feel like he wasn’t safe.

In my human form, I only looked a little older than he was. In the aging terms of an immortal, I was still very young. Maybe that’s why he got along with me so much, because I looked his age in human form, or maybe it has more to do with who I am. Whatever the reason, I began to see after that day when he cried in my arms his affection for me grew stronger. He would hold me when I lied next to him, hold my hands, and sometimes he would tell me how much I really mean to him. I remember what he said word for word. ‘I don’t feel alone anymore when I am with you. I feel like when you’re with me, I have everything I could ever ask for. I feel as if I had never felt lonely a day in my life.’ Those words made me smile. He also smiled back at me.

In the now he’s going to be 20 soon. His years of becoming a man are growing near. Knowing he was growing older, and I forever would be like this, began to pain me. I knew as he grew that he was getting closer and closer to the end of his days. I hated the thought of that. I didn’t want to see this mortal die and wither away like the others. I wanted him to stay, to breathe an immortal life, for I felt he deserved it.

On the first cold night of winter, I came to him, and I looked at him in the eyes. He looked back into mine. He then grabbed my hands and said to me, “I . . . really want to tell you that I . . . really like you.” He found it hard to spit out all the words. His shyness was getting the best of him and I simply smiled.

I leaned in close to him and whispered to him, “I know.” He smiled wide, wrapping his arms around me and holding me close. I could feel all of the emotions bottled up inside him, emotions he’s wanted to express for years but has never been able to. There was so much love and sadness and pain inside him, more than I ever felt in any mortal in my life.
His deepest emotions and desires filled me. He wanted me to love him back desperately, and he wanted to express just how much he desired me, for I was the only female being in his life who stayed. All of it was overflowing him on the inside. It was like he was reaching an edge, like he can’t take it anymore. I began to cry. I did not bother to feel him like this before, and I should have years ago. I could have saved him a lot of suffering and a lot of tears. Concern filled his eyes and covered his face, and I looked up at him and said, “I’m sorry.”

huge & little dragon together sm

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“Tears” Part One “The Mortal” – A Short Story

a writer's word polished or raw

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I would like to introduce to you J.R. Snow, a young emerging writer.
A major influence in J.R.’s writing is the magical & spiritual
interconnectedness between Dragons & people.

I am delighted to open up ‘the secret keeper’ to present J.R.’s work.
Whenever he has written something he feels he would like to share,
I will post his work here as a Guest Artist.

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Tears” – A Short Story
In Three Parts
The Mortal” – Part One
Written by Guest Writer J.R. Snow
Post Sunday 22nd June 2014

“Only love can reach into a human’s heart, piece it back together and make it more beautiful.”

white dragon jr snow

“The Mortal”
by J.R. Snow

I have lived for so many years. So many centuries have I watched as mortal creatures wither and die, their soul passing from this world. Some come back but some go elsewhere, to another world, another realm where their desires and questions rest. I have lived many mortal lives, for I am timeless, a being of infinite life. Through all of these years I have felt so many different kinds of pain, happiness, anger, sadness and love. However, despite all of my knowledge and wisdom, loneliness always reaches for me.

Out of all my years of living, learning, observing, I see that mortals are capable of so much. It saddens me to see that they are finite, for they are capable of so much, yet their deepest darkness holds them back from greatness. But they are capable of wisdom and knowledge like us, and despite their counted days, they are also capable of love that outlasts even their lifetime.

Not all of us see what I see in them. Some see them as “lesser” life forms, a parasite, a sickness, something that should not exist. It is sad that not all can see it, for they hold a beauty and kindness that we have ourselves, and that is the ability to create something that lasts forever, rather it be love or knowledge. And they can do it without needing all of the time the universe offers.

However, this story is not about them, but it is about one. One I know. One I have watched. One I admire greatly. I have seen him grow from a child to a young man. While I am not human like him, I could become one if I desired. He finds me fascinating and beautiful, for he tells me with a smile on his face and shyness in his voice. While I have seen so many mortal men who are ruthless, crude or vile, he was anything but. Despite his youth, deep down I still see that innocent child who desires nothing but to be happy.

I remember the day when he came to me in tears. He was seventeen. In my human form, I wrapped my arms around him and said, “What is wrong hun?” Such a word brings him comfort.

He responded with, “I’ve been alone for so long. I have no friends to bond with and no woman who feels affection for me. I have never felt so alone in my life.” Such words tore me apart. Hearing him cry was painful, for I desired nothing but happiness for him, and seeing tears come from his eyes only made me feel like I had failed to bring it to him.

huge & little dragon together sm

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Special Edition: Maya Angelou R.I.P.

special edition day any
Maya Angelou R.I.P.

Special Edition

Post Created by Jennifer Kiley

Post Wednesday 28th May 2014


Poet, author Maya Angelou dies at 86

maya angelou insightful

Hillel Italie
May 28, 2014
Filed 03:59 PM EST

NEW YORK (AP) — Maya Angelou, a modern Renaissance woman who survived the harshest of childhoods to become a force on stage, screen, the printed page and the inaugural dais, died Wednesday, her son said. She was 86.

Angelou’s son, Guy B. Johnson, said the writer died at her home in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, where she had been a professor of American studies at Wake Forest University since 1982.

Tall and regal, with a deep, majestic voice, Angelou defied all probability and category, becoming one of the first black women to enjoy mainstream success as an author and thriving in virtually every artistic medium. The young single mother who worked at strip clubs to earn a living later wrote and recited the most popular presidential inaugural poem in history. The childhood victim of rape wrote a million-selling memoir, befriended Malcolm X, Nelson Mandela and the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., and performed on stages around the world.

An actress, singer and dancer in the 1950s and 1960s, she broke through as an author in 1969 with “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings,” which became standard (and occasionally censored) reading, and was the first of a multipart autobiography that continued through the decades. In 1993, she was a sensation reading her cautiously hopeful “On the Pulse of the Morning” at President Bill Clinton’s first inauguration. Her confident performance openly delighted Clinton and made the poem a best-seller, if not a critical favorite.


The Following Video is Maya Angelou speaking for herself.

Here, I Give You, Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou [Director's Cut] – Cole Haan

A Writer’s Diary: Virginia Woolf —Part #4

a writer's diary
Virginia Woolf – Part #4
Excerpts from Virginia Woolf
Created by Jennifer Kiley
Created 25th February 2014
Posted Sunday 23rd March 2014

Virginia Woolf 1

Virginia Woolf

A Writer’s Diary
Virginia Woolf – Part #4

January 20th, 1919,
Woolf at 36-years
9 days before
her 37th Birthday

If Virginia Woolf
at the age
of 50,

when she sits down
to build
her memoirs
out of
these books,

is unable
to make
a phrase
as it
should be

I can
only condole
with her

remind her
of the existence
of the fireplace,

where she
has my leave
to burn
these pages

to so
many black
with red eyes
in them.

But how
I envy her
the task

I am
for her!

There is

I should


Virginia Woolf's Monk's House Garden

Virginia Woolf’s Monk’s House Garden

virginia woolf 3

Virginia Woolf

Erik Satie: Gnossienne No. 1, 2, 3